• Legendary supply drops

    has anyone gotten any legendary gear from normal supply drops since the update about two weeks ago?  To this point I have yet to receive a piece of legendary gear. Just wondering if anyone has had better luck tha...
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    North American PS4 Players only please!! This is strictly because of the issue with time zone play...   We are KhaotiK Gaming (KkG), a level 25 PS4 clan that has been around since MW3..   Here is the botto...
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  • Why BO3 is inferior to AW

    We were all so upset when AW came on the scene when we all REALLY wanted a good boots on the ground CoD with a smoother engine and awesome killstreaks. Most of us are uninterested in futuristic weapons and want to see...
    Bk Blindside
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  • Does anyone else find this website annoying to use on android?

    This is the first time i've tried to use this forum in browser on my s4 mini and quite frankly it is so infuriating. Stuff covering things i want to click on and just endless pressing battles. I mean yea@h, there is p...
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  • All Zombie Maps on Bo3?

    I think they should.... at least for the ps4 and Xbox One because if i want to play any zombie maps from previous Treyarch games I would have to buy another console Ps3, Xbox 360...... so mathematically $250 + 50 + 50...
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  • Innovative Map Design

    We've only seen 4 maps with the beta and I have to say.... they are very cool. The water element and wall running create an awesome environment and innovative ways to traverse through the map. It's something completel...
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  • When will the Skylanders Vault App being updated to fix the Failed to Download Error.

    Hi I was wondering if there is any news on when the error "failed to download: Please try again later" will be fixed. The error that means you are unable to add any Skylanders to your Vault, I am having seen the error...
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  • Descent Easter Egg discussion and theories

    I'm surprised that there isn't a thread about the Descent easter egg yet so I decided to create this thread where we can discuss the easter egg for the Exo Zombies map Descent and any theories and leads that we should...
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  • PS4 won't read disc

    I have brought 2 skylander trap team starter packs and the ps4 won't read the discs it works for everything else it's fairly new and never had a problem before. Any suggestions my little boy is very upset as all his b...
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  • Advanced warfare update won't fully install it is stuck at updating 100

    I Have tried numerous times to get the update for call of duty advanced warfare to finish updating and it is locked at 100 percent even uninstalled etc any suggestions
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  • Advanced Warfare Online Isse

    Alrighty guys someone please, please help me. I own a PS4 and have been playing Advanced Warfare on it since the game came out and have never had any issues with it. But for the last week or so, every time I search fo...
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  • Will 3Arch extend the BETA for XBL until tonight like they did for PSN?

    I think its only fair since XBL had its own set of insurmountable issues such as tokens not working on a Brazil region code change workaround.  The constant freezing every other lobby.  I don't feel like I g...
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  • Anyone playing the beta last 1-2 days realized that the Time to Kill was quicker??

    I dont know put in the first 3 days i think i likes the game with nice and not so quick gunfights ........ But i think in the last Gun Balancing update i have a very rough time playing the game.....  Im experienc...
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  • Skylanders Trap Team freezing

    We're having the same issues as described in many other posts where the Wii game freezes up during certain battles.  We've managed to work our way through to the end of the Dreamcatcher level, but having to repla...
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    XGN is looking for recruits for advanced warfare on the xbox one.we are a gaming community with over 38,000 members and thousands active each day.it doesnt matter what your k/d is if your casual or hard core. we host ...
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  • Anti-Air Mines.

    Fix anti-air mines to actually kill Dragonfires.  The area of effect needs to be increased to account for the unpredictable nature of these units due to the game AI.  Also the current mines won’t kill ...
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  • Retaliatory Attacks

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    Retaliatory attacks should be "IMMUNE" from shields, a LOT of high end players attack at will BUT hide behind either/or on line 24/7 or 24/7 shields, there is not much that can be done about the 24/7 on line issue do ...
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  • can we cut back on the atlas boosts?

    I have gotten four atlas boosts since the update. This is really irritating me. No matters how "good" the boost is I am never, ever, going to use them. Atlas units are complete trash.   I understand that you nee...
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  • Clan

    Anyone interested in starting a clan with me. I want players who are competitive but also not to serious that are fun to play with. If anyone is interested then send me a message to my PSN account. DeathGunProdigy
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  • I have 182 KD but no Shotguns.

    I have 182 KD and Skull With Knife, When i open Shotguns rank (how much KD i need) pls help me.
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