• Issues with Call of Duty World at War (purchased today)

    Today I bought CoDWaW, I followed the installation instructions, entered valid key code and pc started to preparing installation. It showed me a window with endless "Updating Component Registration". Only way I can ge...
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  • How about a no exo zombies mode? (classic mode)

    No exos for the humans, no exos for zombies ( you can sprint through most of them but the zombies with exos, they always hit)   The map would feel larger and having 2 modes would make it less repetitive in my op...
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  • Abbinamento Heroes con GameCenter

    Gioco:call of duty Heroes. il mio nick nel gioco è CuckNorris, non riesco più ad accedere, potete abbinarlo nuovamente al mio account Game Center? Non vorrei perdere i progressi e cominciare da capo.
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  • Weapons camo mastery exo

    I recently finished all of the weapons camo mastery and did not receive the exo.  I have reveiwed all of the challenges and everything is showing a completion and I have all of my royalty camos.  Can someone...
  • why does WARLOCKZ GAMING WL*G get a hour headstart on DIAMOND DIVISION CLAN WARS and no one else does?

    Cheating or FAILURE AGAIN on ACTIVISION and Sledgehammers part? They had started to take down the defense of their first node at 6 pm eastern before any other clan could start! Someone needs to find out how this happe...
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  • Want to feel better at COD? Me killing a clown...smh

    Quick video...of me not paying attention...and killing a clown on Sideshow thinking it was an enemy. Just to break the tension that builds up around here at times....   Smh....I'm not proud.  
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  • Supply drop speculation

    Dont take what I'm saying as a fact. But just recently got the bal inferno and im prestige 4, i would really like to get the steed, but hence.   Since a lot of people are talking about guns being rebalanced, an...
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  • seaseon pass call of duty advanced warefare ps3 have problems

    Hello , i did buy the season pass on call of duty advanced warefare ps3, i did buy the seasson pass and now it says at the AE4 Wapeon : For early access to this DLC item, purchase the seasson pass! when press the butt...
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  • (PS4) Level 10 Clan Recruiting MK-ultra

    Im looking for more people to join the clan. If interested just reply with your PSN or search MK-ultra and apply. Anyone is welcome.
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  • i was playing call ofduty for vita online and lost my levels

    i was playing call ofduty for vita online and lost my levels and my guns everything
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  • dlc in local play?

    why can't you use the AE4 or personalization packs in local play if you're paying for them I think you should be able to because what happens if you lose your internet
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  • Lizenz für Gameplays ?

    Lieber Activision Support, ich würde gerne Gameplaycommentarys von CoD:AW auf meinem YouTube Kanal veröffentlichen. Da ich jedoch nichts unrechtes tun möchte oder gegen irgendwelche Urheberrechte verst...
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  • Supprimer compte call of duty heroes

    Je joue à call of duty heroes, je me suis précipité et je n'ai malheureusement pas garder de ressources or pétrole celerium etc, comment et où demander de supprimer mon compte pour pouvoir r...
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  • Gun fire spread is different on opponents screen

    I was testing lag issues using a private match with split screen and noticed that the gun fire spread was very different on the opponents screen compared to the shooters screen. On the shooters screen the damage again...
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  • I've retired from COD.

    Just a quick message to let the regulars I chat to, and follow know that I've got rid of Advanced Warfare (and my XboxOne. Going back to PS4 as I've always been a PS gamer. Nothing against the Xbox at all. Just always...
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  • LVL 21 Clan Recruiting

    Hello all xbox one call of duty members.. Recently some of our clan members decided to stop playing and we are currently competing in the diamond division of the clan wars...were looking for players that communicate w...
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  • Cross platform

    Is this game cross platform? Just wondering because me and my little brother wanna run a ps3 and xbox.360 clan and it not be 2 different clans.
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  • Clan Recruitment PS4

    Hey guys! I am searching for members for Outlaw Soldierz, it's a new clan so i am the only member right now. Had this clan on MW3 a long time ago, we were alot of members, but i am starting over now on AW PS4. If you ...
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  • Infinity Ward Collection...

    we need infinity ward to put together an all-star collection of re-rendered games for the xbox one like microsoft did with the halo series. imagine having cod 2, cod 4, mw2, mw3 and maybe ghost all on one disc and pl...
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  • 13th Presitge Supply Drops are still crap?

    So I am now 13th prestige, and have very little elite things to show for it. I understand it's all random, but another member in my clan has 25 elite weapons, 15 elite Exo suits.... And so on. He is only prestige 7. I...
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