We have asked a few questions to members of our Development Team so fans can get a better look at who the people really are that work here at the studio and get a little bit of how they got into the game industry.


Today we interviewed one of the 3D Artists at High Moon Studios, Brad Boyles



1. What is the most exciting part about your job?


Creating awesome sci-fi weaponry, and then seeing my model turned into robotic weapon arm of death and destruction by the rest of our awesome team!


2. Working on Fall of Cybertron, what was most challenging for you?


The biggest challenge I had during production was keeping a particular giddy fan-boy grin off of my face, while coming to work and making robot art all day long.


3. What is your favorite part of the game personally?


Multiplayer. Team Death Match in particular. There just isn’t anything quite like shiny robot on robot violence. Especially when it’s another human being that you’re vaporizing via a planet buster round from the Riot Cannon!


4. How did you break into the game industry and what advice would you have for someone who wants to get in?


I went to an overpriced for profit college and started harassing local devs at popular nearby watering holes until one finally gave me a job as an intern cleaning up environment art. Don’t do it that way kids. Learn your game development trade in your spare time by using the internet, and save money by going to a “normal” college. This is the best way to succeed and not be in debt $100K once you’re finally in the biz.