• Anyone here bought a replacement DualShock 4 in the last year?

    This isn't necessarily Call of Duty related, but... well I only really play Call of Duty on PS4 so I guess it is   I bought a PS4 back in December 2013, and of course that came with a controller. This controlle...
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  • AW & BO3

    I wish people would stop complaining about the movements, you have to understand that activision would have lost a big part of the community to go back to 'classic CoD' Times are changing, get with it, be happy its no...
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  • Lastest update has a major issue

    since the latest update. ive noticed im either almost unkillable to a ridiculous extent, or i cant kill noone . it like the lag comp has been altered and the comp assignments have been tweaked for the worst. (JFYI w...
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  • searching for a call of duty black ops 2  ps3 clan

    Name (First): lorenzo   PSN: xXlollo00petraXx   Age:15   Why you would like to join: i am searching a clan where to meet people and enjoy myself playing with them.   K/D: my best was 24   Mic/...
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  • [PS3] [International] KrypTik clan recruiting.

    Hello, my name is Lachlan or KrypTik_Shotz whatever you want to call me. The KrypTik Clan has been around for about a month or so. The KrypTik Clan is loyal, active, trustworthy, friendly and kind. If you would like t...
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  • kein Bohrer bei Awakening!!

    Habe bei Extinction Awakening im Offline modus das Problem das am Start kein Bohrer mehr zu finden ist... Ich habe bereits wie in anderen Foren erwähnt alle zusatz artikel gelöscht und wieder neu geladen, l...
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  • Update 1.10 Impossible to Make Progress Due to Non-stop Attacks on My Base

    beuwolf78 and other Faceroll/Activision folks,   Player ID 1944376.  I am level CC 10 and have been with your game from the start.  Since the most recent update I have been unable to make any relevant ...
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  • What is the reason you are buying this Call of duty?

    Title sounds pretty straight forward but working all day got me thinking about everything this call of duty has to offer. 4 player Co-op Campaign I love that 3arch is coming back with Co-op I actually really enjoyed ...
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  • Wall Running Question?

    So im really pumped for BO3...the maps look anazing and the killstreaks look fun..what more do we want...But this wall running worries me...is it too much?       But my main question is can ...
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  • Can we please have improvements in atlas troops?!

    Ok, so the current 'master of arms' event requires us to train 65 dragons, 150 snipers and 50 goliaths to get the respective prizes. As far as dragons and snipers are concerned, I'm one of those guys that uses massiv...
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  • PS4 Advance Warfare account/stats mirror my sons account..

    I was just about to reach level 50 in prestige 9 when this morning everything in my account mirrored my sons.  I was brought down to to prestige 7 level 50, lost my stats/camos as they all became what my son had....
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  • skylander's collection vault for ios error

    When I enter my skylander's code from the sticker into the collection vault app for iOS it says "error: download failed. try again later".
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  • Why can't i live stream?

    Can somebody help me?
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  • Cel-3

    Is there a glitch or something to get this gun easy from a supply drop?
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  • Destiny

    Salve non riesco a trovare il modo di contattare via e-mail Activision per assistenza sulla vendita di Destiny. In quanto ero possessore di copia fisica del gioco che non ho più in quanto smarrita, volevo saper...
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  • My server for COD Ghost is not available, any clues what needs to be fixed?

    My COD Ghost server is not available that the POP-up message coming up all evening any clue how to fix it?
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  • Starting a zombie (squad).

    looking for players interested in getting as far as possible (levels) in zombies. the console is PS4. ive been playing zombies since the waw days so i am very familiar.   Requirements- PS4, 18^(age), friendly. w...
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  • Can i play this with normal xbox 360 controller ?

    I'll get the game for Xbox 360 and i played all prevouis guitar hero games with normal cor ?ntroller so can i play this too with normal controller or should i get the guitaC
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  • Zombies

    I want to build an awesome zombies team, im already trying to start one with this guy named Owned411 and i GhostXSoIdier both for the ps4, we already have 2 people and just need 2 more, so if anybody is good than feel...
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  • There's a scary trend in FPS lately that have me disappointed about the genre

    It seems that every FPS these days is following the EXACT SAME TREND and its driving me crazy. Narrow, vertical maps with boost jumping.   I'm blown away by how every FPS has these and it's annoying as Hell. Tit...
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