• [PS4] Silent Mercenries - Recruiting for Black Ops III now!

    http://silentmercenaries.com/ Silent Mercenaries is a large group of PS4 gamers from all over the world. We have been gaming together since June of 2011 on the PS3, and we are still having fun gaming today on the P...
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  • Recruiting! Sniper Clan Xbox One and MLG Team! Sniping

    Recruiting for a sniper clan on Xbox One. Tryout is mandatory Feeders - Either 1v1 me or we will go into Public Lobbys.  You can also send clips to my email. [Removed by Moderator] Trickshotters - We will go ...
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  • auras on def

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    For the sake of game balance, why dont our auras work for def? Example, if i had ilona in a hero post, my turrets should fire faster, or price causes def to do more damage,  if i het atkd with auras to be balance...
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  • Future of Call of Duty Heroes

    Let's get this straight, we wait 3 weeks, for what was said to be an update where lagg would be reduced. Where the community will be able to re-edit there war base during day 1 and 3 (Since community got very upset).&...
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  • Zombie Ranking System (COD BO II) Easter Egg REALLY cracked!

    There exists 1000's of these threads already.  None of them definitely tell you exactly HOW and exactly WHAT you must do for each ranking in the Call of Duty, Black Ops II (2) Zombie system.  You've read vag...
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  • Call of Duty Heroes won't load in BlueStack for windows

    I started playing COD Heroes on my Android phone. It works fine there. I have a HP Envy with Windows 8.1 laptop and downloaded BlueStacks and then COD Heroes on it. Have been playing on both my computer and cell phone...
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  • What are you listening to at the moment?

    Yes.... we all know most of the time nobody wants to hear what has caught your fancy at the moment. This is just here for you to share what has.... and possibly enlighten us with something we haven't heard before. &n...
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  • Impulsive Gaming recruiting and looking for editor (PS3) (EU)

    Sup guys we're a new competitive clan for BO2 on PS3. All of us are from Europe but we're also looking for North American members so we can expand a bit.   We're mainly looking for competitive players but we're...
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  • new stuff for update 1.9

    Hi guys,   I am playing already a while, so I've got few conclusions / suggestions to improve game play:   1. extra trophies for 5, 10, etc trophies. this will encourage people to do more trophies 2. can ...
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  • 1.8.1 does not load from the windows store

    The windows store STILL loads 1.8.0, SO can not play as the game NOW calls for a "update" upon logging in. WTF
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  • skill points disappear

    about an hour ago I bought 9970 skill points,  to give me 10,000  I upgraded Prices chopper gun to 6 and grenade launcher to 5.  I come back to the game and all the remaining skill points have gone circ...
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  • Xbox One | Entitled Gaming [EGx] | US & Canada | Lightweight | 6-1 | DD Rank 18th | Max Level | Sponsored

    Previous Clan Wars in Season 2 of AW Clan Wars #CWParis #CWKarachi #CWBogota #CWCopenhagen #CWMumbai #CWLisbon #CWPerth Use this link below to check out our rankings and find out mor...
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  • Can somebody please help with this game

    I am having such an awful experience with this game on-line, i have tried everything suggested to stop this terrible lag but still getting it, i have even used my phone for tethering to play this shite on-line and it'...
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  • Want 2 join clan ps4

    looking for a clan that plays mostly mornings. Not a super great player 0.85kd but consistent. I have a mic and just out to have fun and meet new cool players hit me up on ps4 KINGADDIS718
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  • Advice from experienced players pls

    @Heya guys and girls   1st of all i wanna mention this is my first shooter game ever I ve tried it out and must say i like it very much (quite addicting tbh) I know most of my frustration atm comes from lack ...
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  • Xbox one player looking for a clan

    im looking for a clan that has like minded gamers who are active. My preference of the clan location is in Australia due to my last clan being in America and every time I joined them in a party I lagged like crazy. I'...
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  • COD AW : problème DLC havoc (Aucun contenu à télécharger)

    Bonjour,   J'ai acheté les 3 packs (HAVOC, ASCENDANCE, SUPREMACY). Sur le dernier pack (SUPREMACY), j'avais un problème de chargement sur 2 cartes. Comme le conseil Activision, j'ai donc supprimé ...
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  • Black Ops 2 clan

    Im looking for a clan that must change the name when you join at least 10 people or more, Must have a youtube channel with 50 or up subs, Me I have 2 clips feed and trickshot, I have 73 subs on youtube to (CHANNEL--&g...
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    Lightz_out gaming is recruiting new players. We are a PS3 group but looking to expand to Xbox and ps4. so anyone wanting to be a leader for other consoles hit me up or if you just want to join our PS3 group hit me up ...
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  • Zombie Group (Xbox360)

    So guys.. I wanted to find some people who I can play Zombies with, and yes I record.. so record with as well. If your up for this. Let me know, write your Xbox live name and I'll add you if your up for it :3 17, M. ...
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