• trap team portal keeps going off

    My new trap team portal stays on for a few minutes, then goes off.  Changed batteries and the same thing happens.  Using it on iPad, which has latest OS.  Any solutions?   Fraser UK
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  • Advice from owners of both PS4 and Xbox One - Re: controllers

    Hi guys I'm after your help.  Due to a number of my friends having the Xbox One I jumped ship from my faithfull PS and went down the Xbox route.   This was great and some good fun with AW, however the one t...
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  • Why is it so imposible to get HBR insanity?

    I have reached Prestige Grand Master but still no HBR Insanity. Anyone else out there on same boat as me?
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  • Anti-Air Mines.

    Fix anti-air mines to actually kill Dragonfires.  The area of effect needs to be increased to account for the unpredictable nature of these units due to the game AI.  Also the current mines won’t kill ...
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  • BO III zombie easter egg teaser.

    They did an updated in COD BO II to add a SnapChat QR code that send you to this snapchat.  It appears to be a leak of BO III zombies.  Read this for more information-->http://www.theverge.com/2015/4/7/83...
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  • Get an Early Look at Destiny: The Taken King with Bungie LIVE

    The next great chapter in the Destiny saga, Destiny: The Taken King, is under a month away. In preparation for the September 15 launch, the team at Bungie will be providing an in-depth look at the new content and feat...
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  • Newbie/Cheating

    Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on the forums, and I must say I'm rather... disappointed. I came to the forums really to vent about the cheating/hacking going on, but I used the search filter to look up ...
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  • Well you asked for it. So here it is, but how will you deal with the reaction?

    So snipers have been nerfed. I saw almost zero snipers in the beta, so now here comes the sniper community complaining about ARs and subs and how they are able to shoot across the map and kill. It will happen it is al...
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  • Marionberry Destiny

    For the last week I have been unable to play destiny due to this ******* marionberry ****. I have tried everything I know to do to fix the ******* issue from my end. I have played before on my new internet connection ...
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  • GG Sledgehammer

    GG on copying and pasting the arx and ak12 into the game. Nice to see that they are still trying to improve but failing badly.
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  • All i could say is wow

    I upgraded to the PS4 from the PS3 last week and got AW (again) I had to have a good shooter game and didnt want to wait on BO3 When the game started i jumped into Online play, and when i saw my Character i said wow...
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  • Small PS4 clan looking to expand

    Mayhem Storms (MYST) seeking active fun members. no k/d requirements, only requirement is that you get along well with other members and have a mic. Prefer 18 yrs. and up would consider younger if mature.  Add or...
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  • Why BO3 is inferior to AW

    We were all so upset when AW came on the scene when we all REALLY wanted a good boots on the ground CoD with a smoother engine and awesome killstreaks. Most of us are uninterested in futuristic weapons and want to see...
    Bk Blindside
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  • better visual indicator when bunker troops fire

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    Sometimes when I watch defensive replays, I can't see my bunker firing at all. I used to have this problem in Survival but not recently. I am worried it is a bug and my bunker is actually broken, but I think it's more...
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    The Drunken Crew is now recruiting for Call of Duty on PS4. We are an exclusive clan and only recruit a few times a year! RECRUITMENT CURRENTLY OPEN! So don’t miss out and sign up now! Here are some of the benef...
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  • Unable to find game

    Hi, I am almost finding it impossible to find a game in HC any more, is this how it is going to be now on the XBOX 360, could they open up the games to worldwide players to allow us to find a match. Surely it is not j...
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  • Treyarch dedicated server full version???

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    It was the promise of dedicated server Why was not dedicated exe must restart your own dedicated server that kick hackers
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  • UAV Spam All Day

    I think it's finally time for a Call of Duty to get this scorestreak right. It needs to require more points to earn. In my opinion, at least 600. With the ghost perk being a level 38 unlock, the UAV spam is absolutely...
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  • Why the Nuketown 2065 map will not be available for the PS3 & Xbox 360 consoles/platforms?

    Hello to everyone!My name is John and i got really confused when i learned that the "Nuketown 2065" map will not be available for the PS3 & Xbox 360 consoles/platforms.I don't know how did you PS3 & Xbox 360 g...
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  • Crossbow issues in AW

    Hi everyone i have a real wuick question has anybody recently been having trouble, in Advanced warfare using the crossbow and it not recognizing lonshots/strafes?
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