• COD AW DLC Ascendance Infection Zombies map wont work.

    Hi,   I have this on PS4 and have tried everything including uninstalling the game and expansions. Downloaded and reinstalled, continually says do not have map pack even once installed.   Help please?
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  • Will we see update 1.7 by the end of this week?

    Will we see update 1.7 by the end of this week? And may we hear more about features of this update or it is gona to be a complete surprise?
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  • What will be the whine of BO3?

    This is your chance to show off your psychic skills and predict the whine for BO3.   BO2 had lag comp. AW has SBMM.   BO3?   My call is complaining that lag comp is impacting SBMM.   That's mi...
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    i need the Icarus Medal and the Strategic Defense Initiative Medal but im not sure how to earn these. Ive searched Google and YouTube and i am not finding anything. Please Help!
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  • I have purchased large celerium pack in cod heroes but did not get anything in the game.

    I have purchased large celerium pack in cod heroes but did not get anything in the game. Tried email and facebook contact but no response. I have added case (id 04516004) but also no response. Can anyone from activisi...
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  • Tony Hawks's Pro Skater keeps crashing

    I bought Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for PC (through steam) and the game constantly crashes whilst in play. The screen will just go black and then nothing further happens, the only solution is to reset the PC, a percentage...
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  • Airstrip/Air Command - Idea

    So,we currently have only one offensive air unit,Dragon fires.This makes the game a bit boring if you only want to use air attacks or something.Now,i also play another game like COD Heroes,but with with a Star Wars st...
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  • Why is SBMM still a thing?

    We're almost halfway through Advanced Warfare's life cycle now, and I'm still wondering: Why is SBMM still in effect? Now, I know every CoD (with the exception of the original, which didn't have multiplayer) has had S...
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  • Give defence a chance

    hi, we all know that the attack side of this game is far more easier than trying to defend your base against attack so how about trying to level it out a bit, one way is simple, currently when hen you are presented ...
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  • AW: almost no lobbies

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem but since around 2 month I can't really find lobby, most game modes have no players what so ever and the ones like tdm only have 3 or 4 lobbies, I know not to many play pla...
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  • The Pull of Duty

    So its that time   That we begin determing whether or not the next COD is worth purchasing.   Right?   We debate, talk, deny, refuse, agree and posture that we believe the next COD will  should...
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  • Gameplay Suggestions

    This is a list of highly desired additions from myself and others I have talked with:   SHORT TERM / EASIER TO IMPLEMENT:   1) Specific Alliance Requests - When a player hits the Request Support button, a...
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  • xbox 360 and one clan recruiting clansolow

    Clan solow Is recruiting for loyal and active members. We are based on xbox 360 and xbox one we have members all across the world. We are level 25 red clan tag clan and we do clan wars all the time. We are built on a...
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  • Drone Missile, Gunner, and Gunship attacks on resources

    Please consider making resource depots immune to attacks from gunship, Gunner, and Drone Missile. Too many low level players with a ton put up in loot drop in just to use these skills on higher bases then retreat. Sin...
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  • supporto

    Buongiorno questa mattina ho trovato la scritta sul gioco call of duty heroes "restrizione per comportamento improprio" bloccato per 164 ore.non capisco cosa e successo chiedo al team activision di ripristinare il mio...
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  • [PS4] RuF Green Competitive Clan Recruiting

    RuF Green will be the RuF's competitive division for the PS4. It can simply be referred to as "Green". Name's aren't the most important thing to me, so I went with my favorite color. You can find all of the recommende...
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  • I need help (BO3 Beta)

    I bought the bo3 beta key and i have already redeemed in bo3 site. In site it said congratulations but nothing happens on my steam account.   Should something happen? Like download or something? Help pls
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  • MAAWS...need help or tips

    I can't for the life of me figure this weapon out.   Do I shoot and look through the maaws view finder at a UAV, or switch to rifle and aim at UAV? If I wasn't trying for diamond camos I would have already sai...
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  • PS4 COD AW Clan sucht einen guten Sniper

    Hallo unser Clan sucht einen guten Sniper der sein Werk versteht, da wir uns für die Liga anmelden wollen und uns ein Sniper fehlt. ich hoffe hier meldet sich jemand   Anforderungen: min. 18 jahre Headse...
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  • Update 1.6 - Windows Players Important Message

    Update 5/21/15:   To all of our commanders who currently play on Windows:   We'd like to thank you again for your understanding while we worked through the Windows publishing issues. With that, we're happy t...
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