• recyclable inventory

    13 votes
    Like flags and statues, could we sellbaxk our inventory  items of no use to us?, a small cel trade in would do, i currently  am flooded with diamond miner boosters, atlas boosters, and worst of all.... leagu...
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  • What game are you playing at the moment?

    Dont tell me COD is the only games you play? that would be lame. Just did 100% in Arkham Night, enjoyed the story very much, the game was very short though. MGS5 for me atm, i think it is well done, gets very intere...
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  • New weapons/loot coming

    I understand most of you have checked out and are moving on with the future, but for the rest of us, I'm pretty excited that more content is slated to be released this month.  I know people have their reservation...
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  • The amount of people on Black Ops 3 on launch day.

    Im worried about how many people are going to have this game when it launches especially on old gen .If there's at least 100,000 people on launch day, then I will be happy. Its hard to find games when there is like 1,...
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  • mini warbird

    Does the mini warbird actually do anything or is it just decoration? If its decoration i want to sell it but if it attacks i would like to use it. I'm figuring it's a decoration but I dont know for sure. Anyone else g...
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  • What are your multiplayer goals for BO3?

    What drives you to play multiplayer for hours?  For some it is the challenge to have their K/D as high as possible, others it is to Prestige as fast as possible.  Many more just play the objective and not wo...
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  • Post beta changes.

    Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Beta Fixes! Tons of Nerfs and Buffs! - YouTube   A list of changes made after the beta.  Pretty informative.  Kinda makes me worry that the whiners are going to be in control if...
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  • Here is why The UAV is a wasted skill

    Out of pure boredom and silly event challenges I used the UAV skill a lot recently.   It would make sense that if the UAV exposes mines that troops would then AVOID them. I mean at least the heros should. Howev...
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  • Can't Open Inbox Items

    I select an unread item and the bar mid screen keeps rolling. I can't select the thread in there at all. Its the same on my phone and tablet, both Samsungs.
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  • Looking for players to join a clan to compete in World League BO3

    We are looking for two players to complete our squad for BO3 World League on XboxOne. Must be at least 18 years old, have a mic, a kd of at least 1.25 and have some experience at objective game types. This is for comp...
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  • Transfer Resources to Allies

    3 votes
    It would be nice if we could transfer resources to our allies, because as it stands NOW, once containment is FULL, EVERYTHING else is LOST, this is a waste when our allies are in need, doing the transfer of resources...
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  • Raid Return?

    So on twitter Call Of Duty announced Black Ops 3 Fridays! Every Friday until release they talk about the game. On one Friday it said map reveal then the next word was blacked out, short 4-5 letters. Alot of people hav...
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  • Stat Inaccuracies

    I have noticed that my personal stats and the achievement stats don't line up for a couple of things. Alliance War wins - I had 23 wins in personl personal stats, 29 in achievements Advanced Gear purchased for Allia...
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  • Homicidal Gaming - Clan War Ranked #1 Advanced Warfare Juggernaut RECRUITING for Black Ops 3 - CoD World League

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  • Why we don't get new human troop?

    Why we don't get new human troop? All focus of developers are on new atlas units or maybe new machine units while in our daily pvps we mostly use human troops like juggernauts, rpg or assaults. A new human troop that ...
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  • How do I contact support for Skylanders Lost Islands?

    I recently made a purchase in Skylanders Lost Islands and did not receive all the items I paid for. I have attempted to use the support site but the web page will not create a support case for me, it fails each time I...
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  • Re started game on I phone

    I accidentally restarted my game on my I phone is there any way of recovering my old game
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  • Perdida de estadisticas

    Esta mañana jugando, derrepente veo que mi emblema de nivel (que era del prestigio 15), a cambiado al del prestigio 1, me meto en los barracones y veo que mis estadisticas estan cambiadas, que tengo mas de 8 mill...
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  • Return Of Special Edition Skylander In Europe

    Should I really send the Clown Cruiser to be replaced to the US, isn't there a UK equivalent address ?
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  • Can I order a replacement poster?

    Are skylanders superchargers dark edition replacement posters available?
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