• BO3 Life Lessons: Alternate Classes: Friend with Benefits:

    A few days ago, I posted a topic about a score streak hunter class that you could use to benefit your team if you are a lower skill player. It received positive reviews and I thought I would share another one. This is...
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  • wanna join a youtube bo3 clan??

    if you wanna join our red vision gaming clan text me on xbox @showtim3e thhats my gt also the co leader gt is badguybrandon you can text him to look us up on youtube @red vision gaming leave a comment ill text back
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  • XB1 EU/UK competitive team recruitment

    Nightmare is recruiting for Black Ops 3 on the Xbox 1 Requirements: - 2 K/D over all - 18 years or older - Must have mic - Do not tolerate rage quitting - Teamplayer (Down for that W)     We are very new to ...
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  • At4 nerf wasted my actual money

    I spent real money and bought over 5k celerium just to upgrade my at4.  I would of never given any money to Activision if I knew that they were going to completely change what I spent close to 50$ on.   ...
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  • Installation stops at 5%.

    I've seen a lot of these topics, but none recently, was hoping maybe someone came across a good fix and I just skimmed it over.  I've tried the steps outlined in this guide: http://www.technobezz.com/how-to-fix-x...
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  • I need a new usb dongle for my ps3 fishing rod

    I need a new usb dongle for my ps3 fishing rod. Anybody know where to buy one.
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  • I activated my account as primary ps4 but i got rid of that ps4 and got a new one how do i activate my account on my new ps4 without going on the old one?

    I have activated my account on another ps4 as i have got a new ps4 i can't activate my account as primary ps4 can anyone help i tried doing it online but says i have to do it on my old console but i haven't got that c...
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  • Der eisendrache

    a friend of my en me are looking for 2 players to play der eisendrache the main easter egg we understand how we need to do this we are from the netherlands but if you can speak english its fine !   add me samafca_
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  • Black Ops 3 and Gamestop

    hello I contact you car I have Commander 2 months ago MON Now Black Ops 3 and I have not always received my code for the map Nuketown I wish I Have a presciser ordering from Gamestop
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  • (XB1) ->STR33T KINGZ<- _CLAN REQRUITING!!! Well Put Together Teams!

      About us ————— Clan name: ->STR33T KINGZ<- Motto: R3ST IN PIECEZ *___* CLAN TAG:KNGZ Contact Us On Xbox Live Head Commander: KAYE2DAJAYE99 Lt Commander: PoloGodKenn...
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  • Zombie clans?

    I was wondering was their in zombie clans out there who are recruiting
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    Hallo, Ich habe eben mit 2 Kollegen Black Ops 3 (PS4) Zombie Mod (Der Eisendrache) gespielt und plötzlich bei Runde 39 ist ein Fehler aufgetreten und es wurde nicht in die Bestenliste gespeichert (außer bei ...
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  • eisendrache pleas help

    So me and 3 other friends wanted to complete the eisendrache main easter egg and we where super hyped were preparing for hours equiped all our best gobblegums so at round 18 we completed all the bows and one of our fr...
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  • Nightmare Clan - Age 17+ - Recruitment - 1.6+ K/D - XBOX ONE -  US/UK

    Nightmare Requirements: Age 18+ w/ working Mic (no echo or mic issues) X-Box ONE 1.60 K/D (TDM K/D) (Over all 1.5 K/D) CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 3 ONLY NO SQUEAKERS NO KINECT MICS CORE Players   Just launched a UK ...
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  • XvG [ps4] [BO3] clan recruiting!

    We are a group of friends that formed Extreme Vision Gaming (XvG) as a high quality, top notch playstation clan. We see a bright future for us and would love for you to be a part of it. As a part of this clan, you w...
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  • Black ops 3 error code AFT

    Hey Guys when i will Play Online he cant connect online i have a error code names. Error Code A-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-T-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-F-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- PLS Help ME and sorry for my Bad english !
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  • Slt a tous

    Slt à tous Comment obtenir nuketown Sur Xbox one
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  • No Personalization pack?

    I preordered BO3 on the GameStop website, and was told that I wound receive a Nuk3town Presonalization Pack, but I never got one. What do I do to get one?
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  • 357M Clan - [HC ONLY] [PS4] [UK/US]

    357M (Previously Known As .357/M357) Have Been Around Since Call Of Duty: World At War. We ONLY Play Hardcore Game Modes & Mostly Play Capture The Flag/Domination.   REQUIREMENTS: *21+ Years Of Age *Worki...
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  • My account logs in with my name but incorrect character/stats from another psn account

    EVer since the weapons double XP startend I can't load my character/stats properly. There are 3 people who play black ops iii on my PS4 and every time I load my character it displays my name "evii_04" but the characte...
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