• Clan Needed for xbox 360

    hey im just a casual gamer just got the game and was wondering if there was any clans for a newbie im leve 41 with a 1.2 kd i havent got a mic yet but will be getting one within the next month or so
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  • banned during dlc2 update?

    went to log in to the shop and got a msg saying i was banned kept checking and its not saying it anymore. anyone else having this problem? i mean i bought the season pass and paid for armory slots and exo's i wanna kn...
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  • Spawning in late... system hack warbird palladin bad team bad map bad connection. Helps NOBODY to do that.

    It's the most frustrating thing in this game probly. IT BENEFITS NO ONE NEVER HAS NEVER WILL WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAPPEN IN THIS GAME. There has to be at least ONE single lobby, even if it's in africa. This game would c...
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  • Call of duty advanced warfare

    I purchased a season pass on C O D AW but it won't let me have the new DLC. Any help would be appreciated, thanks 
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    I bought an extra armory slot on Steam.  Steam sent me a receipt.  But I didn't get it. It's  showing in the "Downloadable Content" section and it doesn't show up in game.
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  • Zombie PLayers wanted

    Changed this forum because of people's complaints. I am just looking for some good people to play zombies with who have mics and won't leave when they go down or midway through a game. My favorite map is Buried but I ...
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  • Girl looking to join a clan (PS3)

    (PS3)  Hi there, I'm new to all this clan stuff, I want to join a clan I would prefer a girl clan but if there is a clan out there willing to take a newbie and showing me the ropes then I would be kool with that...
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  • Skill based matchmaking. Trash.

    This matchmaking system is such a joke. I have straight garbage teammates almost every game. Every time I win a game I feel like we just barely pulled it off and it wasn't even fun, it was stressful if anything. I hav...
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    please i bought the season pass and i wanted to get ascendence dlc but no i lost the 65$ i paid for and i used to have it with the OHM but guess what now i dont because this stupid update please activivson if your rea...
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  • Looking for XB1 Clan

    I am looking for a XB1 clan to join. I am on almost everyday from about 7am till 4pm, then after dinner. I am a husband and a father first before being a gamer so thats takes 1st objective. I was apart of a really goo...
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  • Ps3. Comcast. "the call of duty advanced warefare service is not availableat this time please try again later." What do i do to fix this problem. Because it says the servers are online

    Ps3. Comcast. "the call of duty advanced warefare service is not availableat this time please try again later." What do i do to fix this problem it says the servers are online but its been displaying this message ever...
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  • Patch has ruined my experience

    So I have really good internet. Like really, really good internet. After the latest patch, I can't find a single lobby where I have more than 2 bars. Every other game is running smooth as hell and I'm downloading some...
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  • To All Whiners About Splitscreen on Zombies

    You guys need to seriously stop whining about people playing splitscreen in Zombies. If you guys think that splitscreeners suck, then just back out of the game and join another one, it only takes about two seconds. An...
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  • why not bring in vote to kick to deter hackers and modders

    Ive been playing in a lot of lobbies recently were well known modders and cheats are appearing   The whole lobby calls them out on there cheating and either they have everyone on mute or enjoy the attention &nbs...
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  • Better characters for EXO ZOMBIES

    Rose Mcgowen and Bill Paxton are ok but Emma Stone from Zombieland and Ving Rhames from Dawn of the Dead would have been MUCH better.   Jon and John are fine. Anyone from TWD is a win win.
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  • DLC?

    So i Bought the new DLC for Advanced warfare and correct me if im wrong but wasn't i suppose to get the DLC gun called the OHM. Well i didnt get it. It says i have to buy the season pass to use it.
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  • 7 more months

    I want to be at my best when this thing drops. Besides nightly runs to 25+, what would you all suggest we do to be at our zombie best when this b!tch unleashes??  I'm training/practicing with my son  every n...
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  • Activision what the **** are you doing?

    Yet again activision disappointed hardcore players that have the season pass, if these maps are not going to be in ALL THE PLAYLISTS, we want our 60$ back for your shitty season pass.
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  • Is there a way to un-evolve villains in skylanders trap team?

    I need to know, because I've played a bit of trap team and evolved a couple villains but I'm also supposed to do videos on this is a few days but I can't because when I start a new game I have villains that I already ...
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  • Restless Godz (Xbox One) Platinum Division Clan

      Why you should consider joining: We are an active clan We are small at the moment but hoping to grow We are a Platinum division clan ready for the next clan war We are extremely competitive We have the G...
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