• the new events 11/25

    I have complained before about the events and I have realized that we will have to deal with the current, extremely boring types of events we have seen up till now for quite some time as they have so many other issues...
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  • What's with the special treatment to Valor Elite?

    beuwolf78   Why was Valor Elite retroactively rewarded with stars after a war ended??? They certainly are not the first alliance to lose due to battle bugs and crashes. Is Valor Elite the top celerium purchaser?...
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  • Anyone want to see a sweet cross map combat axe?

    My first one for Black Ops 3. Got pretty lucky, I managed to miss like 3 things that would have stopped it in its tracks and hit a guy who I think is changing classes.   Black Ops 3 Cross Map Combat Axe - YouTube
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  • Shadows of evil easter egg XB1

    (Need 3 people) looking for people that know what they are doing and know all of the steps to the easter egg message me @ TrueDerpyHooves
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  • Bring back the Javelin

    At least for the people that group up and camp at spawn points at the back.  If you haven't faced "back of the map campers yet", you will realize how important something like this could be since they do not have ...
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  • Alliance Base

    My alliance war base hasn't update for six months now. Idk how to update it, any answers?
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    what i did is put my xbox one on wireless and it put the NAT in moderate and the game is too moderate i got into games faster and i didint lag as much i know it sounds crazy i have good internet 100,up 12,dn but it se...
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  • Zombie kills not counting towards camos

    I've been playing Zombies quite a bit lately but the camo challenges are not working. When I go to the Zombies tab in the camo menu it says I have no kills with any of the weapons even though I have hundreds of kills ...
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  • TF Devastation Preorder Issue Resolution?

    So uh... any updates about the whole "No-DLC upon preorder deal" or is Activision still being incompetent?
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  • Player emblems.

    When can't I have boobs or a butt as a emblem if this is a rated M game? Why does everyone report me for it? I don't understand. I thought all the squeakers was grown men.
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  • German Fun Clan sucht Member BO3 für PC

    Hi der neu gegründete Clan German Fun Clan sucht im Moment Member für Black Ops 3 auf PC was wichtig ist ihr solltet mindestens 16 Jahre alt sein und Teambasiert spielen können.   Für weiter...
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  • Want my money back

    This game is un playable if I do eventually find a match and it doesnt kick me out the lagging and lack of hit a markers ie none is just shocking my broadband is fine before we go into that its this game. Last speed t...
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  • You changed the one thing that was good.

    Good afternoon. I know the crew working on Heroes is busy fixing the ongoing stream of bugs in the game, but I was just wondering why they had time to fix the one thing that didn't need fixing? I'm talking of course a...
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  • The unofficially official lag-thread

    So I stumbled upon this forum trying to figure out why I was experiencing so much lag issues online, and found many topics on the subject. The thing is, if we put our complaints in one thread I do believe we'll get mo...
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  • So... what is the point of double XP for last-gen consoles if we can't even get into a game without encountering every error/server problem imaginable?

    Was the double XP really of benefit to anyone this weekend? Really now. This port is a joke. I'm curious whether they're addressing any/all of these problems at all, or if we'll eventually receive full refunds consid...
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  • I pre ordered bo3 on xbox one but didnt get nuketown

    i preordered bo3 and Did not get nuketown on xbox one
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  • Anybody else?

    Prior to the last update this age actually ran really well for me. Other than the occasional rubber band lobby it was nice, even enjoyable.  Ever since the update I always seem just that 1 second behind everyone ...
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  • Sound whoring - Sorry, but you suck

    Sound whoring is referring to the players who use dead silence and awareness perks, allowing them to hear enemies coming from ridiculous distances. Like the title says, if you do this, you suck. You're essentially say...
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  • Black Ops III needs a stronger SBMM

    I say so because I'm tired of playing solo just to get teammates who constantly go 2-34 every game.  I know that Advanced Warfare had your occassional nooby split-screeners, but that occurance was limited to the ...
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  • Top 3 changes you'd want to see soon?

    Hey everyone!  Now that Black Ops 3 has released and everyone's (mostly everyone?) is enjoying it I was beginning to think of changes I'd like to see made to the game.  After a few days of playing solo and w...
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