Loyal fans and gamers, the High Moon team is working hard with our new boss Deadpool, to bring his patented 4th wall breaking insanity to gamers in 2013. We are still of course keeping a close eye on Transformers multiplayer, checking kill stats and reading feedback emails. We know many of our most ardent followers have a number of questions and we'll do our best to respond to you when we can. We've kicked things off by responding to a few questions we've received:


Will you be doing further balance changes?


Yes! In fact we just launched a small balance patch today that addresses issues with the Gear-Shedder and Photon Burst Rifle guns. These changes are in direct response to your feedback.


Can you add more colors and characters?


Unfortunatly not. Each color, new character, or really anything that gets added puts demands on what the game can support technically. At this point with the largest roster of Tranformer characters ever and dozens of colors we have reached the limit. Sorry Sludge fans!


Will you be adding any DLC maps?


A number of our fans have expressed an interst in buying DLC maps, however we feel this will have a negative impact a player's ability to quickly find a full match. This is a major learning we made from War For Cybertron. The addition of paid DLC maps splits the player community between those with the maps and those without.


We are open to responding to more questions. Simply email us at feedback@transformersgame.com or comment on this post. We will respond in a later blog posting. Thank you as always for your support.