• SBMM needs to go now Sledgehammer....heres why

    Initially people complained about SBMM because of being paired up with skilled players. I never complained because im all about competitive play.   But now im finding it difficult to find lobbies in TDM. Ever si...
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  • [Removed] is a booter

    Please report [Removed by Moderator] for system tampering
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  • [PS4] [USA] Looking for a clan

    I am a 13 year old, but I am very mature for my age. I have a K/D Ratio of .85 (I know, not so great.) but I have a mic, I am a loyal clan member, and I prefer game modes like search and destroy and TDM. If anybody ...
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  • mein rang und meine statistiken wurden zurück gesetzt

    nach einem steam-update war alles auf anfang zurück gesetzt. wie bekomm ich mein erarbeitetes zurück?
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  • Call of Duty Advance  / Kartenpakete werden nicht erkannt

    Servus zusammen,   aktuell habe ich mir alle DLC´s gekauft und installiert . Im privaten Spiel kann ich die Karten spielen , aber im Online Modus wenn ich Freunden hinterher Joinen will kommt folgende Meld...
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  • Looking for clan [PS4-US-EST]

    2.31 KD on almost everyday, will play anything, want to try out some ranked play with people who know what they are doing, SnD is most played, looking for clan, PSN is Zhylphox
  • Need a clan 1.16 Kd Xb1

    looking for a competitive clan who rather does tournaments or play a lot of ranked play. strong sniper and good teammate and know call outs. message me Phantoms Vortex On Xbox One
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  • COD A/W

    On trying to join a game with other friends I am getting the below error "This playlist requires a map pack that you do not have. you can download map packs from xbox store". I do have the maps so what is the problem?
  • Bring back the clan wars app

    4 votes
    call of duty ghosts just isn't the same without the clan wars app, Don't get me wrong I still enjoy and good bit of gaming but after coming back to playing ghosts only to find that I can no longer play clan wars prope...
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  • Mako's The Forum Game

    Guys I've been hosting The Forum Game now for a couple months in CoD AW. Most of the time we catch dedi servers out of KCMO which are really fast no lag for most. We on occasion get some Super Star, Celebrity players ...
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  • Late comer surprised

    Ok. New to this game. Suck(always will by comparison) but this is the first multiplayer cod i have enjoyed since cod4 MW. Even the comunity itself seems to be nicer. (It really bottomed out during MW3 and Blops2 imo. ...
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  • Pc gaming part 2

    OK so I have been looking in to some "gaming" pc's and found 3  pc's that I think are or could be good. Any oc gamers that can give me feedback in  whether or not these ps's are good for gaming and could pla...
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  • Cannot find ANY games on PS4? Cause of DLC?

    I can't find any FFA, Kill Confirmed, only 1 or 2 Domination games, no CTF, S&R, Momentum, or Uplink games.It's like the server is only connection me to one part, and there's hardly ANYBODY playing the game. I tho...
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  • Black Ops 3 Beta Question

    Hiya I pre ordered Black Ops 3 a while ago from Game, I've got my 13 digit code for the Beta and to My knowledge have redeemed it on here, Now when I log on it asks Me in My Account settings to "Verify my Email Add...
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  • black ops 1 servers unavailable for pc.

    I recently bought back ops 1 for the pc and I am unaible to play multiplayer or zombies. When i click on zombies or multiplayer it shows a box saying connecting. After a while it then says ''The call of duty: black op...
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  • [PS3] Clan Recruiting

    Psn : IcEd_Megahoods We Accept : trickshoters , nifers , ninja defusers , pistol, We dont care abot ur K:D Must have a mic or skype Try outs: play matches with you and custom games If you make it we will t...
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  • ARX HolePuncher

    I have searched this forum over and over and even used goggle to search the internet and have had no luck other than find youtube videos of guys talking about it   Can any of you guys or gals tell me how to get ...
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  • Issue with Zombies after new DLC

    Is anyone else having issues with zombie's after the new new DLC today? I load Zombie's and the new story Starts but after a few seconds the story video freezes. I than continue to find a game. As I'm doing this ther...
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  • Recruiting now! [ps3]

    Recruitment  for clan Total Anhilation [T||A] has begun! We are a laid back clan who just want to play and win. We are a level 9 clan working towards level 11 to get our gold clan tag. Will hopefully be participa...
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  • Can we get a season pass sale?

    Was wondering if anytime in the future will the season pass go on sale?