• SD better? Or just my luck

    I Have horrible luck usually With supply drops, Goliath, Strider and Silver bullet were may best over 6 days of in game time, that's a lot, but the last two hours of gaming (Over two days, but about two hours) in regu...
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  • Capture the flag

    Capture the Flag - The Call of Duty Wiki - Black Ops II, Ghosts, and more! If you read this article, it says that in Advanced Warfare you can capture the enemy flag 3 times and then the round ends, but I just went th...
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  • Ps4 clan recruitment Heat Nation

    Hey guys we are a very laid back clan.  We don't care about kd just fun and playing together.  We would like you to be available for the clan wars but if not just let me or the clan leader know.  We are...
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  • Why are there only 3 buttons on the guitar?

    It looks pretty easy to play, kinda disappointed about the buttons. Is there a way to stick with the old guitars and up the ante if you're used to playing with 5 buttons on expert? I love how the game looks so far, bu...
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  • Heat nation ps4 recruiting

    We are a bunch of guys in the Miami FL area looking for players to join us.  We are very laid back and honestly don't care about kd or ask you to be playing with the clan at all times.  The only thing we ask...
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  • The Force Awakens: All STAR WARS topics <here>

    Hi Everyone,   I am a huge Start Wars fan have been, since a very long long time ago (buahaha). Well with the coming game Battlefront and release of the Forse Awakens (end of year) lets talk about what to expec...
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  • black ops 2 cant get online

    Hi, i have been unable to get into an online match for 3 days now, i am using a wireless internet connection btw (BT), it just says searching for games 0 games then starts searching for 50 games then slowly analysing ...
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  • You log in one evening...

    ... and are welcomed by a message informing you that you may select any one weapon variant to permanently unlock for the rest of your time on the game.  Any weapon, any variant, be it enlisted, pro, or elite. &nb...
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  • Counter UAV. Is needed.

    In next or other next Heroes update please add a hero with counter UAV ability. (How applied?) Any building or weapon within hero defense zone would be visually scrambled. Therefore making Ghost, Price, and Wallcroft...
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  • Orbital Care Package with Better Odds: Aerial Recon Drone spam. Please adjust your numbers SHG

    It suits my playstyle to run Orbital Care Package. It's the only score streak I run so to make it better I mod it with Better Odds.  Now better odds should mean just that; over the course of many care package dro...
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  • hello gotsomestat

    gotsomestars do want back 1mbs forward this in game better speculations for the season??! do u notice down cords messy? thxs   Izjar11 when you back and over does you see notice it? pls answer   TWALL4AL...
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  • Alliance Wars Sneak Peek 1

    Commanders,   As promised, here's a sneak peek of the upcoming “Alliance Wars” feature that we're introducing in update 1.6. We'll share more information next week as we get closer to the 1.6 launch...
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  • Recruiting for both XBOX ONE & XBOX 360

    Recruiting Now For Both Xbox One / Xbox 360 !!!!!   Before conclusion of our current clan war in Mexico City, Mexico we have had a solid clan but turns out we had some members who showed no initiative on particip...
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  • Is it lag, or inattention?

    I was playing HCKC on Drift last night. After the avalanche I was still hunting the avalanche side of the map. I saw two guys from the other team come up from their spawn, and move into the building that houses the &#...
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  • Rebuilding Clan (PS4)

    Hi, I'm rebuilding the clan and looking for new members.   We have been a level 22 clan for months now, but only a small group of our members actually plays Advanced Warfare (they don't like it) and they are ove...
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  • Currently Being Moderated

    OT   I have always joked at the crazy stuff that happens in the CODHQ, remember when our names was 13f7e3a3385bf2e3f4d2003b910293dc, had to start a thread on that Re: Hi I am 13f7e3a3385bf2e3f4d2003b910293dc, wh...
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  • free season pass ?

    On the c.o.d web site said that you can get the free season pass and other stuff for AW but I did everything I was suppost to do and it wont let me get it.  how do you get it to work?????
  • Looking for a clan

    Prestige 1 level 40s. Looking for a clan that not only plays hard and communicates well,  but also has fun.
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  • #1 Xbox One COD AW Clan Now Recruiting

    We are here to Win! We play to Win! We do not glitch, cheat or hack. If you do, then this clan is not for you! All members are required to participate in all clan wars, if they cannot, then they are to notify leadersh...
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  • Constant 1 bar ping

    Ialmost always have a one bar red ping with extreme lag. This has started in the past week. My Internet is OK, and I have a strong connection with the PS3. Sometimes I can't even find a game. Any suggestions would be ...
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