• how to make a clan

    Today me and my friends were playing and we wanted to make a clan and i was wondering how please respond asap
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  • Forum-telethon for teeth

    It has come to my attention that while many of us are complaining about having thousands of teeth that cannot be spent, there are still extinction brothers and sisters playing without the bare necessities such as crip...
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  • In Lobbies/Games, What's the Most Common Question?

    Title says it all to be honest. When your'e in a lobby, what do you get asked the most? Then, when you're in a game, what do you get asked the most?
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  • Soooo Close to a Solo 5 Relic Escape on POC. What should I change in my loadout?

    Here were the relics I ran and my loadout:   Relics:   1. Fragile 2. Smaller Wallet 3. Inflict Less Damage 4. Pistols Only - Magnum .44 5. No Class   Loadout:   1. Incendiary Ammo 2. Body ...
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  • Game doesn't launch

    HI,   i am not able to access my account since yesterday. Please help me!
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  • Xbox1 Clan Recruiting (U.S. based clan)

    {RuF} Reapers Under Fire is recruiting.   Were looking for laid back peeps 21 and older to game with.   We don't care what you K/D is as long you just want to have a good time gaming.   We do enjoy p...
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  • Server for Cod blacks 2 been for a week

    Server for COD Black Ops 2 has been not working for a week
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  • Private chat?

    3 votes
    i've steen The idea on forum before, but i really miss The option to private chat. Is this option comming soon?
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  • Prevent repeat attacks from same player.

    3 votes
    PVP search should be prevented from showing a base that you have attacked recently. Minimum interval should be 24hrs, but preferably no re-attack while the previous attack remains in your battle log (approx 50 attacks...
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  • Additional Training/Machine Compound Lvls

    3 votes
    It would be nice to be able to upgrade the training compound up to lvl 6 (cc9) and lvl 7 (cc10) and upgrade the machine compound to lvl 6 (cc10). The additional lvls would not unlock new units. Rather, they would mode...
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    7 votes
    I have 2 rrecommended add on to heroes, 1. War games where you can actually attack your own base with your own army. This would serve 2 purposes one you could find weak spots and modify your base according 2. This wou...
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  • a mech to atk dfs

    5 votes
    currently there is no mech other thana df that can atk dfs, i believe the time has come for one, dragonflies have had their time, players need 5o be forced to combine troops and hero auras in a way that can get them a...
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  • save fav replays

    3 votes
    I would like to see the ability to save your favorite relays,  as well as the ability to share in vets, ive had epic atks,embarrassing ones,and some damned funny ones everyone should be able to see, it would igni...
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  • just hecause i dont have atlas gorge i cant join my friends game

    0 votes
    i cant join my friends session in progress because i do not have atlas gorge when i have all other dlc and it makes no sense atlas gorge is by its self plz fix
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  • Scout Alliance Requestee

    3 votes
    For everyone's benefit,  we need good info on applicants: Scout base (this is a must) average support/day in past month Number of alliances in past month
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  • Riddle me this...player count.

    I am seeing many questions regarding player count and finding lobbies. Here is what I have found, and I have mentioned this in a thread before.   I have all DLC Example Game Mode: Core TDM If I play on my 2...
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  • Need a  clan on xbox 360

    Interested in joining a clan. I mostly play mw2 and mw3 but i do have bloack ops 1 and 2. Gt: ZaNgO Chinnks
  • Whats your favorite...?

    Whats your favorite class, guns, upgrades, and maps??   I prefer medic most of the time, lmg's i like because of all that ammo, i upgrade my sheilds first, and the my favorite map is point of contact. interested...
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  • A Question

    I know that you will get access to The Giant zombies map in some editions of Black Ops 3 but will you be able to buy the map after release if you have the normal edition as DLC. Thx.
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  • Legendaries

    OK so I get 2 normal supply drops and get the ronin mask 2 and I want to get trade 1 for xp but it won't let me and I'm not sure if legendaries take up space in the armory if sledgehammer could make it so I can get ri...
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