• i can play zombies en i can not zend een email

    i can play zombies xbox 360 en can not zend een email met recuut from date that i buy the card
    Rambo SkillZz
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  • Question about the new patch

    Im on ps4 so I still don't have this new patch so I would like to ask:   -Which weapons got buffed and how? -Can you finnaly pause zombies on solo? -Did asm1 receive a slight nerf at least?
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  • Join our ACTIVE Xbone clan :)

    Looking for an active clan? Well join my clan which is know as IDGAFOS ROYAL.   Clan stats: Members: 28 and counting Clan wars: platinum division Ranked in clan wars: 4th Wins: 679 Clan K/D ratio: 1.02 Cla...
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  • New Prestige and gun patch is live!

    Pretty sweet it came soon than I thought, no more 0xp for games. i still wanna know what guns were altered and how though, i'm sure all that info will be availible in the morning.
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  • ranked play xbox 360

    I didn't receive any armour for ranked play on the xbox 360 i was masters division with 5000+ points what is happening?   Some of my friends points didnt get reset either
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  • [GER] [XBOX1] InFamous sucht aktive und gute Spieler!

    InFamous [InF]   Wir sind ein in erster Linie deutscher Clan, der sich aus zwei erfahrenen CoD-Spielern (Spielerfahrung seit MW2) in Advanced Warfare gebildet hat.   Einer der Gründe, wieso wir einen ei...
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  • New Gun: The "Ohm"

    Just got online and there's a new gun. I didn't get an update to download but there's this thing called the Ohm that can fire like a LMG or toggle to a shotgun that shoots pellets full auto out to ~13 meters. Kinda co...
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  • cod 4 wont install from disc

    Not sure if i have posted in the correct section but if not it may get moved.   So im trying to reinstall CoD4MW but im getting nowhere fast....During the install all goes well i enter my cd key and then it just...
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