• Grandmaster official

    I figure this is the reason for the patch delay for  the 15 gun buff. I see alot of folks dying when it hits. Say it isn't op but the asm1 does assault rifle damage. When the patch hits many load outs will change.
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  • Punching

    I am getting so fed up with this overpowered punching mechanic that keeps getting me killed. It is so frustrating especially when you want to use you gun and the range is to far for punching. PLEASE TAKE IT OOUT
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  • looking for a Xbox 360 Clan

    Prefer if people are very active........Are in Diamond Division in Clan wars.   About ME 1.4k/d 1.7w/l   Top 200 in world on 360 for snd.   Master Prestige.   Have a mic   Older than 21.
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  • Looking for people to play with

    Hello.   Looking for some people to play with. I prefer TDM and TDM hardcore but wouldn't mind domination if there were enough of us to coordinate.   GT is dragonpeach feel free to just add me, I'm friendly
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  • Let's talk about new prestiges

    _ The xp is too slow in this game ! I hope they'll give x2 or x3 XP permanently for Master Prestiges   _ And if we already have the elite weapons ? What happen ?   _ Will this reset our customized classes ...
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  • Recruiting for Clan

    Hello all,   I'm looking for active clan mates to have some fun. I'm not looking for any serious competition (so no people who only play ranked) but I would appreciate people with skill to play with. My best mod...
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  • ASM1 likely getting nerfed

    Here's a link to Michael Condrey's reply on twitter when asked about the ASM1:   https://twitter.com/MichaelCondrey/status/570805432320548864
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  • Anyone have suggestions for weapons adjustments to the current outclassed weapons?

    Weapons (considering base variants only) that need a serious buff because they are statistically and factually outclassed.   MK14 SN6 EMP3 S12 AMR9   There are others, but these definitely need a signi...
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  • Exo zombies error I have tried every solution

    Hey, I play in xbox360 I have tried the Activision solution for exo zombies and still doesn't work, I have tried by creating a new profile or erasingg cache or set exo zombies as default and still dpesn't work, anyone...
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  • Exo zombies easter egg card help

    Does anyone know how to get deckers card. My team has opened the chute for 100 quickly backed away and then opened for 500 and went in.  This is not working how the youtube channels said it would. Any information...
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  • Problem with dlc Havoc

    hi, I bought the upgrade havoc for ps4 but I have a problem . I place both of the maps and new Exo zombie , but I was given the weapon E4. How do I get it? Thank You
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  • Gun fire spread is different on opponents screen

    I was testing lag issues using a private match with split screen and noticed that the gun fire spread was very different on the opponents screen compared to the shooters screen. On the shooters screen the damage again...
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  • i did buy the season pass on  Call Of Duty Advanced Warefare ps3 but there is a BIG problem

    Hello , i did buy the season pass on call of duty advanced warefare ps3, i did buy the seasson pass and now it says at the AE4 Wapeon : For early access to this DLC item, purchase the seasson pass! when press the bu...
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    Clan ~-Anonymous-~ is now recruiting new Members. we are looking for different skilled players.   -at the end of the week we will assign a new lieutenant commander (co. leader) based on your contribution to the ...
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  • Wow.

    I only started playing video games as an adult last year. Being an adult and mostly self-sufficient, the concept of Christmas has lost most meaning to me. (We don't have children; yet.) Largely, my life is organized a...
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  • I'm thinking about getting a new phone, Data Transfer?

    I'm thinking of getting a phone upgrade/new phone and last time a friend of mine got a new one she lost ALL her game data and she spent a lot of money on the game (No boycotting all of Skylanders), what exactly do I n...
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  • Why doesn't it say I'm the clan leader no more when I change my code

    I Change my code and by accident I downloaded my ghost season pass by accident and now it doesn't show I'm the clan leader no more please help@
  • mailed skylander 3 weeks ago and havent heard back

    My son's skylander from Christmas stopped working.  I printed the sheet from the website to return it with tracking and expect it back within 10 days.  we mailed in on Feb 2nd and tracked it to where they re...
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  • Looking for new players

    Hi, I'm looking for new friends to play with on PS3. I'm all about playing for fun, so I don't freak out or get upset if I loose a match and I'm pretty decent.  If you are interested in teaming together sometimes...
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  • I bought a season pass etc...

    So I really bought the season pass for future purposes. I downloaded the "George Extra Map Pack" thing and the Havoc pack. When the Havoc finished downloading, I played a few Exo Survival games. Then, I went to go to ...
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