• Looking to join or make a clan

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    I Am looking to make a new or join an existing clan that is competitive and wants to win. if you are interested in making a clan or wanting me to join a clan then add my psn account - callumdabeast - (this account was...
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  • Hackers on Xbox 360 Nothing being done about it...

    Was playing a free for all match like a week ago, there was a guy obviously aimbotting doing 720's everywhere headshots only stuff like that. so i did what every cod player should do and report the hacker. You would t...
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  • Reported a hacker a week ago, He's still hacking and not banned?

    I Play on the Xbox 360 I Reported a guy playing Free for all a week ago,Named (Swat My House) a grandmaster prestige, He was aimbotting obviously, Spinning around in every direction insanely fast, only getting headsho...
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  • ExoZombies

    Im looking for people to do the EE an carrier with and 2 little requests. 1. mic needed so I can communicate if needed during the game. 2. must be 16+ I really don't like playing with little kids the rage quit too much
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  • Pre order

    I was wondering why there is not the two pack bundle to preorder for Xbox 360
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  • Advanced supply drop

    I bought some advanced supply drops and they haven't downloaded. I don't know how to get them and they aren't in my download library
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  • ps3/4 scores?

    SLAK808(killer), NativeSlayer420(gturret guy) & Thunder tKO(myself the relic runner) just got a 608.250 9 relics hc awakening on the one. i know 360 has 607.301, i just want to know if this is X Console WR?
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  • Xbox 360 CLAN!

    Hello there Advanced warfare players. Iam recruiting for my new clan (Excellence) If you are intressed than send me a friend request. GT : OpTic Mchll Clan details : - K/D : 1.28 - W/L : 1.21 - Clan tag : eX. - Nice...
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  • I haven't been able to get on this game in quite some time.  It says "A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out.  This game has done this to me many times and is very frustrating.

    I haven't been able to get on this game in quite some time.  It says "A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out.  This game has done this to me many times and is very frustrat...
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  • Got Xboxone hoping for no cheating!?!??

    Boy was I wrong! It's even worse than 360. Why doesn't Microsoft do something? If I were Microsoft I would be embarrassed. I mean here's Microsoft with millions of dollars at their disposal, and here comes some puny l...
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  • Does anyone want to play Exo Zombies?

    I only have outbreak but id love to play if youre down. Message me @ TwoPumpChump02
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  • Valor Force (vF) Xbox 360 Clan

    We're back! I messed up big time on our last recruitment. This session will be a lot more neat, nice, and smooth.   Valor Force, also known as vF, is a sniping/trickshot clan. Our main COD is Black Ops 2 for now....
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  • What is NAT?

    I had a 360 and it always said NAT: Open. I just got a One and first it was saying NAT: Moderate and now it says NAT: Strict. Dose that mean they are going to be strict with me? What gives?
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  • XB1 Community Recruiting

    DoAxGaming is recruiting for is growing CoD community we are max level in CoD:AW and we are sponsered so we looking for new members to go into Bo3 with and to play clan wars and we also have a competitive team for CoD...
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  • I'm unable to play zombies

    every time I try to play zombies it says I have to download additional content then I go and it but after wards it still doesn't work but I when I go to delete my havoc dlc only then am I able to play zombies can you ...
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  • Looking for a ps4 clan

    Hi! I'm looking for a ps4 clan, I am looking for a clan with a lot of UK members. I have just switched to ps4 from xbox one so have just hit prestige one in 7 hours. I have a 2 KD and a 450 spm with no elite weapons s...
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  • I can't find the 13 digit beta code they supposedly sent me when I pre-odered BO3. I need help finding it.

    I pre-odered BO3, and I cannot find the 13 digit beta code that supposed to have came with the order. I pre-odered it online, with Paypal.
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  • I also have had an issue with Celerium purchases...

    I Have sent a message to Axelspoonz, but I was unsure if it was received, so here's my info. I would be so grateful for assistance please. Thank you!!! Hello, I purchased the Prestige Celerium Packs (I actually boug...
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  • Server not available on xbox one

    I have tried accessing multiplayer on xbox on for over 24 hourS now and I keep getting the same message that the call of duty ghost server is not available at this time please try again later
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  • Ranked/GB members needed!  [PS4]

    We are looking for a few more members for our GB team.  We are a 4 man team right now, but we are accepting recruits with very high talent as subs if one of us are off.  Our age ranges all the way from 15-31...
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