• Gobblegums missing?!

    Im missing some gobblegums, i need to talk so someone on the phone. Like 8 of the gobblegums dont show up anymore. I just got head trama gobblegum in dr montys factory but i didnt recieve it because head trama is one ...
    created by YOSHIDAPOOPUMP
  • Black ops 3 error code: A.-.-.-.-.F.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.

    hello help me plzz when i try to connect to online i get this error: A.-.-.-.-.F.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.       what do i need to do my friends are on and i am on...
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  • Xbox update?

    Sorry if this has been posted, i'm pretty new to these forums and don't know my way around them yet..   But I just turned on my xbox one and launched blacks ops and I have a 7.5gb update..what is that?
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  • Activision lied to all of us

    I know some of you are getting tired of hearing people talk and debate about the so called "inactivity kick". Ever since it was introduced with the update of 12/14, it has been a hot button target. What was the reason...
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  • New update

    Another update coming in. Must be to fix new map glitches?
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  • Splitscreen Issue: Kills aren`t shown anymore

    Since the latest update, the kills in the bottom left side aren`t shown anymore in Splitscreen mode. This is quite a bit annoying, so could you please fix this...
    created by maulwurfmann
  • Splash Still Glitchy After "Fix"...

    Like the title says, even after the "fix" Splash is still glitchy AF.  The one in the video is a new one to me.  If I hadn't been looking for the UAV, I would've never seen him.  Jesus this map is so po...
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  • Dark Matter On Old Gen?

    So I've seen people using dark matter on old gen and i can confirm you guys that they have earned the Dark Matter Camo LEGIT! So I'm asking you guys so that i can confirm that Dark Matter is on Old Gen Or NOT. If Ye...
  • xbox update?

    Sorry if this has been posted, i'm pretty new to these forums and don't know my way around them yet..   But I just turned on my xbox one and launched blacks ops and I have a 7.5gb update..what is that?
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  • unquenchable and wall power

    They are not showing up in my list wtf is wrong with you bo3 makers you guys are the worst at giving rhe fans what they want.
    created by Auto_Matix
  • Cod isnt fair

    I honestly dont have a problem with call of duty itself but what is the point of nerfing. When the game first came out it was fine, now they are raising and decreasing the power of guns. How come they cant just learn ...
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  • Where are the patch notes?

    Honestly it's a big peeve that they would push a 9.5GB file without FIRST giving us patch notes .....   seriously !!!
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  • My USB connector has stopped working.

    I received GH Live for Christmas and played it briefly on Christmas Day, it all worked fine so we threw all the packaging away. We went away for a couple of days and I have just turned it back on to play only to find ...
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  • looking friends ps4

    LLooking for people to play with on ps4 I'm master prestige I have a 2.3 KD and need some more people to play with add me: xEliteBrace
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  • Simplify Research Boosts/Inventory

    1 vote
    First of all, thanks for adding these, but why are there so many variations?   It could have been as simple as having a research boost that works for all three "institutes" with the times matching the builder bo...
    last modified by BurtonMN
  • Looking for 3 players for shadows of evil

    I'm looking for 3 players who talk and intend on surviving as long as possible my gamertag on xbox one is Razrith shoot me a message if you want in must have a mic
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  • Thoughts on offline levelling up?

    I was really hoping for a similar thing to Black ops 1 where you could play against bots and level up offline and unlock guns etc but sadly we weren't given this!   Anyone else think it would be good to be able ...
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  • Liquid Divinium????

    My question is why only 2 liquid diviniums per match of zombies? I can play for hours on the giant and on Der Eis... At least be able to get 3 in a match to hit max for Dr. Monty's... maybe if you can survive til' r...
  • Apple refunded me for Activision nerfs!

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Apple listened to the nerfing debacle of the AT4 and graciously refunded some of the money I spent on celerium packs.   Like many others that have spent money and cel...
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  • There is no buying screen for celerium. Only watching video for free celerium.

    İ From turkey and all iOS device are same problem.
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