• Xbox One Error Code?

    I have a Error Code: A.B.C.-.-.F.G.H.I.J.K.-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.S.-.U.-.W.X.Y.Z.a.                       ...
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  • New Weapons, Camos, etc.

    New Weapons, Camos, Gear Sets, and more available now in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Black Market | Charlie INTEL   What are your thoughts on this?  The melee items could have the same coding as the knife w...
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  • Return tony hawk 5 for refund

    My son have used he´s hard earned money on tony hawk pro skater 5. It is an half complete game with alot of bugs and glitches, and it is not nearly playable nor enjoyable as a computergame should be... Should i ...
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  • My dlc isn't working

    It says sorry unavailable
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  • Is this considered cheating?

    I went to my buddy's house last night and noticed he had a reticle (basically scope optics) drawn onto his TV with a dry erase marker.  He said it's always dead center and he never has to ADS when acquiring targe...
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  • I'm kinda tired of all the cheaters.

    Playing this game is the worse experience ever. Every game someone on the enemy team is lag switching and goes 50/2 while my team can't tie their own shoes. Even better is seeing people are level 400+ and still playin...
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  • Instead of Burn Duplicates, don't give them

    I am at the point where if I do the 10 cryptkey purchase, I get 2 or 3 duplicates every time so I have to do the 30 purchase and still get duplicates.  By now you would think I would have been given one of the ne...
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  • If you are thinking of spending money on COD points for new weapons DONT!

    Did it myself and several of my friends did too. We spent between 50-100 on COD points to see if we could score all the weapons. You would think to yourself: surely that kinda cash is going to cover it - seeing as tho...
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  • Communication  Ban

    does anybody know what the issue is on communication ban I was banned from talking in party chat and messaging because I caught a guy a *** and they kicked me off of communications for two weeks has anybody else had t...
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  • Dark Matter won't unlock

    I finished up all diamond and gold challenges the other day and for some reason dark matter did not unlock for me. I have the 31 main weapons all diamond. The only things that aren't diamond are the butterfly knife an...
  • SoE Easter Egg - XB1

    NNeed one more for Easter egg,   GT - OC3ANN
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  • Treyarch, you broke my ♡

    I really respected you. You were keeping things at an even keel. It was working right and now this? You might as well just rip our hearts out. Sad days. How greedy can you be?  
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  • New Weapons Should at Least be Directly Purchasable

    Now, I don't like the fact that these weapons have to be "bought" at all, but at least make them sold separately instead of through gambling for them.   I knew there was absolutely no chance that they would've ...
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  • Spoiler! Don't buy DLC

    If you haven't already heard, the maps are garbage and once you download the map pack YOU CANNOT delete it. I'm on ps4 and I've reformatted 3 times and reinstalled the game 3 times with no luck.   The map pack,...
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  • Looking for Casual/Competitive players or a clan!

    Hi I am deathviper9933, I am 19 years old and looking for a mature in game friend base that i can play with as I am purchasing an xbox one and BO3 this weekend. Yes I know what you are thinking oh hes a noob or whate...
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  • I Want The Dlc Maps

    I Had Bought The Dlc Maps Then I Opened and The Game Tell Me That I Don't Have These Maps
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  • Big mistake Treyarch

    You think you people would learn after Sledgehammers big mistake. Milking people of money so they can get new guns. As well making it nearly impossible to get them. Make it to where it's easier to get them is all I'm ...
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  • [PS4] Looking for a competitive member to join a team

    Our clan has a competitive team and we're looking for one more player, age at least 16. must have a mic, a kd of 1.60 and to be in the USA message me if interested on psn thank you. Kirbykingz 
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  • 3arch/actvi the new Martin Shkreli

    I cant believe they would slap there own customers in the face with this new pay to gamble to win. i will not be purchasing any dlc in this game and i hope everyone doesnt. they are just gonna keep stealing money from...
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  • Cant dowload the new awakening pass

    I bought the new awakening pass but it doesn't show the new features in game and there is nothing in the cod store, what doni need to do?
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