• Buddies and I looking for a fun/competitive clan

    Me and a few buddies are looking for a clan to join after leaving a clan we built since we were the only 3 active members.   We mostly play hardcore but are willing to learn and play other game modes.   We...
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  • MAX LEVEL CLAN! [RED TAG] [ACTIVE]  RECRUITING PLAYERS [PS4] [1.35 CLAN K/D] #5 ON TOP 100 CLANS [Sponsored by Kontrol Freak & Gamma Labs]

    Hey my name is TehQloo  or Dylan and Defying Logic is recruiting TOP TIER players for our clan. Defying Logic has been a clan since MW3. We like to think of our clan more as a family because of the laid back chil...
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    !! RECRUITING !! 18+  Mar 28, 2015 10:11 AM 18+ ONLY , XBOX ONE GAMERS:::   ARE you tired of Playing Advanced Warfare and NOT having a Team? Are you tired of Having Teammates with NO MIC, and DONT commu...
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  • Clan Merge PS4?

    any smaller teams looking to merge with a max level clan with experienced laid back well managed team? we are extremely active with players from all over the globe. i work in the IT department for kontrol freak we hav...
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  • [XB1] eLedged Gaming | Official Recruitment Thread

    ELEDGED GAMING IS RECRUITING!   We are looking to add dedicated Call of Duty players to our roster!   Do you want to be a part of an friendly, yet competitive clan? Well you have come to the right place. ...
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  • PS3 or PS4 [HAIL] Max level clan looking for recruits

    We are currently recruiting active players with  good stats and have played the game for a good while, we need team players as we are objective based clan , you will be asked to go thru a tryout period and prove ...
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  • PS4 Patch Lag Fix

    OK this is for everyone experiencing lag after the latest ps4 patch. I have seen numerous people complaining on the AW forums asking for a lag fix............... Its like asking a police officer in Nebraska to fix the...
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  • Right analog stick not working.

    Hi all. I have just bought the Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter pack, and noticed that the right analog stick of the controller doesn't do anything. Is the controller broken or does this analog stick not do anythin...
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  • Cheating attackers are still active

    I have been attacked by ID: 8052426 He lost the battle as I see in reply but the result is 99% damage and all available resources are looted!!!
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  • Looking for a clan to join.

    I am in search of any black ops 2 clan that will take me. I am 16. I have a working mic and I play bo2 regularly. Want to know anything else add me. IAmAsianXD Another thing I want to add is that I have just start...
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  • Cannot connect to online services PC Modern Warfare Three

    I bought the game Steam version of "Modern Warfare 3" yesterday to play with friends. Upon trying to connect to any online content the message "connecting to online services..." appears. After some time a window con...
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  • Need someone with a recorder

    Hi   i have a YouTube channel called : Clan R4vZ And our recorder is stuck can someone record for us add me kemil12
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  • Suggestions for improving the game - Share your ideas!

    I'd like to share a few suggestions to help improve the gaming experience. Feel free to add more.   - Chat: + Add Mute/Unmute button or a Spam filter to avoid repetitive messages being posted within a certain d...
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  • Black ops 2 sniping clan

    BliZz3rd Clan PS3 only we need quickscopers trickshotters recorders we will have a youtube channel black ops 2 clan and soon to be ghost will have team emblems you will have to make a new account
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  • Why do I keep losing supply drops?

    That could have been my speakeasy!  Im 20th going on 21st prestige and still no Speakeasy I feel like all the supply drops I lost I could have had one
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  • 32nd Reaper Division PS4 Pub Clan Recruiting!

    Intro We are the 32nd Reaper Division PS4 clan established in 2006 by me, GTAmerc. We are recruiting for COD: AW and Ghosts for the PS4 only.  Though we are also accepting Destiny, GTAV and Battlefield players. B...
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  • Game over man: Decker's keycard isn't in the incinerator room

    The last several times I have played exo xombies solo on PS4 to get the game over man easter egg.  Decker's keycard is not in the incinerator room.   I level up the ameli to have thermal, and I went in the ...
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  • Filth Gods PS4 Clan Welcoming Experienced Players

    Hello My name is Reid, IGN is Jethro500, and Im going to make this short and sweet. We're a new clan looking to expand and grow. we're open to playing almost all game modes and members are on for an average of 3 hours...
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  • New Clan-----Coup d'etat--------

    COUP D'ETAT (Classified)     Looking for active-Casual players to join CLAN. Strategically work together to win matches and climb CLAN Lvls. Adult only! Like minded individuals working together as a PACT! ...
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  • Ground War Game Modes

    Looking to add some variety to your 9 v 9 lives. Let us know which game mode you want to play the most in an 18 player lobby and we'll have it added for limited amounts of time.   Depending on feedback we may or...
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