• Unrivaled Gaming Now Recruiting X1 & PS4

    Unrivaled Gaming [uG] is now recruiting new members to join our family!   We are a PS4 and X1 clan, based around our core fundamentals of trust, loyalty, hard work, and sportsmanship. uG was founded not only to ...
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  • error code  A------F----------------T-------

    i have instead of, no zombies, and cant connect to campaign, best part NO RETURNS PLEASE HELP ME
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  • My paintshop and emblem and clan are locked

    I logged on to my black ops 3 today and I can't go on my paintshop my emblem or my clan tag they are all locked I Googled it and a few people have the same problem I tried the content filter change but its says not av...
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  • aiming is off or lag. help

    when i aim left to right the aiming seems to over extend from when i stop. hard for me to play the game cause i die alot from the problem. i bought a new controller to fix the issue but its still there. i aim left ...
  • Edit base inability

    hi, one of my ally is unable to edit his war base ever since he upgraded to cc8. He already has cc9 now and is still unable to. Edit base button is gone and his alliance warbase is way way outdated causing defense fai...
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  • Please Read!

    Does anyone agree that the developers should make a one-time name change in the next big update??? it would be awesome and it is such a simple request. Please make this happen!
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  • War crashing Help

    in the last 2 wars 3 of my 4 battles have been lost due to the app crashing/closing. All of my alliance is complainning of the same problem is there any known fix to this issue because the support team don't seem inte...
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  • Shotguns are garbage...

    Has anyone else noticed how terrible they are this time?  I diamond shotguns in Black Ops 2, they were awesome.  Now Treyarch has made them the worst class, with 2 shotguns that require multiple shots to kil...
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  • what are the gas canisters for?SOE zombies

    Im talking about the white canisters you can get from the pods and are also around the map anyone know what they're used for if anything?
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  • SMG's are absolutely ridiculous.

    Hasn't been a Call of Duty yet since Modern Warfare 2 that understands that SMG's should not be mid-to-long range weapons. Every single game, you can bet that 80% of the players are going to be using the Kuda, the VMP...
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  • 3arc "quit feeling sorry for yourself" because the games garbage, you  got more work to do.

    fix the fckin spawn system and give out better maps for free because its all garbage/trash at the moment.
    created by Mythic-

    While playing in campaign i have built the different cybernetics abilities for the categories like chaos, now how do i access them for combat because they would be pretty cool and useful if i could in fact use them. F...
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  • Fatal Error when launching BO3 campaign on PC

    The error message is "ERROR: sound bank cp_patch.all cp_patch all all failed to load" Plz help, messing with the config.ini file didn't work and there aren't many solutions to this. the only other thing I can think of...
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  • OBJ Player? You're wanted!!

    Hi Guys,   Let's be honest most people on CoD play for themselves, it's all about K/D ratio. Well I prefer team-work and getting my W/L ratio higher, and I am sure there are many people who want to do the same bu...
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  • Should I get my funeral attire ready for COD Heroes?

    Activision and Call of Duty , a studio and game franchise that have set the bar! I never thought I would invest so much of my time into a game that would just crumble and blow away.. Thats the way it's looking like al...
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  • PS4 clan looking for scrim. US

    hey guys, we're just looking for a fun 6v6 scrim. a few games of dom, hp, ctf, whatever really. let me know if you're squad is up for it.
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  • How do i fix the bLack bars on split screen

    when I started bo3 up I played split screen and I got black bars on the side I was wondering how I could fix this
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  • Unbalanced teams

    After countless updates, more than half of my games being played in ground war are played with unbalnced teams, 10v8, 10v7, 11v7. Very frustrating in objective based games, like domination and Safeguard. Its almost im...
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  • how do i fix team death match for call of duty advanced warfare?

    Xbox says servers for Activision are down, but that they may be able to provide information to fix it. Not one Activision phone number works, so how do I fix it? Can't play team death match, not standard, hard core etc.
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  • Dear Activision

    I'm PTFO and wondering when/IF the bo3 Xbox 360 servers will ever be fixed. I've played online about 2 hours today and have literally only completed 1 match. Every other time, I've been kicked. I lose "connection to h...
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