• Please help : ps4 bo3 lag issue !

    hey guys for a while now i have been experiencing what i would call a lag of some sort , it will say i have a 4 bar full green connection but when im running around or about to shoot someone it jolts or stutters thats...
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  • Done

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  • black ops one? 360 lol

    somebody lets play five
  • 1.06 update trouble

    I'm unable to download the latest update 1.06 on PS4 because it keeps saying that I'm having trouble connecting to the network (NW-31201-7), it's been happening for over a day now and I'm not experiencing any connecti...
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    I Have been hacked and shitty activist on haven't done anything about it
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  • Nnuketown bonus map code

    i try to get the nuketown code but it says you have to link you ps account first, but i already have linked it. whats the problem?
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  • Nuketown code dont work

    I've received a nuketown code for my account but it doesnt work? i try it on another account and it did work. Because i have the game on my another account that the code didnt work i cant play on nuketown now anyone c...
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  • VMP in HC modes?

    Is anyone else having issues with the VMP in hardcore mode? I can keep a shot on a guy with this gun, but it's a hit marker machine, for me anyhow. I thought this gun was decent at one point, but now even with long ba...
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  • If you are thinking of spending money on COD points for new weapons DONT!

    Did it myself and several of my friends did too. We spent between 50-100 on COD points to see if we could score all the weapons. You would think to yourself: surely that kinda cash is going to cover it - seeing as tho...
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  • FAO hardcore care package guys

    I've been hoping for a change since I started playing hc a little while ago.   coming real soon hopefully, no more scumbag thieves   Matt Scronce on Twitter: "@DavidVonderhaar @kiked4 Done. Not sure when w...
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  • 월드스타바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\월드스타바카라

    월드스타바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\월드스타바카라【월드카지노】월드스타바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\월드스타바카라【월드카지노】월드스타바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\월드스타바카라【월드카지노】월드스타바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\월드스타바카라【월드카지노】월드스타바...
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  • 하나바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\하나바카라

    하나바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\하나바카라【월드카지노】하나바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\하나바카라【월드카지노】하나바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\하나바카라【월드카지노】하나바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\하나바카라【월드카지노】하나바카라\\★[→ PAO30...
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  • You definitely said cosmetics only

    Treyarch/Activision  just leave the new weapons as DLC and the new cosmetic items in the black market, I am not spending 100's of pounds on a new gun, you will have to be very lucky to get these weapons from just...
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  • 페가수스바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\페가수스바카라

    페가수스바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\페가수스바카라【월드카지노】페가수스바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\페가수스바카라【월드카지노】페가수스바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\페가수스바카라【월드카지노】페가수스바카라\\★[→ PAO300。COM ←]★\\페가수스바카라【월드카지노】페가수스바...
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  • close to Chepstow, Wales.

    close to Chepstow, Wales. When she was a young teenager, her great aunt, who Rowling said "taught classics and approved of a thirst for knowledge, even of a questionable kind," gave her a very old copy of Jessica Mitf...
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  • When I pre ordered black ops 3 my nuk3town code didn't work so I followed the steps on the activist on website and the code I was given still dosent work and I have tried it numerous times

    The nuk3town code I was given on the activision website isn't working
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  • why call of duty cant play in philippines?

    what do we need to play call of duty heroes in the philippines?
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  • Cannot join Multiplayer lobby since last 7 days when playing Special Ops 3 in Philippines.

    I am based in Philippines and all of my friends having same problems. When searching for best 50 games lobby it just keeps searching without placing in any Multiplayer lobby. The only way to play online at the momen...
  • what is wrong  w/ this game

    How can you defend a game that accuracy is not affect3d by anything? Or how "haedcore" is a one shot kill camp fest on a small map? The damage output is all over the place and its just not good. Sorry but its a little...
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  • I hacked? (not sure)

    I recently played a match in Black ops 3 for the ps4; i don't know what happened but somehow my clan tag mirrored that of a opposing player during a match(he laughed suspiciously to his friends, that i stole his "1SIS...
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