• Nuk3town Set In Singapore's "The Isle"

      "The Isle. No transformation or accomplishment is more important than Singapore’s seascraper, floating off shore, as self-sufficient as she is sultry. Fifteen hundred feet of maritime miracle. Composed o...
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  • AW Forum menu issues

    In the last few days the menus for the AW forums have had issues.   The PC headers have not been effective as links.   The phone menu problem is that the search box has migrated and now appears over the he...
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  • What will happen to the stat when the Game launch officially?

    What will happen to the stat when the Game launch officially?
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Beta Named Biggest Ever on PS4

    Last week, millions of players around the world took part in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta on PlayStation 4, giving fans the a chance to try small slice of the multiplayer experience months ahead of t...
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  • API

    I want to create an app that has too read the final scores of a match to determine the winner, is there a api that i could use that would do so?
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  • Looking to join a clan

    I'm looking to join a clan I was in KSI but left awhile back and now I'm looking to join another clan. I'm not going to lie and say I'm MLG type player but I'm not that bad as well lol just looking to join a somewhat ...
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  • Need a clan

    Im a good quick scoper needing a clan for my new account add me Twiist_Vortex_HD
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  • Team RoC [Xbox 360]

    We are looking for members to fill our new clan with you can find us online @ http://www.teamroc.co.nr we are also looking to expand into the new gen soon.   Our Mission: Our mission is to help gamers have a pla...
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  • Competitive Blackops2 Player, Looking For Active MLG/eSports Clan[Xbox]

    Hello everyone,   First off please forgive the name made this account a very long time ago, been a few clans recently and unfortunately most players are inactive or unsupportive, im a league player mainly dont r...
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  • In search of a clan with moderate skills and patience [PS4]

      I'm a very active player and am also looking to become a good MLG player. I'm not asking straight out join my team that I made, because a leader/superior needs to better than my current abilities. That being sa...
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  • Cant get in, update, or get help

    While I am online, I cannot get in (says I need to update but there isn't one available in the Play Store), nor can I add new characters' codes; latter portion applies to the Collection Vault as well. Its also very fr...
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  • BO2 Clan

    How do I make a BO2 Clan because I have no idea how?
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  • I need a clan on BO2

    I Am kind of experienced, but especially with a sniper. I quickscope and trickshot. My pSN is Vadariii and my kik is JukeGods.
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  • Looking for a BO2 Clan PS3

    LOOKING FOR BO2 CLAN Hi guys, im looking for a competitive clan on BO2. I can quickscope really well and improving on my trickshot. I also use other guns like assaults and smgs. If I were to choose between gunner and...
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  • looking for xbox 1 clan

    hi, i am looking for a xbox one clan, KD-1.56 with 425.78 score per minutes. GT Pureoxtice
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  • denunciar hackers en transformers la guerra de cybertron

    Bueno pues llevo varios días intentando jugar para subir los personajes al 25 pero no hay manera las partidas están llenas de hacker y te matan de un tiro o lanzan la bomba omega (no se si será de...
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  • 5 Reasons CoD Ghosts Is Bad

    Hey guys Im a CoD Fanatic, I've been playing it for years, and have experienced every CoD game. But there is alot of issues with this title. Here are is the downside of Ghosts: Multiplayer Lag Issues - When In Gun Ba...
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  • I bought 1200 celerium for Cally of Duty: Heroes for 456,54 rub through googleplay and it billed my phone bill but I DID NOT recieve any of it.

    I bought 1200 celerium for Cally of Duty: Heroes for 456,54 rub through googleplay and it billed my phone bill but I DID NOT recieve any of it.     - Email : - Receipt number: GPA.1386-2068-3333-01002 - ...
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  • Hello. I was wondering if it would be possible to get help with my profile on call of duty world at war.

    I was playing cod world at war online and someone was modding and I went from being a level 32 second prestige to a level 65 10 prestige, but I can't access any attachments. It says they are all locked, but when going...
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  • What speed is ADS in AW? (How much slower is it?)

    Hello,   I found that I like my controller sensitivity in AW for Xbox 1 to be at a "5" but it is WAY too slow when I aim down the sites.   My question is, how much slower is ADS in this game?   Is it...
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