• Bowie knife not levelling up

    i play online every night and I am prestige10 level 15 on BO3 zombies but my Bowie knife is only level one. This really frustrates me as I buy that Bowie knife every game yet still can't level it up.   is anyone...
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  • BUG - Version 2.2 - Rapid research - Reset Tech Upgrade

    I received a Rapid Research and used on my Tech Facility.  I already had dragonflies upgrading from level 8 to level 9, and the new rapid research reset my counter back to zero (minus the two hours)!!  This ...
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  • Singing in GHL Question?

    Hi there,   I was a huge fan of the singing option in GHWT, but I'm a little confused with GHL. In GHWT, you were able to sing the songs without guitar gameplay, but I don't see an option to do this on GHL.....
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  • Rapid Tech Research Booster......

    I just used the rapid tech research booster and instead of reducing the time I had to upgraded my unit, I got time added to my unit upgrade. A total of about 13 days and 20 Hours or so.  A definite Glitch.  ...
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  • The Sad Unraveling of a Game that had Potential

    For nearly three months now, I've been singing the praises of Black Ops 3.  I was ready to call the franchise dead after AW.  I bought a hard copy of BO3 expecting to return it after a week or two of play.&#...
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  • If you are thinking of spending money on COD points for new weapons DONT!

    Did it myself and several of my friends did too. We spent between 50-100 on COD points to see if we could score all the weapons. You would think to yourself: surely that kinda cash is going to cover it - seeing as tho...
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  • Four New GobbleGums Arrive with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Awakening

    In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Awakening*, Treyarch’s Zombies saga continues with Der Eisendrache. Picking up where The Giant bonus map left off, Der Eisendrache will bring Takeo, Richtofen, Nikolai, and Dempsey t...
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  • 2.3 Minor Improvement Suggestions

    Here's a thread to suggest things for 2.3 to be tacked on as a minor improvement. Suggestions should be just that...minor (a new feature no matter how simple is not a minor change)   Here's my suggestions: - ch...
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  • Hardcore Ricochet

    Hey all, What do you think of ricochet for team killing in hardcore modes?we all know it can be impossible to find good connection games with a party of mate, but then during a fire fight someone runs in front of you...
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  • El codigo de bonus digital content no funciona

    cuando quiero canjear el código manda error
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  • Treyarch? You there? What are you doing?

    I know a ton of threads will be made on this but I frankly do not care.   Honestly, why? Why make the single biggest mistake last year's Advanced Warfare made, but then make it even worse by not just having 'var...
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  • Terrible Hit Detection since last hotfix ( with Video

    The last few days have been terrible with hit detection. I play only hardcore team deathmatch. Nothing changed on my side. Still open NAT no packet loss and great bandwidth but something is drastically wrong since thi...
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  • New Weapons, Camos, etc.

    New Weapons, Camos, Gear Sets, and more available now in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Black Market | Charlie INTEL   What are your thoughts on this?  The melee items could have the same coding as the knife w...
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  • What would it take to spend money on this game?

    So what would it take for you to pay for this game?  This can be an ongoing thread so as to give the developers a better idea of what kind of improvements to make.  They have given us very, very few of the s...
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  • I haven't got all the campaign gear  

    I haven't got all the campaign gear even though I upgraded everything in story and completed it on veteran how do I get the pants
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  • Cod modern warfare 4 hacked

    Was playing online and a guy deranked me and now my score is in the minus ! Won't let me play any games online ! What do I do ?!
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  • MW3 Hackers

    how can i get help with online hacker on ps3?
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  • i just got the sword from a supply drop, do i need to do all the challenges to be able to put dark matter on it?

    so i purchased some crypto keys and obtained the new sword. will i have to do the 200 kills and the 5 challenges to be able to put dark matter on it? when i go on camo's it shows i have 1 new camo in the multiplayer s...
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  • Nuketown,

    I see Gamer`s are rushing to download the Nuketown map which is going free, apparently by going onto the Activision site and telling them you did not get the Nuketown code when you pre-ordered  once you have link...
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  • [ps4/XB1] demolition gaming is recruiting

    DxG is a highly competitive/structured clan in clan wars, pub stomping, gbs etc. Sponsored by custom config modjunkiez and wolfgripz. Must be over 16 and have a over a 1.3 k/d, have mic, and be active. If interested a...
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