• [PS4] [NA] Rebel Outcasts [RBOC]

    We are a Playstation 4 MultiGaming Clan that participates regularly. We are a mature clan that consists of members 21 years of age and older. We mainly consist of gamers that play for fun and play the objective as a t...
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  • Activision needs to refund Wii version

    We purchased the Skylanders Superchargers for the Wii for our son's birthday as he loves this game from inception. We ordered the Dark  Edition early to make sure we had it in time.  After opening it and fin...
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  • Zombie Team | PS4 | Elite Players | Accepting Applications | Community Changing!!!

    We are currently accepting applications for our permanent 8 player team! That 8 player team will play zombies together on a daily basis. We plan to find upcoming easter eggs, attempt co-op world records, grind leaderb...
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    Righto, after the 3rd Black Ops with custom emblems and associated Codes of Conduct, I want to get some clarity on the following. Offensive Emblems/PaintjobsAny user who creates an emblem or paintjob that is consider...
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  • HollowPointCrew Clan (XBOX1)

    HPC HollowPointCrew is recruiting looking for mature fun gamers we are not worried about K/D for the fact some players are objective players while others are the muscle of the clan and its all about the wins.We just a...
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  • Keeps analyzing games in zombies for bo3 but does not put me in one. This is on Xbox 360. Zombies doesn't work

    Zombies on bo3 on my Xbox 360 does not work just keeps checking quality of game and analyzing them. Zombies does not work in trying to join public match
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  • Can't download nuketown?..

    Cant download nuketown??? I pre-orderd it, redeemed the code,but I don't know where to download.. Anyone that can help me out??
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  • Help!!!

    I have tried numerous times to sync my new controller for GHlive and it will not connect. Seems like the button on my USB drive with the game is not working. Please help
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  • So, are we just ignoring this then?

    Well, I've had Black Ops 3 since the release date. I love the gameplay. It is amazingly balanced, and the overall Gameplay is good. I did not know it was only going to be multiplayer, but I don't care much for the cam...
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  • looking for a clan on PS4

    I am looking for a clan on ps4 that is mature and looking to play as a team   my PSN is stormadon   thanks, msg me if any questions.
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  • SRG (Stay Real Gaming) 15 years or older to join. Must have mic [XB1] [NA]

    Are you looking for a semi casual and semi competitive clan / community. Well SRG is a gaming community which was just start a month and ten days ago. We currently have 49 members and counting. We use a military ranki...
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  • HELP!!! Stacked frames!

    Hi, I have a Intel HD graphics card and when ever I run bo3, I am getting a problem were the last frame wouldn't be deleted so they would be stacked on top of each other, is this because my card has no dedicated ram, ...
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  • error code  A------F----------------T-------

    i have instead of, no zombies, and cant connect to campaign, best part NO RETURNS PLEASE HELP ME
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  • Treyarch please fix your ****

    Everytime I play for an extended period of time, more than 3 hours, the game crashes, we lose connection to server, it randomly quits me out of game without saying anything, or like what just happened, I was peacefull...
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  • nerf smgs

    all i see are smgs now. Practically no one uses anything else they have too much ads movement speed, and too much range nerf the ads movement speed by 1/4 for all smgs and nerf the range by 3/8 for all smgs except t...
  • Call of Duty Heroes "NETWORK ERROR upgrade failure"

    I have a new ipad air 2, after installing call of duty heroes, encountering a problem on the screen saying "NETWORK ERROR upgrade failure". help me out pls. Thanks in advance..
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  • HP easiest mode to catch K/D padders

    HP is the easiest mode to die in so its also the easiest one to find k/d padders because of the high death rate for players that try for it. Happens almost every game win or lose but mostly LOSE I just got out of a ga...
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  • Some videos of the titan one with the wiimote

    Some videos of the titan one with the wiimote (while other controllers are also possible: see consoletuner.com)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sujiVlTVVxQ   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcEjfZwplUs &...
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  • When is the launch for 2.1

    It would be nice to know when 2.1 is rolled out, "between Thanksgiving and Christmas" tells me absolutely nothing,  I am sitting on a mountain of diamonds and a large horde of medals, that I plan to use for the n...
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  • 32nd Reaper Division looking for clan scrimmages. (PS4)

         We are the 32nd Reaper Division pub clan, and have been around since 2006. We are currently looking for scrimmages for practice and fun against other friendly clans who are willing to talk and...
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