A number of our loyal Twitter followers (@highmoonstudios, @FallofCybertron) have asked for a demo change log. Here is a partial list of changes that have been made based on player feedback. Note that items marked as pending will not appear until the full game. Thanks again to all of you who have provided feedback.


Note this is a partial list of changes. We have made other various fixes based on issues reported to us.

  • Increased Path Blaster spread 75%
  • Decreased Path Blaster damage to 100 (Was 110)
  • Cloaking now only lasts 7 seconds (Was 10)
  • Cloaking takes twice as long to refill
  • Cloaking uses resource at 3x when sprinting and boosting (was 1x)
  • Pulsar cannon radius increased to 1000 (was 800)
  • Tracer Dart increased damage to 100 (was 75)
  • Reduced Scatterblaster damage to 12 per pellet (was 15)
  • Reduced Scatterblaster damage to 15 per pellet (was 19)
  • Increase Thermo Rocket Launcher Damage 300 (was 225)
  • Increase Riot Cannon Damage 175 (was 135)
  • Increase Barrier regeneration time 7 seconds (was 20)
  • Increase Energon Recharger healing 25% faster
Pending Changes:
  • Increase shield health (waiting for title update)
  • Change melee animations (waiting for title update)
  • Increase melee damage (waiting for title update)
  • Additional color options (waiting for title update)


Added Aug 20th:

  • Quality of connection icon fixed (unless that already went into the demo)
  • Countdown time sound starts on the last 10 seconds