• Clan background unlocks?

    My clan has been maxed out for the past several clan wars, we have our red tags got them when we should have. It states maximum clan level on our clan page in the app. Everything except the last background is unlocked...
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  • Need some help AGAIN with this game

    Why am i freezing when enemy is close to me, my guns seem like they have jammed and will not fire, i am shooting at the enemy got hit markers and they still walk through my bullets and kill me, when i do back out of t...
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  • Currently Being Moderated

    OT   I have always joked at the crazy stuff that happens in the CODHQ, remember when our names was 13f7e3a3385bf2e3f4d2003b910293dc, had to start a thread on that Re: Hi I am 13f7e3a3385bf2e3f4d2003b910293dc, wh...
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  • Solo Runs Questions

    I have found its easy to play POC solo and escape running at least 4 relics.  I seem to fail the 'find and kill the leper' challenge almost every time and it is so frustrating because that's an extra tooth wasted...
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  • What's wrong with this generation of COD games?

    Well, there has been a lot of complaining the last 3 COD games. BO2 was the worst COD ever made when it first came out and now it's the gold standard.   I recently played about 3 hours of it and got bored pr...
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  • Hackers

    Is there any activity from AW team to stop or block or to ban hackers???   I have had numerous people that I have reported and weeks later they are still playing.   I mean really??
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  • No wonder this place is dead

    I can't even reply to my own discussion. Maybe I can say something on reddit  (gotsomestars ). OUHATEME is right.
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  • PS4 Clan Actively Recruiting Players..

    North American PS4 Players only please.. This is strictly because of the issue with time zone play...   We are KhaotiK Gaming (KkG), a level 25 PS4 clan that has been around since MW3..   Here is the...
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  • High Relics at 50

    I have today beaten POC with multiple relics on, this is a 2 part post. 1st part is for forum troll (we all know who he/she is) who doesn't believe what anybody has to say on here, so it doesn't matter what I post. Th...
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  • Looking For Clan CoD AW [XboxOne]

      Currently looking for a clan to begin getting in to competetive play.   I am from the UK but Would be happy in a clan from anywhere (as i usually play awkward hours for peeps in the UK)   This is t...
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  • I always miss the best stuff in clips!

    I am on the XB1, and really miss the theater mode from BO2. I do save some clips, and do get some good stuff, but the truly epic events go by and are done before I remember to say "Xbox, record that". Case in point. L...
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  • Does not work. Help

    Can someone help me. i do Not know if Im enrolled in the beta. I put the code in bit people are saying you get an email that confirms you are in it Within 3 days. I have not gotten it and Im worried I wasted my money ...
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  • replacement disc form?

    Hi, I can't seem to download the replacement disc form for the UK - can any one help
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  • Call of Duty app missing in action?

    I recently tried to locate the call of duty ghost app on the verizon Android app store. It doesn't appear to be there, this is moderately an issue for one, I'd like to use the app for all the added features and for tw...
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  • Female Gamer Looking for Clan (CoD AW) PS4

    A little about me: (I’m a fairly recent CoD player – this is the second game in the franchise that I’ve played) I have a current 1.02 KD and am a level 11 Prestige player – I mostly play: Domin...
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  • Tool Recovery

    Hello @ Dear Activision   Your tool recovery is complete useless it does not work at all. Please can someone help me i have accidentally deleted my BAL-27 inferno when trying to get rid of stuff. Yes i know i'...
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  • Frame rate

    The best part of the game is the firs pvp battle against cpu exactly after u install the game its fantastic without any lag.but when you start to grow your base low frame rate comes and it really gets me angry.special...
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  • what is the point of reporting players?

    I find it funny that people have an unusually high score in a game and as soon as the lobby comes up they disappear. Call me cynical but if you just wiped the floor with the opponent fairly wouldn't you hang around th...
  • Bo2 Clan Invite - PS3

    Looking for people to join my clan if you would like to join add me on PSN my name is MTxFlame or kik me @MTxFlame
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  • Making a clan called XSKP Recruiting anyone as long as you tryout PLZ message me back if you want to join my GAMERTAG is SnIpEr_LyF3 21

    Making a clan called XSKP Recruiting anyone as long as you tryout PLZ message me back if you want to join my GAMERTAG is SnIpEr_LyF3 21.
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