• Prestige Master Glitch?

    i'm currently Prestige 10 Level 55 and i receive this random message asking if i could give him my account details to do the prestige master glitch. My question is: is there really a prestige master glitch? i worked h...
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    Adv. Blkops3 , what's the difference ? If it couldn't be made playable for PS3 #us poor people, why was it sold ? why wasn't it said we would only get half the game and one that won't work ! I'm thinking Better Busine...
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  • Add A TIMEOUT To Survival Waves

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    In approx one Survival wave in 20, all attacking units are defeated and the wave does not close; When you look closely you find a solitary troop (usually an RPG) hung up on a wall, dithering over which way to go, and ...
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  • Opinions on Dead Silence vs Awareness

    Hey guys.   How does everyone feel about the current meta where awareness cancels the effects of dead silence?? From testing, Dead silence footsteps heard with Awareness are the same if not very similar volume t...
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  • Looking to start fresh NEW PS4 BO3 Clan! <Read More>

    Hello everyone, my name is Synergynodmg or just flat Synergy. I have played CoD since the very beginning but recently took a break skipping CoD: AW, but have no come back and completely switching gaming systems. I am ...
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  • my zombies rank was reset

    After I played Zombies and got to  solo round 31 in the Giant and played 2-3 more games, I then signed off and went over to my friend' s house with my PS4. After I signed in over at his house, my zombies rank of ...
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  • Wrong Region Game Matching

    I'm finding playing online almost impossible due to being places in US and European lobbies and suffering terrible lag, I'm located in the middle east and other people i come across are suffering the same problem, pre...
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  • Brief controller disconnects specific to Black Ops 3

    Since the double weapon xp started (25/11/15), I've had an issue where my right analog stick on my official wired xbox 360 controller will stop responding for a few seconds, or the sensitivity will greatly increase, a...
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  • Looking to start an XBOX 1 clan

    Me and my friend are looking to start a clan. I have a 1.4kd and he has a 1.6kd.We are looking for EU players because we are from the UK. We are nice and friendly and we are looking for player with a 0.90kd or above i...
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  • The unofficially official lag-thread

    So I stumbled upon this forum trying to figure out why I was experiencing so much lag issues online, and found many topics on the subject. The thing is, if we put our complaints in one thread I do believe we'll get mo...
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  • i have still problem now game cant load this off and back to screen before loading

    IF any person fix this issue please tell me my email is hammzaali900@gamil.com.please
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  • Ready For Action Calling Card

    Hello,  I've recently bought BO3, and noticed that three emblems were marked as 'New'. One of them being for beta testing the game, and the other being 'True Vet' for playing previous CoD titles. However, the ver...
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  • full refund please

    I want one If at all possible this is the worst COD and I guarantee the last big selling one you Will ever have.... GARBAGE AF CONNECTION. Game stop only gives half the price of this POS or I would be down there right...
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  • Looking for Xbox one players

    just need people you don't even have to be good, iitz mcchicken
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  • zombies for ps3 are you ever going to fix the weapon kits?

    I hope you already know you released an unfinished game with the zombies. Day one weapon kit has not worked.  If you unlock optics attachments and skins then try to choose them for your gun they are put on all th...
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  • DLC Doesnt work.

    I bought the ohm weapon pack and magma camo pack and none ofthem works... its says that they are installed but doesnt work in game. Im on PC/Steam btw.
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  • Je n'ai pas eu le code de la map The Giant ! Comment faire pour l'obtenir sur xbox one ?

    Je n'ai pas le code dans mon boîtier de jeu. Comment faire pour l'avoir ?
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  • Prestige problem

    Hello , I wanted to spend prestige 2, except that I was wrong and I did a reset of the game by thinking back to the level 1, except that I currently have nothing at all and I really do not want to perform this operati...
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  • please close prestige glitch ps4 !!

    many ppl copying from another account !!
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  • Weird Weapons and Winning Tacics: The 48 Dredge

    Back in AW I did this forum series looking at some of the more peculiar guns in the game.  Black Ops 3 has some interesting canidates and I thought I would revive this post and cover some of them.  So, up fi...
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