• ARX HolePuncher

    I have searched this forum over and over and even used goggle to search the internet and have had no luck other than find youtube videos of guys talking about it   Can any of you guys or gals tell me how to get ...
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  • help

    Hi, can anybody help me? i am looking for a game-developer in usa, to talk 1v1, i'm from belarus and i'd like to ask some questions about work/education, what is the best way to find the person, who can help me?
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  • Retro clan recruiting

    Retro Clan     To B02 gamers I am currently starting my own B02 clan called Retro. For those who don't know what retro means it stands for " OLD SCHOOL ".     I am looking for pro gamers that ha...
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  • Clankriege

    Hallo,   ich bin mit meinem Clan in der Diamant Division, wir haben dieses Wochenende keine Zeit um am Clankrieg Detroid teilzunehmen. Meine Frage: Steigen wir bei nicht Teilnahme in die Platin Division ab ?? We...
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  • Help me out please

    I bought a game call of duty advance warfare, i have installed it through steam . its not starting. It is showing some unknown error , failed to start game.. I reinstalled it through disk. Still it showed me the same ...
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  • Late comer surprised

    Ok. New to this game. Suck(always will by comparison) but this is the first multiplayer cod i have enjoyed since cod4 MW. Even the comunity itself seems to be nicer. (It really bottomed out during MW3 and Blops2 imo. ...
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  • why does it tell me there is a status update

    I have an xbox 360 and I have been trying to connect online with call of duty black ops 2 for over a week now and when I do it pops up with a notice saying that call of duty black ops 2 server is not available at this...
  • People to play with

    I want people to play with. I created a new account so i may be low ranked, and i wanted some people to play with me (mostly zombies) so yeah my PSN: HelloImDavid99
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  • Do you want the juggernog edition to get a restock?

    There is still hope to get it restocked. I found a petition that you can sign to get this juggernog edition back. if you are like me and didn't get enough time to buy this edition, then you know how disappointing it i...
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  • I bought the season pass for Advanced Warfare and I have got none okay the map pack. It installs but does not come up with them.

    What should I do?Activision Support! !
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  • CoD: Heroes on Windows 10

    Just posting to see when Call of Duty:Heros 1.8.1 will be available to download from the windows store. Currently the version that downloads is 1.8.0. Attempting to manually update the version doesn't work either. Som...
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  • Code Bêta bo3

    Bonjour une fois le code beta rentré, nous avons le message de félicitations mais devons nous attendre de recevoir quelque chose ensuite ? car après nous n'avons plus aucune nouvelles. La beta ps4 est d...
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  • Level 25 US PS4 Clan Actively Recruiting Players..

    North American PS4 Players only please!! This is strictly because of the issue with time zone play...   We are KhaotiK Gaming (KkG), a level 25 PS4 clan that has been around since MW3..   Here is the b...
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  • missing clan rewards

    Hello, i have a problem with missing rewards for clan wars. I've tried to send a private message to @AxelSpoonz but i not able to do it due to some kind of error. @AxelSpoonz could you send me PM, please, that I ...
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    hola por que cuando voy a agente en call of duty advanced warfare le doy a agente y a clanes y no me deja entrar porque pone que a causa de restricciones de la cuenta ni puedes usar esta funcion del juego ayuda por favor
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  • Somebody can help me please!

    My friend bought advanced supply drop 6 for 10$ and they never appear. What is he suppose to do?
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  • i have bought advanced supply drops but i didnt get them

    So i today i have bought advanced warfare supply drops it cost me 16.99 but i didnt get the supply drops in the game can anyone help me?ll   Contact Email: [Removed by Moderator]   i have called sony and t...
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  • my default stick layout has the controls flipped and I can play with it like that, how do I fix it?

    MY defualt stick layout on cod ghost has the look up and down flipped. how do I fix this?
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  • I buy a Call of Duty WAW disc and my PC can't install it. Can somone help me?

    how can i install it?   and why i can't install it?
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  • PS3 clan is recruiting

    Hey guys I just wanted to let y'all know that the MidnightRockers are now recruiting. I am in the process of developing a ranking system, Facebook page, and a YouTube page. It is taking some time but that's because I ...
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