• [PS4] [UK] True Gaming Recruiting

    True Gaming is recruiting for all level of players for our PS4 Division. The recruitment is for the competitive Roster and Pub Roster. competitive roster will conclude of 4 players. Pub Roster has no limit. ...
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  • The Official Unofficial Fallout 4 Thread

    Who's playing Fallout 4?
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    I just noticed this but I really like how you have levels and a ponts system in this forum its kinda cool. I think its a really great idea! kind of like reddit but less crappy! One of the best made forums ive seen in ...
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  • A7X Content Ever Moving?

    So the A7X live show isn't on premium any more, yes, but it didn't get moved to the song catalog like the rest of the premium content has at this point (even the bvb live show has).  At least it isn't there for m...
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  • Attack Damage(what we'd like to see)

    1 vote
    Will we be reunited with our long lost love? Attack Damage...ah, yes. the good ol days. Maybe it was just a fling? I hope not. So there it is.   Will we see Attack damage returned? And.. Do you feel the same?...
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  • OBJ ignored for K/D and streaks? Add solutions here!

    My suggested solution is:   TDM extended. A 200/250 point TDM for the K/D kiddies to have their cake and eat it. I'd actually like the chance to play this myself to be honest. I've been on pretty good streaks in...
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  • Maybe the worst cod I've played yet and here is why...

    Hello friends   I'm only lv 25 or something but I already got a lot of problems with the multiplayer.   I can see that all those 360° quickscope running around holding that long **** in your face wil...
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  • the new events 11/25

    I have complained before about the events and I have realized that we will have to deal with the current, extremely boring types of events we have seen up till now for quite some time as they have so many other issues...
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  • Please Read!

    Does anyone agree that the developers should make a one-time name change in the next big update??? it would be awesome and it is such a simple request. Please make this happen!
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  • Are people seriously STILL complaining about this game?

    I just don't get it. There are so many people on this forum that are being such babies when it comes to the game. It's like they actually can't accept that maybe their skill level is what's affecting them online.... a...
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  • Maximizing Scorestreak Effectiveness

    I created this thread to discuss ways that each of the scorestreaks in BO3 can be used to its full potential. Several of them appear to be pretty underwhelming (I'm looking at you Rolling Thunder), but I think this co...
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  • [XB1] looking for a casual clan

    I am looking for a casual clan to join. I have a mic I am 21 I am new to BO3 but not to call of duty in general .   Message me on xbox one at - Selfless Mortal
    created by such_tag_so_wow
  • Nuketown not showing up online

    Hello,  Nuketown is still not showing up in online games. I have the map because I can play it locally by myself if I want to.  Why it isn't showing up? I'm on prestige 3 lvl 9 now and played more than 24 ho...
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  • Im trying to find out why it tells me that in multi player  and in zombies that I'm not joinable

    Im trying to find out why I'm not joinable  in multi player and in zombies
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  • RE: stats reset believe i have found a glitch

    My stats have been reset, i hit 3rd prestige and went to perm unlock something but as i clicked the screen froze and the game started, when i got in the game i only had 5 custom classes, once it finished i was level 1...
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  • Black Ops 3 on PS4. My stats/Prestige and level was resetet.

    Hallo, i have 2 big problems. 1. i cant log in my Activision Community account. I type my user name and password and they say its wrong. But its right, beacuse i can normally log in on the Activision page. i can res...
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  • You changed the one thing that was good.

    Good afternoon. I know the crew working on Heroes is busy fixing the ongoing stream of bugs in the game, but I was just wondering why they had time to fix the one thing that didn't need fixing? I'm talking of course a...
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  • Make Outrider effective instead of dud hero

    3 votes
    So currently even with this new Event, I believe it would be safe to say that the majority of people are finding outrider near usless. And would rather deploy, say wallcroft, ghost, reaper, Yuri, soap, Harper, Price.....
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  • The unofficially official lag-thread

    So I stumbled upon this forum trying to figure out why I was experiencing so much lag issues online, and found many topics on the subject. The thing is, if we put our complaints in one thread I do believe we'll get mo...
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  • Aiuto

    Salve, io ho un problema il biglietto da visita del accessorio doppia arma non mi conta le uccisioni ne ho fatte un macello ma si è bloccato a 42/75 ho già provato con la prima pistola e l'ultima ma con ...
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