• If not cheating is this title broken??

    I run Low Profile and suppressors on all my classes but still see players track my position clearly through walls. How is this possible? I also see a lot of players using unsuppressed weapons and never show up on the ...
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  • why are my dlc ohms gone?

    I was playing advanced warfare last night and used my ohms that I purchased from the dlc packs.. I get on today and they are gone.. ohm, ohm werewolf, and ohm heart seeker. What is going on here?
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  • bo3 startup problems

    Whenever I start up the bo3 beta it acts like it alt-tabs the game immediately. When the game has loaded the music turns on but when I try to go back in it wont let me?
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  • Advanced Warfare, most childish COD in history

    Clown heads, cat ears, surf boards, brain helmets, laser guns, hovering, jumping around like monkeys---   And, I could go on and on.........   Sledgehammer focused more time on micro transactions than actu...
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  • Yet to get in a game thats not red bar.....?

    I'm living in QLD Australia and have tried joining probably 30 games out of those 30 games I haven't had a single playable connection and obviously the constant freezing is also not helping   any help with why...
  • HPC Recruitment (XBOX1)

    HPC HollowPointCrew is recruiting looking for mature fun gamers we are not worried about K/D for the fact some players are objective players while others are the muscle of the clan and its all about the wins.We just a...
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    Seeking a partner in starting an all girls clan!! Black ops 2- PS3 ONLY. Please Kik me @brinaeeee, add me on face book Brinae Powell, or message me on here. Add me on PSN @Dodecadork. Clan name still up for discussion...
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  • Looking for a new Black Ops 2 Clan?

    █▀▀█ ▒█▀▀█ █▀▀ █░░█ █░░█ ▒█▀▀▄ █▀▀ █▄▄█ ▀▀▀▀ ▒█▄▄█ ▀▀▀ ▄▄▄█   Join today!       Hello everyone, my name is iWillowBay. Today I would like to bring to your attention, the commencement of the ne...
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    At the moment, it feels like 98% of games I play are extremely laggy, with very poor connections. Nothing has changed networking wise my end, so it must be related to the rubbish connections that AW has been dogged wi...
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  • Blunderblah

    Last night, I dropped 3 of the new weapons that have just arrived on ps4. "Lucky you" I hear you say. Well. No..... because they were ALL FUNKING BLUNDERBUSES....ES!!   The only one i didn't really care about. N...
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  • Beta code does not work

    Activison my beta code does not work what should i do
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  • Easter egg for die rise and Tranzit ? (PS3)

    Need to finish Easter egg for die rise and Tranzit for PS3 Richthofen side , 3 people needed
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  • Razorback needs to be toned down at range.

    An SMG should never outdo assault rifles at range.  All I see is most people on both teams using it. 
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  • PC shut off?

    For some reason ( not hardware related ) My PC will shut after a few games of Black Ops 3. Every other game seems to run okay with out any issues? i was just wondering if any one has a fix or maybe is relating to thi...
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  • XBox One - Extra Armory Slots Missing

    I have purchased the 5 extra armory slots on the 360 but when I play on my One they are not showing.   - I went to the store on the One and selected the extra armory slots.  It said I already own this item ...
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  • Things that need to be nerfed

    Well I've put in a few good 16hrs in the beta so far and here are my thoughts on this that need to be dumbed down a lot. As people are constantly spamming these mechanics and I just feel there way overpowered.  ...
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  • BO3 needs some tweaking in a couple of things

    First off the game looks and runs really smooth outside of the player connections. I am really enjoying the visual aspect of the game. But there are a couple things I would like to see tweaked.   1.) The sounds ...
  • RE: clan tag

    i created my own clan but i want to delete it how do i do that?
  • THIS IS HOW to redeem your code if its not working

    All right so here goes, if you follow these steps correctly then you should be abel to redeem your beta token on Xbox.com 1. go to Xbox | Official Site 2. sign into your account 3. click on your Gamer Tag at the ...
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  • i got my black ops 3 beta codes for xbox one and the codes dont work plz help

    Please send me working codes all 3 didnt work plz help
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