• questions about survival tie-breaker

    The survival "base integrity" tie-breaker raises two questions for me:   1. How is it possible that two people have reached level 150 with 100% base integrity? The highest checkpoint is at 146 and I seriously do...
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  • survival mode checkpoint shouldn't use base integrity

    3 votes
    Survival Mode checkpoints should be based on something other than base integrity. Otherwise it discourages people from adding non-defensive buildings, because every one makes it harder to maintain the 75% threshold. &...
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  • PS4 clan FzDz looking for

    Strong active clan members, currently have 19 members all ps4, max Lvl 25 clan. A lot of us already got BO3 pre-ordered as we played the beta this past weekend. My psn is whiskey_49 hmu if interested. We play a lot of...
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  • UAV Spam All Day

    I think it's finally time for a Call of Duty to get this scorestreak right. It needs to require more points to earn. In my opinion, at least 600. With the ghost perk being a level 38 unlock, the UAV spam is absolutely...
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  • Open NAT, Finally

    I'll start by saying I'm a netduma user. The duma isn't yet ready for black ops 3 and for whatever reason tonight I had a strict game nat as well as a strict One nat. I decided to disconnect my netduma and just run my...
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  • Bring back the clan wars app

    5 votes
    call of duty ghosts just isn't the same without the clan wars app, Don't get me wrong I still enjoy and good bit of gaming but after coming back to playing ghosts only to find that I can no longer play clan wars prope...
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  • Riot Shield much?

    Is there a riot shield in the beta?   If not, do you think it will be in the game eventually?
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  • A friend of mine gave me a CoD Black Ops ||| Friend cod

    I used it in steam, downloaded the game, but I can't start it. And I got no code to get Beta access. So what was the point of the Friend Code?
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  • Call of Duty Black Ops III

    Hey guys so far I am kinda disappointed in the game play with COD BO3.   Game freezes and my xbox1 keeps rebooting.   I thought it was just me but others are having the same problem as well.
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  • is call of duty black ops 3 beta code promotion expired

    i pre ordered from amazon, and they sent me code to enter in website to redeem. but when i tried to redeem it says promotion ended. THE PROMOTION HAS ENDED. JOIN BETA kindly let me know what will be the solution
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  • Bring Back Mercenary Mode

    I really am hoping Black Ops 3 gets Mercenary Mode. It was absent in Advanced Warfare, but it'd be good to see this mode return.
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  • How can I become a better player?

    I admit it. I'm not really a huge Call of Duty fan. Each year I will generally buy the game at some point, play through the campaign (they're usually well produced), dabble in the multiplayer and find it not really to...
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  • In game steam authentification failed? En/Ger

    Im in a game and get steam authentification failed got thrown out of the running match. After I can join a new match again. Anyone else getting the same error?     Habt ihr den gleichen Fehler, dass ihr im ...
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  • My experience with the Black Ops III Beta, and my feedback

        My experience with the Black Ops III Beta was phenomenal. It was some of the most fun I've had in a Call of Duty game in 3 years! Problems were few, and replay-ability was high. I often found myself...
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  • So now we know what the Magician Did

    Listening to the beta files, it sounds as though the woman tied up was his wife, and he was getting an insurance policy out of the deal. The other 3, we know what they did. Interesting
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  • Update 1.9 will discourage active players

    I would like to draw your kind attention towards negative impact of your recent upgrade 1.9. First of all appreciable features are:- Gideon. Supercharged Helipad Inventory League bonus in every pvp.   But n...
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  • Pvp match, waste of time

    hi,   why is it that since the update all I see is either high lvl bases with no loot or low lvl bases with no loot? Just done a two hr boost and top loot I found to attack was 300k lvl ten cc with mega defences...
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  • Dedicated Servers?

    I hear that dedicated servers are being put into the Black Ops 3 PC version. I think that is amazing and beautiful, but there needs to be some kinda of light region lock. Not a full East, West, Europe, ect., but Ameri...
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  • Clan chat down?

    Every time I try and clan chat. It is giving me a clan chat unavailable  message.  Is anyone  else  having issues ?
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  • I successfully downloaded the beta for Black Ops III but the game will not launch.

    I've tried reinstalling the game and my Xbox. Microsoft support says that my connection is fine and there's nothing wrong on their end. Any ideas on what to do?
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