• Anyone else not able to play Safeguard?

    I keep seeing people talking about the Safeguard game mode but i have to say that the entire time that I played this Beta, I have not ONCE had Safeguard as an available game mode for me to play.   All I had was:...
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  • Make Black Ops 3 better in one very simple way...

    Get rid of Kill/Death ratio stat tracking.  Everybody seems to use this as their defining stat and it is very damaging to objective based games.  Think about it, getting rid of K/D would mean fewer people ki...
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  • survival mode checkpoint shouldn't use base integrity

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    Survival Mode checkpoints should be based on something other than base integrity. Otherwise it discourages people from adding non-defensive buildings, because every one makes it harder to maintain the 75% threshold. &...
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  • Has anyone received their Gideon celerium?

    The 1.9 update notes made it seem like it should have been deposited earlier today.
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  • Pvp match, waste of time

    hi,   why is it that since the update all I see is either high lvl bases with no loot or low lvl bases with no loot? Just done a two hr boost and top loot I found to attack was 300k lvl ten cc with mega defences...
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  • Update 1.9 will discourage active players

    I would like to draw your kind attention towards negative impact of your recent upgrade 1.9. First of all appreciable features are:- Gideon. Supercharged Helipad Inventory League bonus in every pvp.   But n...
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  • Gideon - The new Atlas Hero

    So this guy is an monster when fully upgraded but like all Atlas units is totally use less.   Lets look at the numbers:   Even at level 10 this guys attack potential is very apparent, problem is that e...
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  • I have an idea for new recruits.

    I think that commanders or captains should be given a 1 or 2 hour window to remove any new recruits who don't participate in the war immediately following their acceptance into the alliance. It's really frustrating wh...
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  • Anti-Air Mines.

    Fix anti-air mines to actually kill Dragonfires.  The area of effect needs to be increased to account for the unpredictable nature of these units due to the game AI.  Also the current mines won’t kill ...
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  • Will there BO3 have 3DTV mode for consoles?

    Black Ops 2 is, hands-down, the best 3DTV experience on consoles.   I'm hoping Treyarch is planning a 3DTV mode for BO3.  Does anyone know?
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  • Atlas Units

    So in update 1.8 we got Atlas Units.  That was about 6 or 7 weeks ago.  At the time the units sucked, well to be fair nobody had upgraded the units high enough and most units suck at low levels.  So one...
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  • Crashes

    I'm not sure what happened, but early today I was able to play ok....I say ok because there were several crashes to home.  Now, I can't play at all.  Every time I try to join a lobby, the game crashes. ...
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  • Descent Easter Egg discussion and theories

    I'm surprised that there isn't a thread about the Descent easter egg yet so I decided to create this thread where we can discuss the easter egg for the Exo Zombies map Descent and any theories and leads that we should...
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  • What use is a 12h League Shield?

    My 'improved and upgraded' Helipad has just presented me with a bucket of oil and a 12h League Shield. TWELVE HOURS??   Does this mean if I do not PVP for 12h after my last league reward and then apply my 12h sh...
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  • Unspoken issues of the BO3 Beta

    I am not thrashing COD BO3 I love it, not as much as original BO, but its still great. A few issues that are really an issue and maybe a few fixes for them or you can suggest your own.   Issue   &...
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  • Bought MW2 at a thrift store....

    I bought a copy of MW2 from a thrift store yesterday, but it didn't come with a CD key, is there any way if I provided info such as serial number and the like, that I would be able to get a key?
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  • When aiming down sights, everything goes blurry, how can i fix that?

    All in the title
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  • Hacks in BO 3 Beta already

    What are you guys doing about hacks. They are hacking the beta already not a good sign for your team. Just Google Black opps 3 hacks they will get you the beta aimbot anti report and a ton of other hacks. Doesnt make ...
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  • I downloaded black ops 3 from the xbox store but there is no indication that I have beta access

    I downloaded the game through the xbox store but there is no indication that I have beta access
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  • Purchased Call of Duty Black Ops III for X Box 1

    Hello My name IS Edith the code is saying that is has already been used what can we do to retrieve a code
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