• Xbox One | Entitled Gaming [EGx] | Level 25 | Diamond Division

      I am looking for more members so we can compete in a higher bucket for clan wars. We try to switch around time slots for Diamond Division to give everyone the opportunity to help out. We don't have many require...
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  • EPM3 Parsec worse gun variant ever??

    So I just got the EPM3 Parsec, which I thought was an interesting variant since it has a +3 to range. But then I discover something, the damage profile on the EPM3 is a standard 34/34/34 across close, medium and long ...
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  • Leaderboard PS4 countdown to Top 100

    I looked a couple weeks ago and notices I was ranked below 1000 on PS4 leaderboard out of 7.2 million players. I have been watching it and now am in the final stretch at 194. I think if I make it to the BIG TIME (Top ...
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  • Double Kill Camo Challenges are Too Difficult

    After 7 prestiges and only 150 total double kills, I have come to the sudden realization that I may never be able to achieve the double kill camos on some of the guns. For some reason, double kills are unreasonably di...
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  • Zombie_Civilians error code fix

    All you need to do is not save any survivors during the game. The error happened to me twice, when I tried it again I did not rescue any survivors, an i was able to complete the easter egg. When the next survivor came...
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  • Black Ops III

    I take it this is officially announced.
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  • PS4 Clan recruitment Vengeful OPS

    We are looking for new members to join Vengeful OPS we want mature players who communicate well and can participate in clan wars. If this sounds like your kind of clan message or add me at my PSN GoodGodRita. P.S. Mor...
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  • Damage Control

    Is anyone else concerned about the damage the newly (Modernized) weapons have been coming with in the new Call of Duty games in the recent years? I am not trying to start an argument, just a mere concern. I have been ...
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  • Elite Weapons of Advanced Warfare

    Elite Weapons of Advanced Warfare     I have heard many people wanting a list of all of the elite weapon variants in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, so why not do it on the official website. Having Better m...
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  • Nintendo Network iD + CoD.com... What Does it Mean?

    BO3 is COMING to the WiiU...   i know, i know...nothing is set in stone but this is by far the most promising thing to happen since the nuketown map addition way back when.   *Credit to "JacksRage84" for fin...
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  • looking for clan XBox One

    Looking for a clan to join as i left my old one, i have a K/D ratio of 1.31, and am 5th prestige level 33, Xbox One, 17 years old, Gamertag (Puroxtice)
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  • X1 DoAXgaming needs MATURE players

    We are DoAX gaming. We are a serious yet laid back family. We have all the tools to have a successful but fun clan. We have a website doaxgaming.com. We have custom chats where no member is out of communication at any...
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  • Doubles of Permanent Loot

    So I was just sifting through my permanent loot and discovered that I have doubles of the KVA Assassin Gloves, Jacket, Loadout, Mask, and Pants. I can't redeem them, so they're just going to clutter up my armory forev...
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  • The Force Awakens: All STAR WARS topics <here>

    Hi Everyone,   I am a huge Start Wars fan have been, since a very long long time ago (buahaha). Well with the coming game Battlefront and release of the Forse Awakens (end of year) lets talk about what to expec...
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  • hello gotsomestat

    gotsomestars do want back 1mbs forward this in game better speculations for the season??! do u notice down cords messy? thxs   Izjar11 when you back and over does you see notice it? pls answer   TWALL4AL...
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  • failed to allocate from state pool

    At the beginning of the mission to rescue the President as soon as jeep falls off the bridge the game crashes with the error: http://s14.directupload.net/images/141002/6mpcj23h.png This bug was before, but after res...
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  • Atention sports fans ps4 clan

    I Have started a clan to compete in clan wars. I am looking for about 18 more member. There are no requirements. This is for a ps4 sporta fans are encouraged but not mandatory. i am personally a huge Carolina Pan...
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  • Looking for good extinction players

    I'm trying to get the last trophy I need for this game - Always Hard. I am the max level, have all upgrades except CSA and double class, I have a mic and am a team player and always go for challenges. I'm looking for ...
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  • Xbox one DxG max lvl diamond division

    If your willing to read it then atleast be willIIng to ask me for more info because if your Looking for  a top clan then look no more demolitiongaming are  world class friendly comitted respectable clan&n...
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  • 007 Legends Multiplayer Problems

    When i was playing 007 legends online multiplayer i reached level 50 finally with all the explosives so i was so happy. Then i realized and saw there was specialization mode and i read about it and it said it will tak...
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