• Well you asked for it. So here it is, but how will you deal with the reaction?

    So snipers have been nerfed. I saw almost zero snipers in the beta, so now here comes the sniper community complaining about ARs and subs and how they are able to shoot across the map and kill. It will happen it is al...
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  • Lets talk about match making.

    I think the matchmaking system is terrible, it is absurd, in fact it doesn't even exist. We had so many great and many games from COD yet we cant get a simple task as match making in action, i can understand if the ga...
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  • Sauvegarde Skylanders Lost Islands

    BOnjour,   j'ai relancé l'appli récemment sur IPad mais mon jeu est remis au niveau 1 . J'ai beau me reconnecter avec mes identifiants , rien n'y fait.  J'aimerais bien pouvoir reprendre ma partie...
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  • bonjour comment faire quand on est plus autoriser a jour pour non respect des terme de la charte merci

    bonjour j avais plus ma playstaition et mnt je l ai recuper je veux jouer a call of tous et me marque non autoriser a jouer pour non respect de la charte que puis je faire merci d avance
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  • Feedback: Aim assist way too strong

    Aim assist In this game is doing way too much altering with my aim.   It's to the point that I don't even feel good getting kills because I feel like aim assist does 80% of the work.   it's following peopl...
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  • I have 182 KD but no Shotguns.

    I have 182 KD and Skull With Knife, When i open Shotguns rank (how much KD i need) pls help me.
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  • I am so done with this stuff....

    I have been trying to get a fair PVP matchup since 1.9 finally let me in.  5 losses in a row is not very conducive to keeping me coming back to play.  If I wanted to be beat up every fricking time I could go...
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  • My Good and Bad for BO3 Beta

    Good: Specialists have been done well, some are better than others but none are OP, Rejack has caused some concerns but it's usually not too difficult to chuck a grenade at the green smoke or simply find cover to kil...
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  • Has anyone received their Gideon celerium?

    The 1.9 update notes made it seem like it should have been deposited earlier today.
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  • Anti-Air Mines.

    Fix anti-air mines to actually kill Dragonfires.  The area of effect needs to be increased to account for the unpredictable nature of these units due to the game AI.  Also the current mines won’t kill ...
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  • Aren't you all sick of the futuristic bs

    The game is no longer anything like cod used to be. I was a very dedicated fan from CoD 4 all the way through ghosts. I max prestiged cod4, world at war, mw2, black ops, mw3, bo2, and ghosts. Then aw comes and we have...
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  • PVP League Bonus Suggestion

    Suggestion -- Add skill points to the PVP League Bonus.  As an initial estimate, I would propose 50% of the amount of diamonds in that league bonus.   With the defenses still cranked up with the bunkers and...
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  • better visual indicator when bunker troops fire

    1 vote
    Sometimes when I watch defensive replays, I can't see my bunker firing at all. I used to have this problem in Survival but not recently. I am worried it is a bug and my bunker is actually broken, but I think it's more...
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  • Destitutione - same ol' NT

    Bo3   WHY!   What is the dumb obsession with re-skinned maps being resold to us? WHY   seriously, who asks for this.   They already did it with Bo2, and they are repeating it with Bo3   ...
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  • This beta proves they dont/wont change

    Example 1.  They are aware of all of the issues with the beta currently.  How about letting x1/pc users download the beta NOW so it MIGHT be playable for us unlike ps4 players when the 26th rolls around. &nb...
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  • Nuketown unfortunately returns

    Looks like we will never be rid of this sh*tty map from Treyarch. I literally just saw an advertisement on this site saying to preorder now and get the Nuketown bonus map.   Looks like the kill whores get their ...
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  • I bought 1200 celerium for Cally of Duty: Heroes for 456,54 rub through googleplay and it billed my phone bill but I DID NOT recieve any of it.

    I bought 1200 celerium for Cally of Duty: Heroes for 456,54 rub through googleplay and it billed my phone bill but I DID NOT recieve any of it.     - Email : - Receipt number: GPA.1386-2068-3333-01002 - ...
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  • Negative experience points

    I've been playing call of duty modern warfare 4 for the last year and today I was in a hacked game and I got kicked from the game due to connection. When I attempted to reenter a game all of my room choices were block...
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  • Retaliatory Attacks

    4 votes
    Retaliatory attacks should be "IMMUNE" from shields, a LOT of high end players attack at will BUT hide behind either/or on line 24/7 or 24/7 shields, there is not much that can be done about the 24/7 on line issue do ...
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  • emblem ban

    hi, I've been banned from making a new emblem because i had apparently i made a racial emblem but it was made after the Indian good luck charm the swastika
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