• Weapons camo mastery exo

    I recently finished all of the weapons camo mastery and did not receive the exo.  I have reveiwed all of the challenges and everything is showing a completion and I have all of my royalty camos.  Can someone...
  • I Download HAVOC DLC But Its Showing Me 'Waiting To Install' Please I Need A Fix On PS4

    I Download HAVOC DLC But Its Showing Me 'Waiting To Install' Please I Need A Fix. I Even ReDownloaded And Restarted My PS4 Nothing Worked.
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  • The strength of Aim Assist is the biggest problem this game has right now.

    There has, in my experience, been no other console game in the FPS genre that has the built-in aim assist so strong like it is in Advanced Warfare.  It feels way, way overcooked.  Those of us gamers who also...
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  • Freezing su cod aw

    dopo aver aperto cod aw sulla ps4 normalmente, il gioco chiede di premere X ma anche se lo faccio non succede nulla e resta bloccato alla schermata iniziale.. Che devo fare?
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  • problemas con el season pass aw

    Bueno pues el problema es que tengo la digital pro edition en la ps3 con el season pass y todo y no me aparece nada para descargar el dlc.. El jueves llegó una actualizacion de 500 y pico mb pero no me salen lo...
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  • help

    I downloaded the chaos map add on in mw3 and it wont play i downloaded it several times and still nothing the play button will stay gray it wont turn black for me to push play when i go to spec ops to try n play it it...
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  • My Apologies ,i was wrong (sbmm)

    I need to clear up a couple of things ,mainly regarding the opinions i have been putting forward about sbmm . after this a few people will realise they are wrong and thats ok ,this research has been done over a perio...
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  • I never see anyone playing online. Am I alone?

    Hi, I have tried several times to play online. Every type of game always comes up with the same results. There are no other players. Yes, I am connected to the net. Using a PC with win 7 64 bit.   Thanks for an...
    Mekaza Bitrusty
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  • My research on how the game sets up a match.

    When I first came on this board I came out of frustration on the game. I signed up to complain like a lot of other people do. Then I shut my trap and read what a lot of the forum vets said to do about my connection s...
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  • best class?

    which one do you prefer? also which weapons do u use
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  • My take on the recent Guitar Hero rumor.

              I'm not excited, and you shouldn't be either. If you played the games before Guitar Hero 3, you'd see where I'm coming from. Guitar Hero turned into a glorified R...
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  • Havoc DLC PS4

    Ich habe mir das Havoc DLC vorbestellt und heute runtergeladen nun habe ich jedoch folgendes Problem: Ich kann den heruntergeladenen Inhalt nicht spielen da ich immer die Meldung bekomme das ich zusätzlich Inhal...
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  • FPS Academy of COD Gamers

    We often applaud posts that are witty or spot on or cleaver in some way or another with the compliment, "That's the best post of the year!"   So I thought it would be neat to create a place where we can collect ...
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  • Kicked For Inactivity Needs Sorting

    We just had a guy idle at the Medusa. He did not idle throughout the entire match but we started the Medusa, and then he idled (he wasn't being an idiot in the sense he refused to push, he was literally not there play...
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  • What happened?

    I know there have been threads about how this game is unplayable to it downright sucks.  I myself just have to ask....what happened to call of duty? At one point this game was the most beloved, talked about game ...
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  • Supply drops!

    judt recently got the game on ps4 and have been getting supply drops like crazy so far I'm level 28 and have the elite Bal-27 Obsidian Steed, Ak12 elite RIP, Em1 elite Polar vortex, Kf5 elite spanner and finally smug ...
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  • Anyone wanna try for high scores ? Xbox 360

    Im looking for players for co-op high scoring must  be experienced.  I don't minding helping others either or having a few tooth farm games my gamer tag is DAZTASTIC69 all in capital as I have writ it I hope...
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  • (PS4) Level 10 Clan Recruiting MK-ultra

    Im looking for more people to join the clan. If interested just reply with your PSN or search MK-ultra and apply. Anyone is welcome.
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    We are Menof apocalypse,We need active members with a kd 1+ , we currently have 2 sponsors, we haven't lost a clan war yet. We are an Xbox clan so please message me for an invite at The xx Prophecy and you can get rec...
  • PS4 Players....UNITE! Leave gamertag

    Well, slowly but surely I'm seeing people back on the PS4 playing extinction (mostly my friends list, which include many of you here).   I've been playing on PS3, mostly because it's easier to get a game and tha...
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