• Terrible Hit Detection since last hotfix ( with Video

    The last few days have been terrible with hit detection. I play only hardcore team deathmatch. Nothing changed on my side. Still open NAT no packet loss and great bandwidth but something is drastically wrong since thi...
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  • Superchargers for IOS Not Available at App Store in My Country. Only in US store.

    Superchargers for IOS NOT Available at App Store in My Country. Only in US store. Country linked to credit card, I can't change it. I have tried to change to "None" for Payment Type. But when changed to US for th...
    created by DBX76
  • Is this considered cheating?

    I went to my buddy's house last night and noticed he had a reticle (basically scope optics) drawn onto his TV with a dry erase marker.  He said it's always dead center and he never has to ADS when acquiring targe...
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    Hi everyone, i have a problem: in multiplayer, any skin i choose, is bugged and he doesn't want to show on every weapon also knife.     Can someone solve my problem ?     at the 1600x900 resoluti...
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  • Nuketown

    Habe mit die Map Nuketown runtergeladen. Musste BO3 neu instsllieren Nuketown war nicht mit dabei wollte den Code neu eingeben, war abgelaufen (schonmal benutzt) und finde die Map nicht in der Bibliothek. (PS4) Was...
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  • Call of duty : black ops3 says my nuk3town map is corrupt how do I fix this?

    ON multiplayer mode it won't let me join nuk3town. The map is on the game as I updated the game today I seen it beside the game but when I'm in a party and and we go to Nuk3town maps it shows we are going to the count...
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  • Treyarch? You there? What are you doing?

    I know a ton of threads will be made on this but I frankly do not care.   Honestly, why? Why make the single biggest mistake last year's Advanced Warfare made, but then make it even worse by not just having 'var...
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  • Gaming set ups

    After many setups and arrangement here is where I am at now Next I have to work on getting a good chair ,,,,,   I did try what was considered to be an 8 hour chair ( supposed to be able to sit in it for 8 ho...
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  • Looking for a clan (xbox360)

    yeah average sniper, good at the other weapons too. I´m looking for any tipe of clan...   Connect here or xboxlive H33C LEGAZY
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  • CAG Clan is Recruiting Xbox One PS4

      CAG Clan (Combat Applications Group) is recruiting.   We are well established clan with 15 years of experience that is always on the lookout for mature and like-minded gamers. All ages are welcome t...
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  • I bought a starter Pack for IPad skylanders super chargers and i can not Find the Game in Appstore. How can I get it?

    I bought a starter Pack Skylanders Superchargers and i can not Find the game in Appstore. How can I get it?
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  • PS4 TACtical SOlutions Global

    TacSo Global is now recruiting for active members! We have 5 spots available. My name is Dread and I am the active CoD director for TacticalSolutionsGlobal. We are a PS4 community of gamers ages 18+ who are tightly ...
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  • You definitely said cosmetics only

    Treyarch/Activision  just leave the new weapons as DLC and the new cosmetic items in the black market, I am not spending 100's of pounds on a new gun, you will have to be very lucky to get these weapons from just...
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  • puis-je avoir un code Points cod ?

    bonjour activision ! je vous contacte aujourd'hui pour vous demandez si vous ne pourriez pas me donner un code 13000 points cod pour que je face un opening pour ma communauté ! ? ma chaîne youtube es d&eac...
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  • Der Einsendrachen Easter Egg PS4 (need one person)

    add me: Skimixs
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  • Void Bow

    Is it just me having trouble getting the purple void bow I can preform all the steps apart from the one where the voice apparently tells you his name iv tried 5 or 6 times and every time the noise from the zombies or ...
    created by Bigbennik1
  • Call of duty black ops 3 .issuse

    I do something wrong on my account.I really prestige 7 but now I only level 7 and everything I work on it gone I feel so sad please give my Prestige back.Thank you
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  • Black Ops 3 campaign Challenges are broken.

    Me and my friend both have this same problem. We have got everything in the campaign including all weapons.   There is one thing we cant get even after completing and that is Running the Gauntlet 3. We have both...
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  • Done

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  • Impossible de me connecter en ligne

    Bonjour,   j'ai récemment acheté Call of Duty Black Ops III, mais il met impossible de me connecter en ligne.
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