• Looking for diamond division clan

    im leaving the clan im in at the moment and im looking for a new clan with active members for clan wars looking for a clan specifically in the diamond division im a core player with a 1.10 kdr and rising i got a mic a...
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  • Perk Creator

    List your perk ideas something origanal and that sounds like something 3arc would put in zombies have fun oh and here are some ideas i have heard of and i think should be in there LightaWeight Cost: 1000 Radiati...
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  • What will be the whine of BO3?

    This is your chance to show off your psychic skills and predict the whine for BO3.   BO2 had lag comp. AW has SBMM.   BO3?   My call is complaining that lag comp is impacting SBMM.   That's mi...
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  • Zombies

    Hey guys, I'm sick of searching for hours to find a match. I have origins, green run, mob of the dead, nuketown. My PSN is NZbrothers
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  • Alliance war suggestion for next update

    As a commander of an alliance with members who are growing and gaining experience I feel as we should have more control on who has access to starting an alliance war. Personally I feel only the commander should be abl...
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  • Clowns Gone Bad {CGB}

    Recruiting active players must show up every clan wars. Take all kinds of players from campers to rushers and everything in between. Have a facebook to chat about up coming content and random stuff. Dont be scared com...
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  • Hello, i'm having an issue with Destiny for the Xbox 360. I purchased the game and the Map Pass (Season Pass) and i'm unable to play the game since i require an Xbox 360 Hard Drive. Here's my xbox support reference number: 1291262040

    I basicly described pretty much everthing in the Desc. I purches Deztiny for the xbox 360recently and i'm unable to launch the game since i require an xbox 360 official hard drive. I should have been given the notice ...
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  • Temporarily  Banned. Not My Fault.

    I was in the middle of a game and I was suddenly kicked and was banned from playing online. WTF! wont tell me when I can play again. I was so excited to play      Any help on what happened?
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  • Name the movie gif

    Tell me what movie the gif is from and leave your own. Easy? We'll see.
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  • Official NHL Hopes, Dreams, and Broken Hearts Thread

    Just wanted to make a hockey lovers sanctuary within the CoD Forums........ so I don't derail too many threads this playoff season.   So what team do you die hard for and then be realistic with who you think will...
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  • game engine?

    I haven't spent anytime trying to figure out how this game will play. But, after watching the BO3 trailer and "the interview" it kinda looked like it's using TitanFall physics. Not a discussion about what is the best,...
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  • Alliance Wars

        Guys I just want to start out by saying that it's really great to be a part of Forums.Now getting to the exciting part.....Alliance Wars....I think it's the best thing that could ever have happened ...
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  • Terra Sniping Clan Recruiting (Ps3)

    Terra is a Sniping Clan & were looking for active guys that are good quickscopers n feeders. Our members are: Terra_Orbie Terra_Ice Terra_Karnn Terra_MidNight Terra_Turf Terra_Insanity Terra_Snipezz Terra_...
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  • cant access my clan

    Ok so I can't access my clan in game or in the call of duty advanced warfare app. I'm the created and leader. I am 100 percent sure I'm using the right info to link my system. I asked fellow members if I was still in ...
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  • Why is SBMM still a thing?

    We're almost halfway through Advanced Warfare's life cycle now, and I'm still wondering: Why is SBMM still in effect? Now, I know every CoD (with the exception of the original, which didn't have multiplayer) has had S...
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  • Looking for a clan [ps4]

    looking for a clan pretty much just to be sociable and to play as a team, I have an avg. K/D of 0.94 and I own afew mic, really would like to join a clan and make some friends and it would be awesome if I had some fri...
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  • problem with access to my clan

    I followed the post from earlier but it did not work, it let my open my companion app to my clan but not the in game access to my clan
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  • AW lag issues

    So i purchased Advanced Warfare on my PS3. (Digital) And i recently bought a new PS4. Ive downloaded AW on my PS4 but for some reason, i have major lag issues. I always have 4 bars but i always seem to lag. The game w...
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  • [X1] [US] [AW] Tired of playing with randoms? Become part of a TEAM.

    It has happened many times. You are flying solo and teamed up with people who do not have a mic and are not working together as a team to achieve your goal. That is where I was myself until I joined DGC where I became...
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  • Will Exo Survival get the Ascendance or Supremacy Maps?

    I hope that they add in the Ascendance maps and they add in the Supremacy Maps. That's be sick. I flipped every map already at least once. I'd like to do the same for the other maps that have yet to release for Exo Su...
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