• Black ops 3 camo

    I don't like how you have to digitally pre order the game to get the black ops 3 camo. I pre-ordered the Juggernog edition and I don't get one? Everyone should be able to get one.
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  • What does everyone think of the new guns?

    I haven't played one round of AW since the Supremacy DLC release, but the new guns have me a little intrigued.  Are they that great? Are they only available in Supply Drops? What are your opinions? Hopefully only...
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  • I am looking for a clan (ps4)

    my last clan fell apart for other games, but I have been active and willing to be a team player, I'm not a fan of huge clans
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  • New ps3 clan needs members

    Runaway Inc. Gaming is looking for very active, skilled, and friendly Call of Duty players.         Why should you join?         We offer array of opportunities from leadershi...
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  • Clan Please?

    Hello, I play alot and want to join. XboxOne.
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  • Not Receiving Advanced Supply Drops?

    Hello, I'm having issues with not receiving advanced supply drops on the Xbox 360 when reaching rank 20, 30, or 40. I do receive them when I prestige but not when I receive the levels 20,30 or 40. According to Charlie...
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    my account Gr8estWarrior was hacked last night by gamer tag BESTASSASSIN18 while playing Black Ops 2.  He whiped out all my game memory, so I am now starting over level 1 with no guns and no stats.  I would ...
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  • Zombies players needed plz:))

    hello guys, i just want to ask anyone if they are interested in helping me on ps4 and xbox 360 with zombies. i am looking for people who are older than 14 and under 16, must speak english, have a mic and not afraid to...
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  • Duda sobre la beta de BOIII

    Hola, tengo una duda sobre esto, es la siguiente: Yo he reservado correctamente el juego en tienda y me han dado el código de la beta, lo metí en el apartado para canjear el código y se me valid&o...
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  • need zombies players plzzz:))

    hello everyone, i was just wondering if there are any zombies players that would like to join me on ps4 and xbox 360. i am looking for people who are aged 13-16, have a mic, speak good English and are not afraid to ha...
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  • In the Map Die rise is not light up after Easter Egg

    Hey guys, I've just done die rise Easter egg from maxis and with four players in a custom match, me and my brother play co-op with my own account online and we did the maxis side and even put the navcard and then the ...
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  • (PS4) I am looking for a clan

    I have the season pass, a mic, I am very good support player, I like group play,  I can do most of the games well,  my psn is Xander13421, please add me on there
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  • SPAR-TANS needs some new active members we support daily and also give lvl9 ghost

    Join SPAR-TANS for daily support and let's kick some tail in alliance war
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  • Alliance isn't showing on the leaderboards.

    My alliance has 56 stars on our current War and we are not listed on the monthly leaderboard...why is that? Today is a new month...
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  • PS4 Clan recruiting UK/EU/USA

    i am currently recruiting for my clan Hyde x Sneak. No kds or win percent, just come up with a knickname! Add me on psn and/or apply on the cod app! psn - FatalCruciifix
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  • Legendaries

    OK so I get 2 normal supply drops and get the ronin mask 2 and I want to get trade 1 for xp but it won't let me and I'm not sure if legendaries take up space in the armory if sledgehammer could make it so I can get ri...
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  • Some concerns about the marketing of the BO3 Beta.

    I really have to question some of the blatent stupidity that both Activision and Trey Arch both did in setting up this beta.  Don't get me wrong, I am in favor of them hosting the beta. However, the way they appr...
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    We’re excited to announce that the Opening Season for Ranked Play in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare starts January 9th, 2015. In Ranked Play, players will be matched with similar skilled opponents and compete in...
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  • XB1 thumbs on a DS4

    Hey OT sorry for this crap post   How are the XB1 thumbsticks compared to the DS4's thumbsticks?   My 3rd controllers sticks are almost completely ripped off now and my 4th controller is getting there. I...
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  • Bring back the COD Ghosts

    Bring back the clan wars app I have created this Idea so all those that agree with me can vote to say that they feel the same way.   I know that AW is Beachhead's main focus point right now but that doesn't mean...
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