• Xiled Syndicate Gaming (Recruiting) XBOX 360

    Xiled Syndicate Gaming (Currently Recruiting)   Xiled Syndicate Gaming is a new gaming community that has been open for  a few weeks now and surely gaming members on a daily basis, We gamers who opened the d...
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  • Players leaving on zombie games

    Playing online zombies is a great way to find new players to play the zombies game mode but I will  point out that in BO2 zombies if a player did not like how the game was going. It resulted in the player leaving...
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  • All zombies game

    Do you think we'll ever get a Call Of Duty Zombies game? Like nothing else than zombies as they are... No campaign or anything. It could have like 10-15 maps to begin with, then 4 dlcs with 2-4 zombie maps each and ma...
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  • My trap team portal keeps asking for me to add Character .

    My trap team portal keeps asking for me to add Character even though there is one on the portal already and the light is on the edge of the portal but won't read characters.
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  • Will we see more "ZOMBIE" maps this time around?

    Love the zombies, admit that I spend most of my time playing this mode than any game i could name. Would love to see more maps, must say one map every 3months gets stale very fast, even if they would do something lik...
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  • The Rude Awakening to come very soon to the Black Ops II Faithful

    It is very clear to me that those Black Ops 2 Faithful and High K/D loving Pub Stompers are about to do some serious face palms when Black Ops 3 is released.  Unless they are all living under a rock, the YouTube ...
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  • Quickscoping

    Does it bother you? Do you think they should try and completely nerf it?   Do you quickscope? Do you think it takes skill or none at all? What are you opinions on quickscoping?   Thank you all
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    If this game had the thruster capability like AW does but on a different scale,then for the love of god we NEED BIGGER MAPS!!!   I have gotten so sick of how small these maps have becoming over the years and qui...
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  • Looking for a group of people to play with.

    Just lookin for a decently skilled set of people to play with. PSN ---> Swiz_Trickz Add me if you're interested.
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  • I just can't even...

    Hey all, been a while.   Most of you who know me know that I try to keep it positive on here. I have long been a fan of the series, and a big supporter of the games and the developers. So, I apologize in advance...
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    So after pre-ordering I put my beta code in and then have tried multiple times to link the call of duty account  to my PS4 account and it fails every time. I eventually just made this new account which I am on no...
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  • Xbox One | Entitled Gaming [EGx] | US & Canada | Lightweight | 6-1 | DD Rank 11th | Max Level | Sponsored

    Previous Clan Wars in Season 2 of AW Clan Wars #CWParis #CWKarachi #CWBogota #CWCopenhagen #CWMumbai #CWLisbon #CWPerth Use this link below to check out our rankings and find out mor...
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  • It is difficult to know yourself if you do not know others

    COD AW   I have yet to write about how to approach AW. Its not an easy subject because this game is not easy. Its quiet tricky and unforgiving.   And this is one thing I can provide to you without explaini...
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  • Add count down timer to Supply Drop Challenge

    Just thought the daily SDC's should have a timer showing how long until the challenge resets because a few times ive been mid game trying to get my last or last few, kills, tags, uplink scores or whatever. to get that...
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  • Sehr unzufriedener Kunde

    Ich schreibe das jetzt einfach auf Deutsch. Ich bin so angepisst das glaubt mir niemand. Ich habe seit dem Release der neuen Waffen 16 Supply Drops erspielt. In jedem war wirklich nur Mist drin. Dinge die niemand ben&...
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  • BO3 beta code invalid........

    Hi i pre- ordered COD BO3 a few days ago but i cant enter my beta code like many players .......... please contact me for another code i didnt manage to send privte mail to actision support. Ill give you the informat...
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  • endless notifications and error codes

    Sooooo. At the dailey reset i began recieving endless [550 by now] blank notifacations. Several failed logins, error codes out the booty 401 to b exact, anyone else? Wtf actiroll?
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  • Commander classified

    I know this use to be a small problem awhile back when aw first started up but I am currently still having this issue. My clan shows me as a recruit in the clan and as the commander. When I am in the app I have no con...
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  • Modellnummer ist falsch. WAS SOLL ICH TUN?

    Modellnummer ist falsch. WAS SOLL ICH TUN?
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  • Exo-Überlebenskampf Fehler oder Bug? (advanced warfare)

    Hallo erstmal!     Ich habe mir gestern die Mühe gemacht, mit einem Freund den Exo-Überlebenskampf durchzuspielen, um den Zombie-Charakter mit Ausrüstung freizuschalten. Nachdem wir fast 5 S...
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