• This game should never have been released, or at least dlc should have been free

    after all of the problems with this game, I will never purchase dlc again. I have spent $120+ on this game (the game, one dlc map, season pass, various in game purchases).   Constant issues, one after another. ...
    Clemen Samuels
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  • Black ops 3 Beta BLACK HAT change needed

    Black ops 3 Beta BLACK HAT change needed   Change Black hat ,so it hacks only enemy equipment and not kill streaks because personally me getting wraith and someone just to hack it with basic equipment makes no...
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  • Supply Drop Logic

    How do you put new stuff in the drops and not increase the drop rate for those new items for at least a week.... like I haven't unlocked the STG-44 yet... seems like everyone has found the samurai set except I.... it ...
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  • Advice from owners of both PS4 and Xbox One - Re: controllers

    Hi guys I'm after your help.  Due to a number of my friends having the Xbox One I jumped ship from my faithfull PS and went down the Xbox route.   This was great and some good fun with AW, however the one t...
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  • Well you asked for it. So here it is, but how will you deal with the reaction?

    So snipers have been nerfed. I saw almost zero snipers in the beta, so now here comes the sniper community complaining about ARs and subs and how they are able to shoot across the map and kill. It will happen it is al...
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  • What I did in my summer holiday by Maccabi - A review ( that isn't a review of the Beta )

    So it's unfair to "review" a Beta because its a beta so this is more of a general over view / what I thought and my impressions of what was shown . I played on the xb1 and tried out most things upto level 41 .   ...
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  • Lets talk about match making.

    I think the matchmaking system is terrible, it is absurd, in fact it doesn't even exist. We had so many great and many games from COD yet we cant get a simple task as match making in action, i can understand if the ga...
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  • why did Activision ruin destiny?

    Many of us know of the amazing trailers full of story content and the content you can glitch into from the base downloadable game, so why wasnt it in the game in the first place, where did the story go, what happened ...
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  • RPGs in bunkers don't shoot drags?

    Has there been a change in where RPGs no longer shoot drags when stocked in bunkers? I have watched several replays from attacks on my base and also from alliance members and cannot see one RPG shot being fired at DFs...
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  • Could someone help me with my clan?

    I am the commander of my clan. I definitely didn't leave or delete it but when I log into AW or the AW app my clan is gone and it says I'm not in a clan. However when I search for my clan in the app it shows up but sa...
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  • Active cc8 11k+ rep looking for top alliance

    I'm a good cc8 player looking for a top alliance that is fun and entertaining. I know how to play but will not mind pro tips to get better. Leaving my own alliance because i want to learn more. Comment if you have an ...
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  • AU- AWarfare - PS4 - "No games found" since Ascendence DLC

    I have NO DLCs installed. Since the release of Ascendence DLC I am not able to play AW. Multiplayer - No games found. Team Deathmatch max. 2 games found but takes 1 hour to join. Ranked Play 3-5 games found but takes ...
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  • Dynamic Gaming X is recruiting

    Im the leader of the Dynamic Gaming X clan and im recruiting members this is a simple fun clan where anyone can jooin we dont require a mic or high K/D and you dont need to be a specific level hardcore or casual playe...
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  • Looking for a clan Xbox one

    im looking for a clan on Xbox one. I have a 1.6kd and 1.8wl. I want a clan that's in diamond and has a high clan level. I'm active and record 50-100 wins each war. I'm 18th prestige and want a clan that has good playe...
    KSI Predators
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  • Reckoning

    Downloaded the Reckoning dlc and not working. Maps are in private Match but the images are blank. nothing in the game itself. Seems like another cock up on the developers behalf again. One day they might get something...
  • Is there a Suppy Drop Strategy

    I want some new weapons. Yesterday, for the second time, I decided to gamble and purchase a group of Advanced Supply Drops. I believe it was 13 drops for $19.99. (on X1) That is 39 items. Here is what I got. 1 P...
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  • Hardcore Is Ruined

    The Hardcore Mode, in my opinion, is ruined. Black Ops 2 had it just right.   First off, there is no map in the 'start' menu. Why is that? I understand that "Hardcore' is supposed to get rid of the HUD and other...
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  • We're suckers: $60 for Season Pass and you still don't get all the guns

    Guns  That's right - if you're like me you bought the season pass and you still probably don't have 3 of the guns - The Blunderbuss, STG-44, and the SVO!   If you're like me you hit max prestige months ago...
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  • Air drop gifts

    Since I have NOT seen and can  NOT find a list of the NEW air drop gifts, I thought I would start one, this has what SPECIAL gifts that I have gotten, I am NOT listing the run of the mill gold, oil, diamonds drop...
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  • did not get my ranked play loadout

    Hey my entire team got their ranked play loadoutd for master but I didn't received mine! I want mine!
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