• Looking for people to join clan

    Age requirements: 12 - 16 if possible Beat clan member one v one to be on the team (any weapon) Mic is a must GT is LILBAsoccer if you want to try out No Hacks or Mods   Message was edited by: LILBA
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  • Update 1.6 - Windows Players Important Message

    Update 5/21/15:   To all of our commanders who currently play on Windows:   We'd like to thank you again for your understanding while we worked through the Windows publishing issues. With that, we're happy t...
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  • Looking for a Pair of Teammates

    Already got 2, trying to get 2 others to join a ranked play team for AW and for future BO3. Preferably west coasters! Requirements: Must have mics 1.15 KDR min. (negotiable) Be competent Works well with a team...
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  • The AE4 Shocker: My favorite what is yours?

    I know the AE4 isn't a particularly popular AR and the shocker elite variant even less so.  However, it's probably my favorite AR in this little game.  The stats are (-2 damage, -1 accuracy, +3 fire rate)&nb...
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  • Looking to join XB1 clan

    gamertag is: goldensn88 looking to join a casual clan who do clan wars. Not interested in teams who take COD way too seriously. Now I do like to win, but reslize there's always someone better. I'm mainly a Core TDM p...
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  • Why is SBMM still a thing?

    We're almost halfway through Advanced Warfare's life cycle now, and I'm still wondering: Why is SBMM still in effect? Now, I know every CoD (with the exception of the original, which didn't have multiplayer) has had S...
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    Building up a clan for clan wars. We are super chill and always fun to play with. So far we have 4 members, level 17 clan with a 1.10 over all k/d and a 1.01 win ratio ( will vary when new memebers are added ). We are...
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  • want a refund

    due to the constant freezing during a game or creat mode this game is really hard to enjoy.  fullmoon says a fix will be released first week in june. we wont be getting the new guns nor the royalty guns and the n...
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  • Please treyarch nothing like system hacks. Please. Pretty please.

    seriously I've had to stop playing advanced warfare now. all the fun has gone for me. I know I've moaned about system hacks on here before but I swear to god people are spamming them relentlessly now. And before one o...
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  • Need Xbox One Ghosts clan! 3.1 K/D

    Hey guys looking for a good active Ghosts clan on Xbox One. Currently have a 3.1 K/D. I'm a run and gun kind of player with a lot of experience. Message my gamertag Akhillious if you have a spot opening! Thanks!
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  • Best Rumour To date: You CAN Hypno a Mammoth!!

    This was, by far probably the best rumour I have heard on this game, or if not the best, then definitely one of.   Some guy, about 10th prestige or so knows everything about the game and starts telling us everyt...
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  • Can Skylanders Swap Force 3ds Portal be Used for Giants 3ds Game?

    Hello.   I have had trouble looking up this specific answer bc I keep finding forums discussing the console versions instead. So, please help me with the 3ds version. I bought the Skylanders Swap Force game and ...
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  • Lack of available multiplayer games xbox 360

    Has anyone else encountered a lack of available multiplayer games? Is there something I'm missing or not doing correctly.  Everytime I play online no matter what game type it is: team death match, capture the f...
  • upgrade 1.5 call of duty advanced war

    I can't play because this upgrade can't install appears  the error 80029564 and it stops in 14% I have a ps3, I bougth season pass  and I live in Mexico
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  • Interested In Making A Clan? (PSN)

    Is Anyone Interested In Making A New Clan On PSN  If You Do Message Me On PSN (Blood-Heart-115)  Im Really Interested In A QuickScoping Clan And SMG Clan So Message Me If You Want To Make a Fun And Competiti...
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  • Supremacy Trailer

    So the next dlc will be coming June 2nd for Xbox. More maps to try and Zombie achievement to earn.   ............... thoughts, questions, complaints, excitement to share?? ....do it here.
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  • Looking For Clan Members

    Can be any type of player. Has to be able to get through tough situations, like a member you don't get along with. We are a family, and have strict rules. Only requirements are, that you have over a 1.10 K/D, and are ...
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  • how do you get timely help with this game, you used to have a call center, that is no longer there, it says I can chat, but no chat starting, I don't want to post my concerns to the entire world. I pay dearly to pl

    how do you get timely help with this game, you used to have a call center, that is no longer there, it says I can chat, but no chat starting, I don't want to post my concerns to the entire world. I pay dearly to play ...
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  • How to change quickScoping/sniping in black ops 3?

    quickscoping is something that I find rather annoying, but I realize that treyarch can't get rid of it unless they make snipers like they did in black ops 1, and most people probably don't want that. But they can make...
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  • (PS4) - Emin3nt Gaming Recruiting for Clan Wars

    Hey guys, we are a fairly new clan that is very active. We already have our own website, twitch streams, and tiers set up within the clan. This being said, we are still wanting to grow and are looking for new members....
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