• Why i cant play guitar hero world tour online on wii?

    I was trying to play guitar hero world tour online, but i couldnt connect to internet :/ (my wii is connected to wifi)
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  • So how about server browser? Ping/latency visible as well?

    I understand a server browser more than likely WILL not happen.  However, how about we stop hiding players pings and latency? Will this be visible in this game? Or are we going to hide it for obvious reasons like...
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  • Anyone got good ideas on what to do on Origins once you have died?

    I find it really tough to get back on my knees once I have died on Origins due to not being near my friends to revive me. Got solutions on what are the best ideas to do asap?
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  • Xbox One Clan Looking For Members!

    Binx Team [BINX] is a brand new clan looking for active members of any playing style. There are currently no members in Binx Team because this clan was created the day of this discussion. There are no requirements so ...
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  • AW Ranked Play temporary suspension

    Okay, I'm playing a Ranked Play match and lose the game because of losing connection to the server. So when I go to get back in Ranked Play to play another game I get a message telling me that my profile has been temp...
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    Regiment Ex [REGT] is recruiting for the PS4! We have 60+ people spread out all over the globe. We were a Red Clan Tag clan in Ghosts, and won 7 Diamond Division Clan Wars, so we know about success.  We are curre...
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  • why i am no longer participating in wars

    OK, so the matching for wars continually matches us with alliances in the top 50. My alliance, while populated with some great players has no business being matched against a top 100 alliance let alone the 30th ranked...
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  • Anarchy for Life Max Level Clan Looking for Active Players (PS3) (PS4)

    Welcome to Anarchy for Life [HAIL] We are recruiting! Looking for dedicated, active players. We are looking for team players as we are an objective based clan, and always aim to win and play for the task at hand. We...
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  • We the Jury

    COD BOIII   So know one here has not noticed the obvious gore theme MP reveal?   It was (apart from the Black ops feel and sound) that caught my attention. Clearly these games are violent, but hands / to...
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  • D-Day Zombies Map

    3 votes
    I have been thinking of cool ideas for a zombies map that fits with the whole Nazi Zombies theme and story for a while now. I personally think that it would be a great idea and people who played World at War and Black...
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  • When did this forum become a Hate Fest?

    I used to enjoy coming to this forum and participating in lengthy debates and discussions regarding in depth gameplay and analysis of a variety of topics related to Call of Duty.  Some of us would agree and some ...
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  • Missing Challenge Unlockables and 2nd Set of Tier 1 Shin Guards?

    I've recently hit Grand Master Prestige and completed all of the challenges while leveling up, and the next day I found out that I'm missing more than half of the unlockables acquired through challenges. These include...
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  • Mystic Esports Clan Recruiting XB1

    Hey everyone! Mystic eSports is recruiting again! (XB1)   We are not just a Call of Duty pub clan, We are a multi game gaming organization! We are currently looking to grow our pub clan to bigger and better thi...
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  • Chaos DLC won't download correctly xbox360

    Purchased Chaos DLC on Xbox360 in-game. The file it is downloading is only 56KB and is supposed to be 108KB. Worked with Xbox360 support for several hours, and they think it is a file issue and said to contact Activis...
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  • Valor Force (vF) Xbox 360 Clan

    We're back! I messed up big time on our last recruitment. This session will be a lot more neat, nice, and smooth.   Valor Force, also known as vF, is a sniping/trickshot clan. Our main COD is Black Ops 2 for now....
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  • Codigo de COD AW esta com problemas

    Eu comprei um Call of duty Advenced Warfare golden edition de ps3 e quando eu fui resgatar o codigo na psn estava escrito que o codigo ja foi usado ou não existe, pesso q mandem outro codigo no meu email [Removed...
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  • LeaderBoards

    Why doesn't my gamer tag  or stats appear in the lobby leader-board? I've been playing for hours on my new account and im still not showing up.   thanks
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  • On windows game will mot load keep saying Downloading 0.00%

    beuwolf78 Ok today when i start the game game start loading but then decided that it need downloading somthing and only load half way and messege said    i have reinstall the game but still same issues &...
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  • [Xbox One] Looking for clan.

    20 Y/O Male, looking to join a advanced warfare clan on xbox one.   I'm working on getting my stats back up, while I was away friends would come over and ruin my character lol.   K/D: 1.07 W/L: 0.55  ...
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  • United Players League is recruiting 14+ mature

    United Players League is a new community that has had a multi console launch [PC, XB1, X360 (PS3/4 soon)] on current and next gen console's. My friend (Krynosius) and I started up UPL after leaving a few other communi...
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