on the 8th of may i preordered the standard edition of black ops 3, i did not check the confirmation email for the beta code. now i cant get the email back... does this mean i cant get beta or do i have to find my email?
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  • I pre ordered cod bo3 but didn't get the bonuses for cod advanced warfare what should I do?

    I Pre ordered cod bo3 on xbox one  but I didn't get the bonuses for cod advanced warfare what should I do?
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  • Will you make any more Juggernog Editions for PS4 available?

    We need more Juggernog Editions...!!!  Will you guys make anymore...??  I know places like Gamestop have already started up waiting lists on hope for more...  Will there be more...??  Please...??
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  • missing clan rewards

    Hello, i have a problem with missing rewards for clan wars. I've tried to send a private message to @AxelSpoonz but i not able to do it due to some kind of error. @AxelSpoonz could you send me PM, please, that I ...
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  • Why is my aim so bad?

    I believe im a fairly decent cod player because I can usually end up with at least a 2 kd in games and 3 and 4 kds a good bit. Sometimes even higher. My actual kd is only 1.4. But for some reason my aim is just awful....
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  • Late comer surprised

    Ok. New to this game. Suck(always will by comparison) but this is the first multiplayer cod i have enjoyed since cod4 MW. Even the comunity itself seems to be nicer. (It really bottomed out during MW3 and Blops2 imo. ...
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  • Skylanders Trap Team Wii

    We have Skylander Trap Team for the Wii console. Every time time we get to Dreamcatcher level the game freezes and it makes a buzzing sound. The only way to resolve the issue is to unplug the wii. It means we cannot p...
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  • 5.4 GB Update!!??   

    Wonder what it could be...
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  • I need Guitar Hero Warriros of Rock usb dongle replacement! I live in brazil, how can i get it?

    I need Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock usb dongle replacement! I live in brazil, how can i get it?   My country dont appear in list !
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  • I ran into my first ever modder

    Ok so the person himself is most likely not a hacker, but instead I am guessing he either paid to get into a modded lobby, or by accident.   How do I know he had done one of the above? Well, his stats on the si...
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  • Stuck timer on Exodus Last Door

    So I'm playing this 3-man exodus CoOp game.  We are doing the last door (rhino alley). We've already did all the other doors and generators. And the timer stops at zero seconds, but the rhinos keep coming. And co...
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  • What happens when you join in after the Nuke Explodes

    So earlier today, I was matched into a random point of contact game by the all glorious CoD matchmaking system.   I was ready to back out as usual (when I'm matched into a game), however, I was shown the ending ...
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  • New Call Of Duty Clan (Xbox one)

    IRONIDE GAMING   I have set up a clan to compete in gamer battles on call of duty. The reason why i have set it up so late is because we are wanting to get a big enough clan roster for when call of duty black ops...
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  • Teeth Count

    It was suggested in the other discussion I made, to see how many teeth everyone has. So lets post your count. Of course I will start, and if you're not sure exactly, just estimate but don't overly estimate.   NO...
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  • Legenday and royality purple weapons ?????

    Does dos someone known  if the ps3 get any   royality weapons  or gear set ????.   after grand master prestige i din`t get any purple weapons ??????/
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  • please help!

    So, I woke up turned on my Xbox and it said it was updating, but it said it was at  %100, it's been stuck like that for 11 hours now. I've tried everything, from restarting my Xbox, to calling my internet provide...
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  • In need of a bo2 clan (PS3)

    i need a clan for bo2, I dont have a mic right now because it broke but I will be getting one soon. MY Skype is bengii__  if needed to contact. (: MY PSN is xDarkest_Shaddow
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  • Phoenix Rising Gaming Recruiting [XB1] (Level 25-Diamond Division) "Rage With Us"

    Phoenix Rising Gaming are looking for both casual and competitive players for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One. We will be looking for dedicated players for our competitive teams for MLG GameBattles and Clan...
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  • Skylander Trap Team

    We have got Skylander Trap Team for Wii. Everytime we get to Dreamcatcher level the game freezes and makes a buzzing noise. We have to unplug to stop it. Can you help please?
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  • Looking for a clan

    Looking for a clan that accepts smgers
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