• Can some1 explain to me how spawns work?

    So ive been playing cod now since halfway thru ghosts. Ever since AW, i really want to get better at the game. My aim has improved since uped my sensitivity, im getting good at watching the mini map and now im trying ...
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  • serious lag comp issues

    Hi Guys, I downloaded the beta on the XB1 yesterday and have been giving it a go through today. For me in the UK I'm really struggling with what feels like ridiculous lag comp! It feels similar to when AW first came...
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  • Penalty for not playing objective

    There should be a penalty for not playing the objective in Black ops 3.  I've lost so many games where people are playing Domination and no one is capping flags.  Why join? Go can play TDM, if your not goin...
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  • UAV Spam All Day

    I think it's finally time for a Call of Duty to get this scorestreak right. It needs to require more points to earn. In my opinion, at least 600. With the ghost perk being a level 38 unlock, the UAV spam is absolutely...
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  • The crutchiest perk award goes to...

    The answer may surprise you.   Fast Hands Why you may ask?  Since most of your time is spend running, the ability to ready your weapon quickly after sprinting is the difference between life and death.&nbs...
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  • Update 1.9 will discourage active players

    I would like to draw your kind attention towards negative impact of your recent upgrade 1.9. First of all appreciable features are:- Gideon. Supercharged Helipad Inventory League bonus in every pvp.   But n...
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  • good beta but need more

    I like the game, but is a basic cod.   I need some new crazy fun: javelin, remote control car, grenade launchers, comando, double shotguns, claymores scavenger... were crazy and fun in the past but now, nothing...
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    Have about five hours in the beta now, and aside from the obvious fps and lag issues, by far the biggest problem is the flinch. On the xbox and ps4 the aim assist compensates for this quite a bit, but on pc its unbear...
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  • The Re-jack Nerf

    Well Activision, I am absolutely dumbfounded by you. Once again you have managed to take something slightly overpowered, and made it completely f*****g useless. You did it first in Destiny, where you buffed hand-canno...
  • Defensive Player Gets 10% of SP Used

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    Currently, we get dogtags/gears that give us a small percentage of the cost of units sent against our base in PVP. It would be nice to also get around 10% of the skill points that were used on our base.   Right...
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  • Atlas Units

    So in update 1.8 we got Atlas Units.  That was about 6 or 7 weeks ago.  At the time the units sucked, well to be fair nobody had upgraded the units high enough and most units suck at low levels.  So one...
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  • {PS3} Universal Clan Now Recruiting!

    Hello guys this is Universal_Shotz- here and I am starting a fresh new clan on Call of Duty for the Playstation. I will soon go to Xbox if this clan gets big enough.   What this clan will be is mainly a league c...
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  • Getting "Error code: A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.Q.-.-.T.-."

    When I try to connect to the Black Ops 3 beta servers, I keep getting "Error code: A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.Q.-.-.T.-.". I am on PC. I have reinstalled the game twice already.
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  • Ive downloaded the beta everything is working but i can not press A on anygame mode or accept friend invites too play

    Someone help   @
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  • Starting new quickscoping Clan PS3 USA  its called OpTiC   Read Alert!

    Hey guys i will be doing try outs for this clan it is a quickscoping/sniping/trickshotter/gunner clan its open to anyone but to get in you need to 1v1 me in a quickscope match out fo 10 and at least score a 6 and hey ...
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    i m sick of hearing people complaining about lag and frame rate drops as i have had none what so ever and here is why.   i have been waiting so long for a good  multiplayer game finally drop on PS4 and afte...
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  • Goliath review

    Activision is advertising Goliath at game loading!! It shows that goliath is not used by players very often. Let's have a fair look on Goliath: It is one of good units of CoDAW with a beautiful look. Also the idea of...
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  • (XB1) Team Legacy is searching for loyal, skilled, 21+ yrs old members. APPLY TODAY!

    Team Legacy has been together over 8 years. We are a small group, never greater than 9 members, and we are looking for more talent. We communicate, we dedicate, and we dominate in Advanced Warfare.  We compete in...
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  • [BUG] Game crashing to dashboard when attempting to load a match

    Since the update that increased the level cap to 34, I can't play the beta at all as it crashes back to the dashboard when I try to load into a match.   This has happened at least 3 times for me across 2 differe...
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  • have some problems with a game...

    first i need to know what is this message? http://prntscr.com/8a5e1v everytime i exit the game i get this message its like its trying to load something and its failing.   the other problem is game crash..... on...
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