• The Rude Awakening to come very soon to the Black Ops II Faithful

    Here is how I look at Call of Duty as a whole. It is like a Movie. The first one is great! Then they come out with a sequel, sometimes the sequel is terrible, sometimes the sequel is incredibly better.  Then they...
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  • Zombies?

    Is anyone up for some black ops 2 zombies, i can play any map, but Mob of the Dead, mine is unfortunately broken I'm looking for a crew, so is anyone interested?
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  • Where do you control your clan for Ghosts? How do we get the Clan Wars unlocked?

    The normal Elite does not have any listing for Ghosts in Clan Operations or anything, also the Clan Wars are locked...   >>Where do you control your clan for Ghosts? How do we get the Clan Wars unlocked? &...
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  • Servers?

    anyone else having trouble finding games and their ping being in the red? i have been searching for a game for over 20 mins now... Kinda ridiculous during the 2x xp weekend and I can't play at all... Just wanna know i...
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  • TuRn Clan

    This a small clan growing quickly if you would like to join comment below
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  • Guitar Hero Live: Taking the Stage at SoundDial and Rock The Block

    The roar of the crowd, the thrill of taking the stage, and gazing upon a sea of adoring fans—Guitar Hero Live aims to deliver that universal rockstar fantasy. This week at Gamescom, we’re shedding new ligh...
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  • Destiny: The Taken King “We Are Guardians” Trailer Released

    The Destiny journey began for players last year, and since that time, they’ve traveled to the ends of our universe, defeated Crota, taken on Valus Ta'aurc, fought intense battles in the Crucible, and so much mor...
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  • Guitar Hero Live's Tracklist Grows to 100 With Announcement of 16 New Songs

    We’ve already announced a whopping 84 tracks for Guitar Hero Live. But since there’s no such thing as too much rock n’ roll, it’s time to roll out 16 new playable songs, bringing the total numb...
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  • Vocals Are Coming to Guitar Hero Live

    Guitar Hero Live is all about variety. If you want to channel your inner rock god and perform for audiences of hundreds or even thousands, there’s GH Live and its dynamic, live-action bands and crowds. Or, maybe...
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  • Skylanders SuperChargers: Introducing Racing and Online Multiplayer

    In Skylanders SuperChargers, you can battle your way through Skylands on foot or by piloting more than 15 new land, air, and sea vehicles. However, that got us thinking—it’d be an awful waste to not let pl...
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  • Any New Trickshotters Out There?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone would like to just play some black ops 2 with me and a couple friends, just trickshotting in public matches as well as some custom games.  Doesn't matter if you're a begin...
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  • Liga der Champion

    Guten tag, ich spiele öfter liga der champion nur hab ich nun das problem das es irgendwie "hängen" geblieben ist sprich ich krieg minus oder plus punkte aber es verändert sich nichts. Auch als die neue...
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  • Should I upgrade my headset? If so which 1?

    Hey Everybody, I currently game using a Polk 4shot headset. It's not that bad and it's actually very comfortable. However im always getting killed from behind and I'm watching gamers on YouTube knowing everytime some...
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  • wie lange dauert die lieferung der verbesserten vorräte

    Hi an alle,   Ich wollte mal fragen wie lange die lieferung der bestellten vorräte bei call of duty advanced warfare dauert da ich mir von einigern std für 40€ welche gekauft habe und danach noch ...
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  • Why is my aim so bad?

    I believe im a fairly decent cod player because I can usually end up with at least a 2 kd in games and 3 and 4 kds a good bit. Sometimes even higher. My actual kd is only 1.4. But for some reason my aim is just awful....
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  • In need of a bo2 clan (PS3)

    i need a clan for bo2, I dont have a mic right now because it broke but I will be getting one soon. MY Skype is bengii__  if needed to contact. (: MY PSN is xDarkest_Shaddow
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  • How do i check if my beta code worked

    i havent got any email saying my beta code worked how do i check
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  • Looking for 2 serious zombie players please read the description

    Hey everyone, so with Black ops 3 around the corner and more zombie content inbound, I thought to myself that I really want to go back to Black ops 1&2 to play through the maps again and do the Easter eggs on said...
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  • Psn digital pre order

    I preordered bo3 digitally on my ps4,but i never got a beta code. Has this happened to anyone else?
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  • SBMM needs to go now Sledgehammer....heres why

    Initially people complained about SBMM because of being paired up with skilled players. I never complained because im all about competitive play.   But now im finding it difficult to find lobbies in TDM. Ever si...
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