• Skill based match making and system hacks.

    Ok so by what I'm reading nobody is a fan of sbmm and haven't been since the start so why in hell haven't sledgehammer changed it? I don't claim to know all the ins and out so anybody that can explain their thinking t...
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  • A Question which answer not been recived ?

    ok my question is and I need an answer from developer   Q1) if some one donate me lvl 7 flies and my lvl is 4 when I received those flies which lvl those flies will be ?   Q2) if someone donate me Assam lv...
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  • Zombies, "why won't you revive me?"

    I am getting very tired of this game. I love multiplayer, and I do like zombies. My complaint is that 8 out of 10 times I go down nobody will revive me. I really don't know why. I don't think it the way I play. I actu...
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  • Black Ops III Zombies Story Thoughts

    Ok with the announcement of Black Ops 3, I'm all aboard the hype train. Knowing that Call of Duty likes to do series' in 3s, I'm willing to bet this will be the last black ops. That being said, I think it would be coo...
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  • Hackers/Cheaters/Google Play/Verizon note 3

    Theses CHEATERS get a 100% 3 Star win in like 10 seconds. They use very small amount of soldiers or just heroes and win after 10 seconds or so, as well as drain your resources. Cesar only used 16 soldiers to win again...
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  • Recruiting for both XBOX ONE & XBOX 360

    Recruiting Now For Both Xbox One / Xbox 360 !!!!!   Before conclusion of our current clan war in Mexico City, Mexico we have had a solid clan but turns out we had some members who showed no initiative on particip...
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  • Question about diamond clan wars?

    If I have a team of 4 players play in the war on Friday, can I have a totally different team of 4 players play on Saturday, while in the 3-4 player bracket?   My idea of how this might work: Before roster lock:...
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  • SBMM for Dummies 105: Parties and MM

    For a complete picture of how "skill" affects Match Making, I cannot stress enough the need to read the threads listed below before diving into this section of the series.   SBMM for Dummies 101: IntroductionSBMM...
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  • [PS4] [USA] COD Clan [RIAB] Recruiting for Advanced Warfare [DIAMOND DIVISION]

    Hey everyone! I am the leader of Rob is a BEAST. We are all PS4 players, and our clan officially formed during MW3 with the launch of clan features. Some of us have been playing together since COD4.   Currently,...
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  • Accepting Clan Members!

    Hey, my clan will be accepting applications starting today! We are called AIM_Nation!       If you are interested in joining there will be some sacrifices though including: Changing you PSN name to A...
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  • Starting a clan

    I just created a PS4 clan called "Stop the Lag", and I'm looking for people to join it.   Requirements: -Mic (not required but would be nice) -Able to speak English properly (good enough that I can understand ...
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  • Looking for people to join my clan (xbox360)

    Looking for experienced people to join. Clan name : AsTr0 GaminG   Message me; Kellum18 if interested. Also if you have been in a clan before message me looking for clan experienced people
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  • Monthly Defensive Wins

    How is it that Comedor has over 1000 defensive wins this month, when the next highest person only has 300+? Comedor almost has more wins this month than the top-ranked lifetime leaderboard for defensive wins. Surely ...
  • Anarchy for Life Max Level Clan Looking for Players! PS3 CLAN

    We are currently recruiting! Looking for dedicated, active players. We are looking for team players as we are objective based clan, and always aim to win and play for the task. We are an organized clan and treat each ...
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  • 6th builder hack?

    So there are 6 Builders available now or what? http://i.imgur.com/KuqGhyJ.jpg?1 ~Alice~ Also, rank 8 in survial at wave 120 with: 2x Laser (L1), 2x Howitzer(L1 and L2) 3x guardian (L1) and Communications Center Lev...
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  • Trying to Get Rocket Launchers to Royalty Camo

    So I am almost done with the camo challenges only have a bit of the shotguns left and the Launchers (OH MY GOD THE LAUNCHERS) Anyone got some advice on how to get through the Launcher Camo's with taking my PS4 Outsid...
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  • Nightfall 9 Relics

    So, recently I took the #1 spot on Nightfall regular for the xbox one. I used 9 relics and had no downs and a completionist. I had a 568,983 before going outside, but then I went head to head with the breeder... I had...
    RiLe Sniping
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  • Performance drop since 4/2 Patch

    My system specs:   Intel Core i7 2600K @ 4.4GHz 16GB DDR3 1866 nVidia GTX 980 4GB   Before the recent patch, every single map including Defender would ALWAYS be at the 90FPS cap. Since the patch today, m...
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  • Currently Being Moderated

    OT   I have always joked at the crazy stuff that happens in the CODHQ, remember when our names was 13f7e3a3385bf2e3f4d2003b910293dc, had to start a thread on that Re: Hi I am 13f7e3a3385bf2e3f4d2003b910293dc, wh...
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  • High Relics at 50

    I have today beaten POC with multiple relics on, this is a 2 part post. 1st part is for forum troll (we all know who he/she is) who doesn't believe what anybody has to say on here, so it doesn't matter what I post. Th...
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