• Why I Cancelled my Preorder

    First off, respect my opinion as I respect yours.   I wrote a very positive review of the game the first day. I do like the movement system, like the weapons, the maps, etc. However, after playing it 3 days, the...
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  • Destitutione - same ol' NT

    Bo3   WHY!   What is the dumb obsession with re-skinned maps being resold to us? WHY   seriously, who asks for this.   They already did it with Bo2, and they are repeating it with Bo3   ...
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  • Music Confirmed and Rumored

    Someone has to do this sooner or later so here we go:   Confirmed Songs: A Day to Remember - "Right Back At It Again" Alice in Chains - "Stone" Alt-J - "Left Hand Free" Alter Bridge - "Cry of Achilles" Alte...
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  • Nuketown unfortunately returns

    Looks like we will never be rid of this sh*tty map from Treyarch. I literally just saw an advertisement on this site saying to preorder now and get the Nuketown bonus map.   Looks like the kill whores get their ...
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  • Host Migration Does Exist....

    Literally not even a minute, maybe two minutes into the KC game.  
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  • Como puedo cambiar mi MATCHMAKING?

    Como puedo cambiar mi MATCHMAKING? Lo que pasa es que hace unos días adquirí un DLC y a partir de eso ya no encuentro partidas de ningun tipo en miltijugador ONLINE, y eso es un poco molesto si me pudier...
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  • pack ombre erreur lecture disque

    Lorsque je veux placer le pack ombre, je reçois un message d'erreur lecture disque sur la WiiU.
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  • Customization Dying?

    I played enough to get to 22 and enjoyed it for the most part but what got me was that I like having goals in MP. Especially in COD unlocking customization for looks was always a thing. These card cutouts that predete...
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  • Reduce Trigger Area of Mines

    1 vote
    Right now, mines have a blast radius about equal to their trigger radius. It would be nice to dramatically reduce the trigger radius to the tile on which the mine sits. This would make sense in that this is how mines ...
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  • Treyarch dedicated server full version???

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    It was the promise of dedicated server Why was not dedicated exe must restart your own dedicated server that kick hackers
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  • I got Banned on CoD Ghosts for no Reason on PC and without using hacks

    Hello (from me a bit hated support =P sry) Support and Community i wanted to say that i just got banned from Ghosts that is almost about a month ago and i didnt got debanned I really love Ghosts but i dont want to wa...
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  • What exactly is wrong with this game .

    I am not here to bash the game itself , im here to bash the connection . I have 50 mbps up and 20 mbps down . All other online games on my PC and Ps4 , including other CoDs where there way less players online , im mos...
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  • Looking for ppl to play origins

    Must have mic and if all possible no how to do the Easter Egg but it don't matter Jus as long as u have a mic
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  • if you are down and not getting revived and leave read this.

    anyone reading this must have died a few times and quits. this is for you,,,,,if you go down and wonder why people pass you up, probabaly because they can't get you without dying or they are passing you to get quick r...
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  • {PS3} Universal Clan Now Recruiting!

    Hello guys this is Universal_Shotz- here and I am starting a fresh new clan on Call of Duty for the Playstation. I will soon go to Xbox if this clan gets big enough.   What this clan will be is mainly a league c...
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  • jeu appache air assult ne veut pas démarrer ni possibilité de s'enregistrer tout le temps atente validation

    Bonjour, J'ai acheté le jeu Apache air assault, une fois installé plus rien ne se passe, ni en essayant de s'enregistrer ni en anonyme. ceci et valable pour un ordinateur sous Windows 7 ou 8.1 et encore moi...
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  • I will be playing tonight.

    If anyone would like the opportunity to play with the legendary DieselPlower, I will be on tonight. I promise I will let y'all get a few kills.
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  • An honest question I hope someone associated with Activision can answer for me

    I have given up trying to get Vahn to answer this so I bring it here, hoping that one of the mods associated with Activision can at least shed some light on this.  My question is a simple one:  Why is Activi...
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  • Zombie team hunt!

    Why hello fellow Zombie killing machines. Zombie here! I'm looking for good, veteran Zombie players. I'm aiming to get to round 40+ on day 1, so would prefer guys and gals with mics.   I'm on Xbox One, so if...
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  • Nuketown 2065 24/7 playlist anyone?

    With rumours, speculations and conspiracies around Nuketown finally over and officially confirmed. I'm really hoping for a 24/7 playlist for this beauty of a map. PS3 had a permanent playlist, so I think cross platfo...
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