• Details on the 3/11 update please

    Why are there no details regarding the 3/11 update? Please provide details on what was done.   Thanks!
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  • reduce troop training times (especially mechanized troops)

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    Other than Assault, Juggernaut, and Snipers, troops take too long to train. I understand that there needs to be a throttle on attacking, but the training times for other troops (RPG, Dragonfire, AGR, ASAM, etc) are so...
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  • Deployment Yards Are Full

    I relied on the visual notification of Deployment Yards to tell me when my units where ready for battle. I could not care less about the other labels, but that one was gold, and now it is gone... So now I must look at...
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  • New bug with alliances

    Hi people and Activision!   Today I and my clan suffered from the behavior of the players Sparta Russia. they found an opportunity to get into a clan without an invitation, to insult people, arrange provocations ...
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  • Base layouts - PvP versus Survival

    What do people think about how you should set your base out for each of the two main modes of play in COD Heroes?   I'm assuming most serious players are the same as me and have one of your two base layouts for...
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  • Personalised avatars

    Anyone know how long they take to get looked at?  Mine have been pending for a while now and there is nothing offensive about them.   Just curious as to how much attention this forum gets from the mods.......
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  • Latest PS4 Patch - Lag Comp

    I have been a call of duty player since COD:4. I have bought every game and would consider myself a hardcore player. Over the years i have done as much as is possible for me to ensure i have the best possible internet...
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  • #WiiPlayCallofDuty - Let your voice be heard!

    Video I made in attempt to get our voice in the community heard, and get the next Call of Duty onto the Nintendo platform!   Bring Call of Duty Back to Nintendo - #WiiPlayCallofDuty - YouTube
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  • Will we ever know?

    Alright guys. I have returned to xbox after quitting on december 2013 due to real life tasks. I got black ops 2 in december 2012 and was hooked on zombies immediately. I bought the season pass and everything. But I ca...
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  • UK players connection issues

    PS4 connection issues since last update. Despite  Mr Condrey saying there will be dedicated servers why do I get the message something like 'game ended because host left or disconnected' frequently? That suggests...
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  • Stats are so funny!

    Waiting for the party I was playing with last night - (thanks for the invite, cranium2001) I went into my combat record and theleaderboards, and found that I was number 123 in KC, and had a KD of 117:1.   I dec...
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  • This is the worst COD to date

    JK. I'm a fan boy I like to play games with bad weapon balance and bad spawns horrible servers and such
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  • Ps4 Update 2.50

    PS4 update 2.50 to add Suspend/Resume feature • Eurogamer.net   New update coming that allows users to reassign buttons for DualShock4.     If you swap the L2 & X buttons for example. It mea...
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  • xbox 1 clan recruitment

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    just started have good members friendly and looking for more Advanced Warfare Clan RecruitmentAdvanced Warfare Clan Recruitment
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  • Buying advanced weapons. Is this an unfair advantage ??

    I used to enjoy playing this game but lately I cant seem to get anywhere as some guy/girl with some superdooper latest weapon blasts the hell out of me from miles away.  There is no real skill involved from their...
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  • PS4 point of contact hardcore solo world record 345k

    Hello everyone I'm presenting you a world record video of hardcore poc solo, watch it and study the routes, and how the challenges are done so you can implement it in your own game. Gluck http://m.youtube.com/watch?v...
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  • Sledgehammer rip off

    As someone who made a good living from helping develop games I can honestly say SH are rippng customers off and activision are turning a blind eye ( but probably won't use SH again ( if they got good lawyers)). SBMM s...
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  • Where to redeem Challenge coins

    Still have my coins
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  • Rank Play Team (Xbox One)

    looking for a realy good rank play and gb team if interested add austin4764 on xboox1
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  • Does SHG actually think the scorestreaks are balanced?

    Streaks in this game are WAY to easy to get. It's ridiculous. The enemy team has a warbird a palladin and an assault drone with rockets because he captured the first flag and the b flag and got one kill. And then, 15 ...
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