• max presidge

    I've suddenly just max prestiged, got all armour and camo for everything. No challenges to do now. HOW? Is there any point me playing now?.
  • Nobody Seems to Revive Lately

    I always love to play with randoms, as I have said many times before; it makes the game much more interesting/challenging etc. What I have been finding lately is, someone will get downed, and even if there are no enem...
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  • DLC havoc not able to use

    Hi there to all. i have bought dlc havoc online via psn account. which is installed very well on my ps4 but i am not able to use someone any solution for this problem?
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    Hi I am fairly new to the whole clan wars so looking for players to join my clan just here to play this game for fun on xbox 360 I am in the uk so most evenings & Saturday afternoons I am available I am a family m...
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  • Looking For Clan Ps3 !!

    Need a clan chill & fun to play with. My kd is low. Dont have a mic yet , old one broke. Have the app.   Psn: kevokillsu.
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  • during PVP error accour com 0 and i lost 19 points

    I was well set in PVP deploy my heroes and troops after few seconds later error message come up and game reload when I checked its shows that I lost the game and 19 points and only shows that I only deploy one hero G...
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  • Which is better ASM1 - Speakeasy or the BAL-27 - Obsidian Steed

    well what is better the ASM1 or the bal-27, i dont think we can confirm which is the best of the best, we can decide which one has more accuarcy, fire rate, damage, mobility and handling, so if you got some facts plea...
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    please i bought the season pass and i wanted to get ascendence dlc but no i lost the 65$ i paid for and i used to have it with the OHM but guess what now i dont because this stupid update please activivson if your rea...
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  • grey lines on screen

    Does anyone else find that the grey lines that use to cover the perimeter now cover 2/3 of any base you view? Only happened after 1.5 update.
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  • Unable to use OHM

    Surprise surprise, downloaded the new dlc and can't use the ohm. Same problem the AE4 had. This is ridiculous.
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  • looking for a ps4 clan

    Yo whats up im looking for a decent clan on ps4 to join not to big and not inactive want a active good clan to join ps4 my KD is 1.42 my WL is 1.25 and i master prestige 2 get back to me add YoExtazy
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  • PS3 call of duty plus wiimote

    Hey guys,   I had some nice cod ghosts games with the old ofc boys hazard and barry on the ps3 with the wiimote (and the titan one converter).   Although our K/D ratios are nothing to write home about we d...
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  • Girl looking to join a clan (PS3)

    (PS3)  Hi there, I'm new to all this clan stuff, I want to join a clan I would prefer a girl clan but if there is a clan out there willing to take a newbie and showing me the ropes then I would be kool with that...
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  • Exo Zombies - Infected Easter Egg Attempt and Playthrough

    I have seen how to get into the burger for easter egg by NGTZombies, if you are up for attempts then message me on XBOX 1 at vRFC JAAP 1690v , please have a mic.Thanks
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  • Hacker or glitch

    Toay I was attacked by player name:910084014650 player id: 6243053 .My defense logs shows that he won with two stars and 400k oil but replay shows he lost with obly185 k of oil so is this a glitch or he is hacking.Ple...
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  • Team iCHiBAN Need You!- XB1 Only!

    Team iCHi Ban: We are a small clan who love to have fun, and get to know all of our members. Communication is a strong part of our clan and we love to interact with each other. Aswell as enjoying ourselves we are ...
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  • 여자농구하이로우∼≒♣∼AS1588,cOm∼≒♣∼ 여자농구결과 여자농구토토w매치적중결과

    여자농구하이로우∼≒♣∼AS1588,cOm∼≒♣∼ 여자농구결과 여자농구토토w매치적중결과여자농구하이로우∼≒♣∼AS1588,cOm∼≒♣∼ 여자농구결과 여자농구토토w매치적중결과여자농구하이로우∼≒♣∼AS1588,cOm∼≒ ...
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  • Match making and search engine

    this match making is horrible. I was happy when i read  about new search engine.. But if this is it, game is done. i Skipped 42 bases all lower than mine (im7) no one of same level or higher. are u sure that th...
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  • WKBL배팅 ∼≒♣∼AS1588,cOm∼≒♣∼인터넷스포츠게임 WKBL일사설사이트

    WKBL배팅 ∼≒♣∼AS1588,cOm∼≒♣∼인터넷스포츠게임 WKBL일사설사이트WKBL배팅 ∼≒♣∼AS1588,cOm∼≒♣∼인터넷스포츠게임 WKBL일사설사이트WKBL배팅 ∼≒♣∼AS1588,cOm∼≒♣...
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  • 야구실시간중계【【  CZ070땄COM  】】 프로토승무패  스타리그

    야구실시간중계【【  CZ070땄COM  】】 프로토승무패  스타리그 야구실시간중계【【  CZ070땄COM  】】 프로토승무패  스타리그 야구실시간중계【【  CZ070땄COM  】】 프로토승무패  스타리그 야구실시간중계【【  CZ070땄COM  】】 프로토승무패  스타리그 야구실시간...
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