• Why I'm returning this game.

    I plan on taking the game back tomorrow if the store will let me.  I should have done some research.... I've always loved Guitar Hero.  Loved beating the story on my own, and getting together with friends to...
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  • Issues with split screen?

    My husband and I love playing zombies and pretty much bought the game for zombies. However, we have ran into a really annoying issue and can't find any information about this anywhere. While frequently playing split s...
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  • Four_Clan Recuitment

    Hey guys its Four_Semaj leader of Four and we need players and editors. We are looking to have at least 20 people in our clan.                ...
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    I have bought black ops 3 with season pass and i dont have nuketown. I demand nuketown to be added in the game.It's unfair someone who pre order the game to have nuketown and i have give 50 euro and season pass and i ...
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  • Looking for a clan/people to play with

    Hey I just got back into BO2 and I'm looking for a clan or just people to play with. Preferably a clan though. My K/D is 1.02. I'm 17 and have a mic. Unfortunately, I do not have any of the map packs and probably won'...
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  • Looking for a clan

    hello everyone.. i am interested in joining a clan.. my kd is 0.98 i think but i have brought it up from a 0.63 in 4 weeks as my brother was on my account. I am active alot of the time. I am 18. i have a mic and i am ...
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  • I pre ordered black ops 3 on ps4 and i didn't receive a code for nuketown? i'm based in the UK. Thanks in advance.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out on this problem, also i ordered the game from amazon.
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  • origins easter egg

    looking for decent player or players to help me get the origins EE. i've tried a million times on solo but can't nail the G-strike throw. no squeakers please, hit me up in a message and we'll get er done.
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  • Banned on Call of Duty Ghosts for no apparent reason.

    I have read the terms of service and everything and i do not see the reason why i have been banned.   Steam indicates that i've been banned for cheating or using hacks. Which i have never done. In any game. Ever...
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  • How to get better at multiplayer?

    I've been playing Black Ops 3 multiplayer and find it much more difficult than the multiplayer in AW. For 3 months, I got very good at AW, but started terrible in BO3 last week. My current K/D is around 0.60 and I wan...
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  • Zombies Matchmaking vs Players

    Soo since Matchmakers in zombies have nothing to look forward to. What's say we do the best we can to try and help all players in our community and on the 360 play some zombies with people. I'm starting this so that a...
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  • call of duty black ops III language

    hello  my dad went to spain and he bought me there call of duty black ops III and all the game is in italine . is there a way that i can change it to english please answer this
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  • Black Ops 3 PC extreme performance issues

    Hi everyone, the point is that i just have 7 fps in the menu and 3 fps ingame with the lowest settings in COD BO3. I dont know what´s the problem because i have an High End Gaming Pc. My friend has the same Pc ...
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  • OBJ Player? You're wanted!!

    Hi Guys,   Let's be honest most people on CoD play for themselves, it's all about K/D ratio. Well I prefer team-work and getting my W/L ratio higher, and I am sure there are many people who want to do the same bu...
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  • Is there a gun that doesnt suck??

    Does anyone know a gun that arent garbage in hardcore? I pretty much used all these lame guns.
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  • Typo gave me a great idea!

    Lets be honest, some of the abilities in the game are controversial and if they were changed for different ones then not many people would complain too much. I'll let you decide for yourselves which ones those are bec...
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  • (PS4) Nuketown code - Not working

    Hi there,   Like many of you my code to download the nuketown map isn't working correctly. I would really like te download the map, because that is one of the main reasons I have buyed the game. Could anyone he...
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  • Problem with Nuketown code

    Hi   I pre-ordered and bought BO3 a few weeks ago in GAME, I´m from Spain, but there isn´t any code in the box. I tried many ways to someone help with this problem but i couldn´t find it. Wha...
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  • Siege Bots and mines...

    So I just watched a replay of my base being attacked in an alliance war and the guy had like 46 siege bots among other troops... I watched the siege bots pass over multiple anti-tank mines, bouncing betties, and anti ...
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  • Guys... "CLANS" still exist.

         I have been seeing an incredibly frustrating amount of "OMG, THERE ARE NO MORE CLANS!" This is NOT TRUE. I am a 22 year old current clan co-leader and clan founder for NINE YEARS now. My clan,...
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