• Troubles playing multi player on zombies.  Won't let others join.  Any fixes?

    I have installed all the updates and split screen does not work for zombies or multi player.  Will only let single player play. 
  • Advance warfare day zero advance Arsenal items are not showing up ps4

    My advance Arsenal day zero bonus items are not showing up it showed download in my notifications it says playable when I go to my download list but it's not nowhere in the game
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  • Need players for Sadows of Evil easter egg (Xbox One)!

    I need 3 player who knows how to do the easter egg on the map "Shadows of Evil" and has a mic! My gamertag is "WysticGamer" so feel free to message me on Xbox One if you wanna do the easter egg.
    Gabriel Nilsson
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  • Can't play?

    All I keep getting is 'the current profile cannot play on Xbox live' I have a gold membership and was playing online yesterday?  Why can I not play? I've reset everything, Xbox, Internet etc but keeps coming up! ...
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  • PS4: Season pass doesn't work. I have it but when I launch The Giant map installation it tells me "Incorrect disc".

    As an expatriate, I bought an english version BO3 game and as I got a french account I logically bought my Season pass on the french playstation store. Please help me. I don't want to have 50€ in my ass. Thanks...
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  • Seasen pass black ops 3

    ik kan de map van seasen pass niet dowillozen juist de map van zombies als ik op seasen pass klik komt er op geen content help mij aub !
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  • Call of duty

    whu does it say on the call of duty home page, you are connected to LAN, won't let me get online?.0
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  • Server Still Down, No Customer Support

    Server has been down for over 24hrs for me now. Cannot contact anyone on customer support. This is a disgrace to gaming I never realized Activision was such a pitiful company incapable of maintaining their server/serv...
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  • Starting a new clan

    ok so I'm gonna start a new clan. It will be called four. This is for black ops 1 and 2 we will move to other games later on.       Requirements • Must have a YouTube account and be ...
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  • I need help with my NUK3TOWN Personalization Pack code please as soon as possible

    ive bought black ops 3 and got nuk3ton with it but it wont work on my ps4
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  • game issue

    Well i don't know even know were to begin ummm. Well i would say i have like the cod games but to be honest the best cod games was black ops and modern warfare 3 them 2 games have ran the best without any issues but t...
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  • black screen after install bo3 ps3

    After downloading and installing bo3, ps3 freezes. I updated ps3 and bo3. I also did a system restore and download and install the game again but still the same. Black screen appears after i select the game for playin...
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  • how to active the not valid code

    i bought call of duty blackops 3 today and it comes with nuketown its a bonus map when i am redeeming the nuketown code it says its wrong or not valid plzz help
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  • Looking for a team to do the SOE Easter Egg (Xbox One)

    I need 3 players who know how to do the Easter egg. "MIC IS REQUIRED" Message me if your interested. GT: WideButton59
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  • zombies crew

    Looking for a crew to pay zombies with. I have a mic and I'm a adult... Looking for a crew to finish the SOE easter egg. I know the rituals looking for people who know the rest
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  • Herausforderung BUG 2 Händig Aufsatz

    Hallöchen zusammen,   habe das Problem, dass ich die HandhabungsMeister - Visitenkarte freischalten möchte jedoch die eine Herausforderung "Zweihändig I" nicht funktioniert! Jemand eine Idee ???
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  • Have not recieved my season pass code after buying it on the ps4

    I have not received my season pass code after spending a total on £35 on a code that I have not received.
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  • All easter eggs? (PC)

    Anyone interested in doing Easter eggs on all maps on the PC. If you are then add me on steam. Steam name: STickIsPro or leave you name and i will add you
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  • No Nuk3town code

    I reserve the game through steam and I don't have received yet. ._.   I hope someone can help me.
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    I need help please. I accidentally pressed fresh start more then I should have. It was 2am and I was really tired was trying to prestige I thought it was the prestige button.. I was Prestige 1 Lvl 55. I had all diamon...
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