• Constant Freezing when entering "Create a Class"

    hey so my advanced warfare has been freezing my xbox as soon as i enter the "Create a Class" function. i was wondering if im the only one or is this happening to everyone       PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF G...
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  • The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

    I tried making threads on the offical Bungie forum but that forum is hot right now that it's tough getting anything to linger long enough to garner attention. Since there's a good bit of you guys here that play Destin...
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  • [XB1] Hybrid Theory now Recruiting!

    ═════════════════ A Little About Us ═════════════════   Hybrid Theory is devoted to bringing like-minded players together. We welcome players of all levels and play styles, from the casual player to the hardcore ...
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  • Missing advanced supply drop purchase

    I purchased 2 advanced supply drops but they aren't showing on my PS3 or as available for download to it. This was 4 days ago and i have left multiplayer and gone back into it. How do i get them?
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  • The MK14:

    I was running a find weapons off the ground prestige, but I decided to abandon that challenge. All I was finding were strong guns and I would often go on a 3 to 9 streak once I picked something up. So, I took a differ...
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  • [PSN] Faded Reality Clan Recruiting Members

    Sup Peeps, I'm xDark_Knight21 A Member of Faded Reality clan. We are currently searching for cool people to join to help us winning clan wars. as We've been losing since the last 2 wars due to inactive members. so you...
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  • clansolow recruiting - xbox 360 and xbox one - red clan tags - active for clan wars

    we are a maximum level 25 red clan tag clan which consists of 30 current members We are an active clan wars clan and strive to win often we won our recent clan wars and have now re-opened recruitment so new players c...
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  • More people running scores on PS4

    A few weeks back me and a small group started running scores on POC PS4.  After a few frustrating attempts and guidance from many players on this forum we finally reached a decent score.   This seemed to ha...
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  • The Biggest Complaints with Advanced Warfare

    Hey Players,   I like watching Jordies (WingsofRedemption) vids since he played cod world at war and i know he is a very expereinced and smart player in call of duty...and I respect his opinion a lot and I've le...
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  • Anarchy for Life Max Clan Looking for Active Players! PS3 and PS4

    We are currently recruiting again! Looking for dedicated, active players. We are looking for team players as we are objective based clan, and always aim to win and play for the task. We are an organized clan and treat...
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  • [XB1] SSD1 Recruiting!

    SlayingSinceDay1 is now recruiting! We have 17 members and are level 20! We are in Platinum Division for Clan Wars and we participate in raids! We have players from North America and Europe.   Requirements: &...
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  • Has Anyone acctually received any new weapons?

    Had 4 supply drops last night and got nothing I haven't had before. I'm against paying for advanced drops but they should be in both right?
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  • Today Played COD 4 - Now AW Bores Me - Help

    After not having played COD 4 online for years, I went back today and had the largest nostalgia I have probably ever experienced in my life. I was playing on the 360, doing really well. Later on I went back to play AW...
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  • Join Tragiic Clan (PSN Only)

    Hey there people do you like winning and playing competitively then this is the clan for you if you want to tryout for this barely starting clan then here are some requirments Must Have Mic Or Maybe Not But It Will ...
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  • PS4 COD AW Going Diamond Recruiting

    Name of team: Six Ghosts   We have won 3 platinum clan wars and want to try our hand in the diamond division. Last platinum clan war we finished holding all 8 nodes in the 5-10 bracket. We have a few players no...
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  • Why is SBMM still a thing?

    We're almost halfway through Advanced Warfare's life cycle now, and I'm still wondering: Why is SBMM still in effect? Now, I know every CoD (with the exception of the original, which didn't have multiplayer) has had S...
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  • Why can't I use AE4 or OHM Weapons?

    I purchased Havoc & Ascendance using my PSN login and can use the AE4 or OHM weapons without any problems. My son, however, who has a different PSN login, can't use the DLCs. When he plays COD:AW and tries to use ...
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  • Advanced supply drops

    When will the supply drops be brought back cause i have money in habd ready to buys some but there is none seriously
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  • ps3 clan looking 4 players.

    Take ova Boyz are looking for players for clan wars and raid parties.  If you love to be part of something and win prizes and I'm not just talking about What the game gives you we have a gift card giveaway to our...
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  • Stupid things you believed when you were a kid

    When I was five years-old or so I though one could be a ninja simply by purchasing a plastic ninja star from any local store. Boy was I wrong.......I mostly blame this on the following: + At about the same ...
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