Last December resident merc with a mouth, Deadpool, along with our benevolent studio president, gave fans the opportunity to win a guest appearance in his upcoming video game. Deadpool teamed up with Gamestop and Spike TV to reveal the winning code live during the 2012 Spike TV Video Game Awards. The lucky winner turned out to be Bill Salina from Georgia, who fearlessly turned down the cash prize alternative for a chance to get blown up by Deadpool. That is, blown up in-game, not in real life, which is an important legal clarification when it comes to Deadpool.



Photo: Our prize winner with Deadpool Game Director Sean Miller


So lucky Bill got rushed into the next most reasonably priced cramped economy flight to San Diego, most expense paid (Deadpool hates airline peanuts), to visit Deadpool’s talented minions at High Moon Studios. Being loyal minions, our team set to work creating an in-game likeness of Bill. And we think we captured Bill’s likeness pretty well. So well, in fact, we’re confident that if he were ever turned into a mutant clone lightning hurler with a comically large head, he’d look exactly like our depiction.



Photo: Team lunch at where else? A taco joint!


The studio rolled out the red carpet for Bill’s visit, treating him to a full studio tour and piles of food from Deadpool’s favorite Mexican restaurant. Bill already had some advanced knowledge of game development from earlier in his career, so we set up some one-on-one sessions with several of the project leads so they could get all technical about our work. We even convinced our katana and gun wielding El Presidente to allow Bill the honor of being one of the first people to actually play Deadpool’s game.



Photo: A team shot with our proud in game winner - centered


Jealous much?  You can look forward to seeing Bill’s likeness in Deadpool’s video game later this year.