• My experience with the Black Ops III Beta, and my feedback

        My experience with the Black Ops III Beta was phenomenal. It was some of the most fun I've had in a Call of Duty game in 3 years! Problems were few, and replay-ability was high. I often found myself...
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  • Pvp match, waste of time

    hi,   why is it that since the update all I see is either high lvl bases with no loot or low lvl bases with no loot? Just done a two hr boost and top loot I found to attack was 300k lvl ten cc with mega defences...
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  • Will there be special guitar skins?

    It would be awesome to have custom skins that could be applied so you can play your favorite guitarist's guitars. Know if this is going to be a launch/future feature?
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  • BLACK HATS are an issue.

    Okay hear me out,   Here am i, trying hard, wanting to get score streaks, Im with my friend, we are stomping this lobby hard. Im so close to my streaks and i get my HATR streak to dominate the game even more. 10...
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  • After 30th August?

    Can I still be able to play Black Ops 3 beta after 30th August? I just found that PC Beta is free on Steam. I'm downloading it RIGHT NOW. Damn it - I hope I'm not too late.   Help.
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  • Not a question, but a suggestion:

    Instead of redeeming loot items for XP, why not make them available for sale, trade of just to give as gifts?  Kinda give it a SLIGHT MMO feel to it.    I know its late in the game for CoD AW but it c...
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  • Unable to play Bo3; W10 Compatibility Problem

    Hi activison community,   I'm having a compatibility problem with bo3 in W10.   When I try to launch the game by steam it shows an "unknown error" here's the gyazo with the window popped by steam Gyazo - f...
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    The graphics look really really grainy if I don't turn up the scene resolution and if I do it will run at 10 fps. Even setting texture settings to high won't help. I can run black ops 2 perfectly fine but why not this...
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  • My Black Ops 3 Beta is on Version

    Hi Guys,   My Black Ops 3 Beta is on Version and i cannt connect with the online server how can i update of   THX
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  • Open NAT, Finally

    I'll start by saying I'm a netduma user. The duma isn't yet ready for black ops 3 and for whatever reason tonight I had a strict game nat as well as a strict One nat. I decided to disconnect my netduma and just run my...
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  • XBOXone says nat type open but COD AW says moderate?

    anyone figure out how to fix this? i tried rebooting my modem / router and hard resetting my xbox ones. both say open in network settings but in the cod aw screen it says moderate on one
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  • i have the season pass but I still can not play zombies on Xbox one. I see that a lot of the problems have been fixed but why can I not play still?

    I have the season pass but I still can not play zombies on Xbox one. I see that a lot of problems have been fixed, but why can I still not play?
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  • Call of Duty III Issue on windows, unable to get passed brightness setup screen, no mouse available on screen

    I have W 7 with lastest drivers for nvidia 680GTX   And I can not get passed the brightness setup screen   No mouse available   Please advise
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  • BO3 moteur graphique , option reglage 3d de 0 a 2

    Bonjour,  je me demande si le problème graphique sera résolu a la sortie du jeux , car avec un pc 24Go ram , I7 overclok a 4.5Go GTX 780 3Go CM z87 gaming pour avoir au moin 100fps le jeux est tout moch...
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  • Black Ops 3 availability in Australia

    So, I live in Perth, in Australia, and I was wondering the exact time that Australian players will be able to pickup Black Ops 3.. I have pre-ordered the non-digital version of the game from EBGames Australian (In sto...
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  • COD Black OPS III will not work on Windows 7

    Greetings     Second time posting my question     The beta will  not run on my PC   I can only get as far a the brightness setting screen and can go no further   The is no access...
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  • Black ops 2 clan suche (ps3)

    Hallo Ich suche einen aktiven Clan   Ich bin 15 und habe skype.ich bin teamfähig und kann kritik einstecken.Ich bin prestige 13 (hab einen unlock all).Ich hab eine 1,2 k/d (schwankend) Ich bin nicht so kra...
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  • I try to play black ops 3 on my xbox one I get a Server Queue message with a loading animation but nothing happens.

    I am trying to play the BO 3 Beta on xbox one.  I downloaded the beta and when I hit "A" to start it goes to a Server Queue screen with a loading animation.  That's all i get, I've been on it for like 25 min...
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  • Bo3 Beta What your pros and cons

    Bo3 Beta What your pros and cons   Pro: Exo suits movement feels really smooth Maps are amazing Sound quality really good Displaying winning team top 3   Cons: Flinch please take this out of game Guns ki...
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  • Downloaded bo3 beta Xbox live says don't need code.  But don't work

    cant play bo3.   Downloaded the beta from Xbox live.  Says don't need code.  Should just work.  But it's not.    Any help plz