• Need a 360 clan!!

    I ama mature gamer who ran multiple gaming communities w/loads of experience with comp gaming. I have retired from doing that but I would like to join a clan to compete in clan wars. I am a decent gamer who looks to w...
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  • do not appear improved supply crates ...(cod aw,ps3)

    I pump up to level 20 I was given an improved supply box, then you hit 30, I wrote in the game that gave the box, go out to me, and there is no box, just with 40 levels, the question of where my deservedly improved su...
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    I'm Looking For a Mature/Adult Clan for 360.   I set aside time to play in the wars, each war. This being said, I do not play every day during the weeks we do not have wars, due to family and life scheduling. I'l...
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  • At what level do the weapon attachments stay unlocked after prestige?

    I saw this video on YouTube and after this guy prestiged, his weapon attachments stayed unlocked (well, some of them), and I was wondering what level do they stay unlocked at? Is it the first master prestige or was he...
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  • Complete Tier 1 Armor at Prestige 7?

    Right so I need some assistance. For a few games I was playing with someone, who at Prestige 7, rank 7 had the complete Tier one Gear set. As far as I am aware, this should not be possible, am I correct, and if so is ...
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  • [iPwn] Vendetta Council - Xbox360

    Vendetta Council [iPwn] Search and apply or send me a message in game That1Noob
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  • Spawn Trapping - REMOVE URBAN from the Playlist!!

    Urban has to be the worst map ever made in COD history.  It is nearly impossible NOT to get spawn trapped.  It is so incredibly small and its so easy to get spawn trapped.  I back put of every lobby if ...
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  • Matchmaking and host selection

    So I got a Netduma r1 router which allows me to see where the current host is. Let me start off by saying to those thinking about getting one that it is nice for finding games. However, that changes after every game. ...
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  • Can't aim anymore

    I am having trouble with aim in AW. My aim in BO2 and Ghosts is OK, snapping onto targets instinctively, accuracy was about 15% for ARs. Some AW games are OK, but about 3 out of 4 my aim is all over the place and my a...
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  • Looking for xbox clan

    just under average player (K/D 0.7) looking for a clan to play online, highly active.  If i am what you are looking for please message me on xbox live ajskater2k13 with your clan name, level an number of members
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    UnifyEmpire is a xbox360 sniper/Feeder/Trickshoter clan that has been up for about 2 days now we have over 60subs and only 5 members. We will soon be uploading a promo once we get about 10 people You will have to c...
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  • Small Xbox One US Adult only very active chill clan taking recruits

    Hello. If you are tired of all these clans with 100+ members or clans that stress nothing but K/D ratio to where it's honestly just not that fun anymore then do i have the clan for you. We are a small clan, currently ...
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  • Official NHL Hopes, Dreams, and Broken Hearts Thread

    Just wanted to make a hockey lovers sanctuary within the CoD Forums........ so I don't derail too many threads this playoff season.   So what team do you die hard for and then be realistic with who you think will...
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  • PS4 Ranked Play Teammates

    Looking for 2 members for a ranked play team. PSN is OpticalBanana
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  • Is there any chance Tony Hawk's American Wasteland will be re-released on Steam?

    It was one of my favourite games and I'd love to play it again with high definition graphics and controller support.
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  • What path do I need to take?

    Hey guys,     I'm currently in college and changing my major back to something more towards video games. The thing is I want to be sure that the major I choose will be what I graduate with. So I could ...
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  • Helper can't help

    I know you have to maneuver him a little bit. But, he wouldn't help on gold storage either.  Dropbox - Screenshot_2015-04-18-21-14-27.png Or Dropbox - Screenshot_2015-04-18-21-14-40.png   Take a look. ...
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  • A major need for a moderator in chat.

    Chat is becoming much more offensive. Too many racist remarks. Too much abusive ssexualized chat. Vulgar language is rampant. One player even asked " Of anyone has been with a 6yr. old. " This is out of control. Unacc...
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  • PS4 clan looking for females

    We are a platinum division clan with a diamond division invite looking to add more females to our great clan. We have 3 females in our clan and looking to add more  to join us. Grim_Slayers is a great clan and al...
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  • Moderation

    Hello,   When will you moderate the content of public discussion forums available to players in the game "Call of Duty: Heroes"? Content is currently composed almost only insults, invectives, physical threats, ...
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