• Help please!!!

    My beta code was never emailed to me so what do I do? I preordered and uses the code on my receipt but I dont have the one that should have gotten emailed please help me
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  • COD is bad

    Honestly COD used to be one of my favorite games of all time because I grew up with first person shooter game. BO2 used to be my favorite I couldn't stop playing it, I reset my stats and got mostly all my guns Diamond...
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  • Enty Clan Recruiting Xbox 360

    Enty or nT clan is now recruiting competitive gamers and snipers please submit tryout on Xbox live message   Competitive or Sniper   Gamertag   Do you own a capture card yes or no optional   Ag...
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  • Adult Xbox One Clan has open recruiting

    We are the End of Dayz Clan, a clan of adults, 30 years old and older.  We are a social clan, having fun and online friendships are more important than winning the game.  We have both men and women, experien...
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  • 6th Sense Thoughts

    Nerf or remove it. It helps against campers. It also works vice versa. So many times I watch people in kill cams turn on a dime and kill me with no UAV up and I always wonder why. Then I remember this perk. I personal...
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  • Update 1.9 will discourage active players

    I would like to draw your kind attention towards negative impact of your recent upgrade 1.9. First of all appreciable features are:- Gideon. Supercharged Helipad Inventory League bonus in every pvp.   But n...
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  • Host Migration Does Exist....

    Literally not even a minute, maybe two minutes into the KC game.  
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    Have about five hours in the beta now, and aside from the obvious fps and lag issues, by far the biggest problem is the flinch. On the xbox and ps4 the aim assist compensates for this quite a bit, but on pc its unbear...
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  • What do I do if I preordered BO3 for the Xbox One and received PS4 codes?

    What do I do if I preordered BO3 for the Xbox One and received PS4 codes?
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  • issue with emblem ban

    hi, i have been banned for apparently having a racial emblem when it had no similarities to anything racial, it was created in relevance to the Indian good luck charm the "swastika" so i would appreciate it if i could...
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  • I have 182 KD but no Shotguns.

    I have 182 KD and Skull With Knife, When i open Shotguns rank (how much KD i need) pls help me.
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  • hackkkkk

    her oyunda hile kullanan insanlar var.neden müdahale etmiyorsunuz?adamlar açık bir şekilde hile kullanıyor.yeter!hile kullananları banlayın.para verip alıyoruz.
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  • do something about rejack

    rework it or something it is over powered and ruins search
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  • I forgot my Password for my Account

    The email Adress which is saved doesn't exist anymore.Now i create a New Account and linked my playstation Account but now i'm the leader of my clan no longer What should i Do?
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  • Specialists

    In my opinion some specialists need to be scaled down quite a bit for instance gravity Spike has way too big a radius, Tempest needs to hurt the owner of the gun as well as the enemies ,I haven't played war machine bu...
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  • If not cheating is this title broken??

    I run Low Profile and suppressors on all my classes but still see players track my position clearly through walls. How is this possible? I also see a lot of players using unsuppressed weapons and never show up on the ...
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  • What do you guys got Diamond on?

    I'm on 360 btw. All SMG'S (Including AE4) All Assault Rifles All Shotguns All Heavy Guns (Including OHM) Lynx MORS Working on: NA-45
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  • TheCreepyArmy Is Recruiting [XBOX 360]

    TheCreepyArmy is recruiting [XBOX 360]   Looking for clan members to join TheCreepyArmy we are a xbox based clan. We are from around the globe and we do not discriminate in order to stay in the clan you must not ...
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    The Heat clan is recruiting.   we are a Ps3 based clan. We have 10 members due to our high standards in members requierment.     We will be starting a YouTube channel soon as well as other social medi...
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  • [XB1] Hybrid Theory is Recruiting (September 2015)

         ═════════════════ A Little About Us ═════════════════   Our motto is 'Where Talent Meets Teamwork.' We bring a unique combination of competitive play and social interaction to every exper...
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