• can't download call of duty ghosts on xbox One with unic code for xbox 360/xbox one

    He comprado call of duty ghosts, versión Xbox 360 / Xbox One en el corte ingles. Es un código único de descarga para ambos sistemas. No me funciona en la One. En Xbox live support, me dicen que el c...
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  • Attachments be specific

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    Hey I want to know exactly what the attachments do. I hate seeing those bars in create a class because they never seemed to be accurate. For an example I heard the silencer lowers your damage. Now does bar say that no...
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  • Some More Bands?

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    I love that Pierce the Veil, Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Fallout Boy, and the Rolling Stones are going to be on the game. And I'm sure there's going to be plenty more, espe...
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  • Some ideas

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    Is it not good to have some songs of Dropkick Murphys and some of Alestorm or Flogging molly's for the change of the cene i always saw some old school 90's and   alot of great bands to be honest but mayve ch...
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  • Welcome to Off Topic

    Welcome to Off Topic Off Topic is the place where you can talk about anything unrelated to Guitar Hero. If you want to chat about music, where you got your sandwich, or needing a new name for your band, this is th...
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  • Rugged Savior's BO3 Beta Feedback

    So I finally assembled my list of beta feedback ideas in video form (if it's still updating, the video will be at 60fps soon enough).  If you decide to watch it, I wonder of your input regarding some of my ideas....
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  • Well you asked for it. So here it is, but how will you deal with the reaction?

    So snipers have been nerfed. I saw almost zero snipers in the beta, so now here comes the sniper community complaining about ARs and subs and how they are able to shoot across the map and kill. It will happen it is al...
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  • Could someone help me with my clan?

    I am the commander of my clan. I definitely didn't leave or delete it but when I log into AW or the AW app my clan is gone and it says I'm not in a clan. However when I search for my clan in the app it shows up but sa...
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  • Unable to find game

    Hi, I am almost finding it impossible to find a game in HC any more, is this how it is going to be now on the XBOX 360, could they open up the games to worldwide players to allow us to find a match. Surely it is not j...
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    Recruiting for Blops lll   Posiedon Gaming (clan tag PDSN) was formed in Feb 2015 by 2 mates who have been gaming since mw3 , we both come from an experienced clan, which decided to go international, this just c...
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  • A glitch  or  hack

    In the last few days when  attacking in pvp. I get "this game requires a network connection", lose game because of it. When I check out my stats, all my troop levels are lower. Human troops by 2 levels and ...
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  • Looking for good zombies players for Black Ops 3

    Im looking for 3 good zombies players for when Black Ops 3 comes out on the Xbox One. I want at least 3 people that are active. I can play nights from 10 PM to however late i want, Central Time. I want to be able to t...
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  • Easier game/party chat capture

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    Destiny has a switch in audio settings that allows you to play in-game chat through your TV rather than your attached headset/mic. With the built-in feature from the 360 not returning to the One, would it be possible...
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  • Hardcore Mode

    Dear Developers,   For the love of the Call of Duty Gods, please, Please, PLEASE, make Hardcore the same as in Black Ops 2. Maintain the map in the 'start' menu, allow us to see our selected scorestreaks in brie...
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    ever since the new patch in call of duty i have not found a game in 2 weeks with people in it before this i was fine but now i cant even find a game. Can activision please do something about this because i cant play t...
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  • Screen cut in half when I play CODWAW PC

    It works on all my other PCs but on this one when I start the game up the screen is up so that the bottom of the screen is now In the middle. Need help
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  • When can we secure or clan tag?

    I am the commander of a diamond clan, I haven't seen anything anywhere about pre registering my tag. If anyone knows anything about how and when I can secure my tag please let me know. Thanks
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  • I just buy call of duty avanced warfare  So i was banned before i even started playing the game, how do i fix that?

    I just buy call of duty avanced warfare  So i was banned before i even started playing the game, how do i fix that?    Activision Support
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  • Download updates via PC

    I want to know if I can download COD AW updates via PC and then transfer them to my PS3 using an external memory stick or hard disk.
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  • Codice Destiny Collecotr Edition

    Ieri ho finalmente comprato una playstation 4, cosi ho provato ad inserire il codice che mi era stato dato con l'ordine della collector edition di destiny ma, nonostante sul foglio ci sia scritta la data di scadenza d...
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